Thursday, June 19, 2008

"In Five Years, You Will Be Blown Away!"

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Yes, we have been blown away, by Gov. Jennifer Granholm. Her incompetence was just shown on TV yesterday, in case you all missed it. Her only claim to fame as Attorney General for the State of Michigan was the same thing she can claim as Governor.

She was out with the Michigan thugs, errr employees, checking to make sure when you buy a gallon of gas, you get a gallon of gas! Well, I guess thats better than raising our taxes, and it kept her busy for a short while.

At the same time, the News announced that Michigan, in its one state recession, has an unemployment rate of 8.5%. High gas prices, high food prices, high taxation. Thats Michigan, folks!

So, what did I decide to do? I decided to totally obey the speed limits and stops signs etc..why? Because I refuse to give the State of Michigan an extra dime. I will not support or attend any activity that gets any taxpayer money from the state, like Henry Ford Museum, the Detroit Zoo, etc. I already pay for them so I refuse to pay twice. I cut back on water usage, I even drive less, so any extra taxation can be curbed. I might even give up the occasional drink since that is taxed big time.

Any business that the government endorses, or has funded to come here, I will not support. I see that most of these plans are working. The revenue that the Governor thought was coming to her Majesty, has failed miserably from news reports. The Queen of Michigan, once the Democrat's great white hope of a Constitutional Amendment to let her be President, has been a complete flop. Her crown is tarnished, her subjects disgusted.

Where's Ted Nugent when you need him? The Motor City Madman would of made road kill out of the last election, it would of been an amazingly easy win for him. Kill it and Grill It would be our state motto by now, and most of the useless state workers on the government teat would be on the same unemployment line as the wee little people are now. Now that would be worth its weight in gold to see that!

So yes, Governor Granholm, you blew us away! You made history in more ways than one. The first woman Governor, and the worst Michigan Governor. Its Jimmy Carter all over again, except the Michigan media havent given her a Misery Index yet. They should!

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