Thursday, July 3, 2008

ACORN Marxists roaming Michigan Neighborhoods! DONT SIGN!

I got a visit from our fine pals at ACORN the other day. Right at my front door, with a big, fat, red t-shirt on was a young Marxist. With petitions.

And what were the little Marxists petitioning for? Your money? Well, sort of! Because its the right of every liberal American to take other people's money, you would think that was part of it, and it was.

Our home grown Marxists want to stop Predatory Lending..that's right! Lenders that give huge loans to Americans for the American dream of owning a house, are predators. The banks and lenders that are going broke from so many people "walking" away from the contract they signed, are the bad guys. So, I would assume that ACORN expects people to get homes free, or for other Americans to have to pay for them.

What have Americans that stiffed their mortgage lenders lost? A home? Big deal, obviously that didn't mean that much to them, (except maybe the kitchen cupboards and copper plumbing and bathtubs, that they take with them!) because the home lost a bit of its value, walk away!

Now the banks, and mortgage companies get to sell these homes at half the value, and take the hit. Not the buyer, no no no..they walk away with their head held high, they screwed those chumps and feel damn good about it. And we target the lenders?

So, of course the next step for the little Marxists, is to attack the banks again and blame them 100% for the mortgage mess. Government and ACORN seem to think they can change a contract, between 2 entities, and all will be well. What they neglect to understand is that if this happens, banks will only give mortgages to the cream of the credit scores. And who could blame them?

As a retired Realtor, I have attended so many closings on homes, and at every closing the Title Company explained every detail of their mortgage, including points and interest. Mortgages are explained, and every penny is accounted for at a closing. As a Realtor I never advised anyone to take out an adjustable rate mortgage. But what happened was that ARM allowed people to qualify for a higher mortgage amount and a bigger home.

Liberals feel that they can get in between everything and make it go their way. The free market is not run by Moonbats that don't happen to like the terms of a contract. They don't have to use that bank, they don't have to buy a house, and they don't have to take out a mortgage. Its that simple. If you don't want to pay it back, you don't deserve your home. Life is not a free ride.

ACORN is a pitiful group, self serving, and pathetic. They have to indoctrinate young people to go door to door to try and get petitions signed. These young kids are getting the doors slammed in their faces, (they told me so) and they cant understand why! The hope of having a couple of kids and the house with the white picket fence disappears with every signature they get.

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