Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Detroit Institute of Arts wants homeowners to pay!

Once again, just like the Detroit Zoo, a tax that would apply only to homeowners will be on the August 7 ballot in the Tri-County Detroit Metro area to fund the Detroit Institute of Arts! GIVE ME A BREAK!

I don't care what they have in it, I wouldn't go if they paid me! Taxing us on our property taxes, while the CEO makes $ 426, 699 a year in compensation, SUCKS!!  YES read that again!, tells me if it cant cover their bills and their outrageous salaries, then close the damn door!

Any other private Art Museum would be out of business for the way this is being handled. They received 22 million a year of taxpayer monies to keep the doors opened, and that has been taken away. Must be that most of the people around here could give a flying hoot about it, and could care less if it closed the doors. But the Artsy Fartsy people that do care about it should fund it, by paying admission and going often to keep it open, and not the average homeowner in this area!! Better yet, donate to them in large sums, putting your money where your Artsy mouth is!

One third (1/3) of all foreclosures in this area are from people who can not pay their property taxes! Young and old, even if the house is paid off, the county takes their homes after 2 years of delinquent property taxes, not from not paying their mortgages! Think about that when you go to vote in the primary on August 7. Also note that they put these on primary ballots because it is such a low turnout that they get it passed and most don't even know it was up for a vote and then its too late, you gotta pay!!

People are struggling to pay their property taxes! They don't have the extra money to go to the damn Zoo, yet they have to pay for it! Now they want to do the same thing for ART?? How important is that to you Michigan people, over say...a pot roast for dinner? You know you're never going to go to it, and that is exactly what they are counting on! FREE MONEY and they don't have to do anything for it!