Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A few more Comments...

I note that I received a response from Jen Baird about my post yesterday, if true its good to see that any monies given to a business has to be paid back. But it does appear that the State is guaranteeing these loans. The information that I received from our temporary County Commissioner appears to be untrue. I am grateful for that, but why the State has gotten in between a lender and a business, is beyond me.

I don't begrudge this specific business any success, I hope they are successful. I just wonder why the state doesn't eliminate the Business tax to get more businesses to flock here and prosper.

And the jobs that Ms. Baird specifically cites are specialty jobs, perfect for the Ann Arbor area. This is not what the average Joe in Michigan could do well at. Congratulations at any success you may achieve Ms. Baird, but the Life Science job mart that the Gov wants is not what the people of Michigan want or that the majority could do.

In Canada, there is a race for high paying jobs going on. Bet my readers didn't know that, did you? People from all over Canada are moving to Alberta. Receiving high paying jobs, and even sign up bonuses if they stay for two years. My sister in law's nephew is there, living the life of Riley, as she put it, making so much money he doesn't know what to do with himself.

Because Canada is doing the jobs that American politicians refuse to let us do. They are drilling for OIL! And paying the people willing to do them very well. As long as you are willing to work hard, and show up every day, at the end of the week you get rewarded with a big fat paycheck.

You don't need a 4 or 6 year education, to create jobs that would attract the masses, and not a small amount of workers either. Highly skilled workers are not necessary. These jobs help feed families of everyone willing to work. These are the kind of jobs and companies we need. Check out what is happening in Canada, because Canadians are talking non-stop about it. I should know, my husband is Canadian, and he's the one who told me about it. Here is the website, showing how successful it is and what we should be doing..

So, thank you Ms. Baird for noticing this small blog and correcting the mistakes. Hand outs are not what Michigan residents ever want to see.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Cynical? You bet!

Updated above.
Tired of this crap? Damn straight!

I received a visit today from County Commissioner Ronaele Bowman, and had a nice chat with her. She's very little, seems as kind as could be, but she is a Democrat to the bone. With one exception, which I will get to.

The reason I mention this is because of her newsletter, I learned about the vote to increase our taxes for the Zoo. Ronaele Bowman supports this tax, my arguments were futile. I could maybe go as far as supporting this tax, if the citizens forced to pay, got a free trip to the Zoo. Oh no, cant do that! You get nothing for your money. Not even a special discount for the pleasure of having your money ripped off.

I would much rather give my daughters the tax money and have them take my grandsons to the least I would get something out of it! Ms. Bowman said that it wouldn't help "the poor children" who would not get to experience the Zoo..if people are that poor, unless its a field trip, they are not worried about going to the Zoo. Democrat catch phrase if there ever was one.."for the children" we will tax you for their health care, for their rent, for their food, for everything. Buck up Americans, it does feel good to have to pay twice for everything, doesn't it?

Cobo Hall expansion on taxpayer money? Yes, Ms. Bowman supports it. Yikes! I'm getting the feeling that anything Detroit owns, and runs, is okay for the rest of us to finance, no matter if it ever sees any money in the black. They run in the red precisely because of government, and they always will. There is no incentive to make it profitable.

Have you ever heard the stupid commercials that Jeff Daniels does? He talks about a business moving to Michigan and getting 2 MILLION Michigan tax dollars to start it up! Go to that link and see the happy face of Jennifer Baird, President & CEO, Accuri Cytometers, Inc. She's very happy, shes the one that got 2 Million bucks of YOUR money! Are they spending it on stem cell research? How nice is that? Well, my question to Ms. Bowman was, once the company is on its feet, does it have to pay it back? Oh No! That's their gift, from Michigan taxpayers and existing Michigan businesses struggling now to stay open, its a GIFT! A GIFT, folks! Lets all get in on this gravy train! Lets open up a business, compliments of your neighbors!

I was then informed that its for jobs. This is the way Democrats try to bring jobs to our state. Not low or NO Michigan Business Tax, like most of the rest of the states. Ask a few businesses, like Bronners in Frankenmuth, how the new business tax affected them. It multiplied their tax base by 6. BY 6! How sad would that be to see them close up and leave Michigan? They actually pay taxes and contribute to society in such a wonderful way, and we are worried about a Zoo. Priorities in Michigan are backwards!

And how pathetic that their taxation goes to give free money to another company? Does anyone see anything wrong here? And then I was told that they lost a VW plant to Tennessee! How sad is that!? VW should of jumped on those free millions, in this state that produces our very own AMERICAN car companies! GM, Ford, and Chrysler could of had the honor to pay their taxes to open up a competitor's plant in their own backyard! What a slap in the face! Support Germany, the Michigan way! Geez, my head is about to bust!

I then asked Ms. Bowman if she supported the re-writing of the Michigan Constitution, and to her credit, she said NO, it was all about redistricting and keeping Democrats in office for eternity, or until this state collapses, which might not be too far away. I was happily surprised at her answer here.

But as a conservative Republican, I don't want to pay for cheap tickets to get into the Zoo. I want to pay for a product or service that I use. Charge the price at the gate that insures you will stay open, or close the door, sell the animals and the land, or just sell the whole thing to a private business that would run it as such. Don't put it on our tax rolls.

You cant just take, and take, and take. What is next? What will we be forced to pay for next? Lets start selective voting, in full view with no secret ballots. If you vote to fund the Zoo, YOU fund it. If you vote to fund Cobo, YOU fund it. You write the check..

Maybe I need to do a post about how to write a check. Maybe then when you have a program that really appeals to you, having to take the money out of your own pocket would give you pause to think twice.

Tax and Spend. Then tax some more..then spend much more than you taxed, and then repeat. That's Michigan! The land of the hand is now the land of the hand out.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

No to the Zoo Tax! Vote August 5 to stop the madness!

I spent some time today, researching what the average homeowner in the Wayne County area pays in property taxes. I used an average figure of $ 125k to 130k in several different cities. I tried to keep the price right around what an average buyer can afford, more or less. In every city, except Detroit, taxes on these homes were approximately $2,500 a year.

That alone is 200+ per month to live in their home, not including mortgage payment and insurance. Pretty taxing already on a young family starting out, and especially on senior citizens who are on a fixed small income as it is..

Here is my list, along with the addresses available for sale on MLS.
Garden City-121 Gilman $2,588 per year. (215 per month in tax!)
Dearborn-7747 Miller $2,571 per year. (215 per month in tax!)
Detroit-18434 Lauder $2,030 per year. (169 per month in tax!)
Canton-4249 Hunter Circle $2,828 per year, not including monthly condo fees.
Westland-400 Forrest $2,308 per year. (192 per month tax!)
Plymouth-11845 Sycamore Dr. $2,162 per year, not including monthly condo fees.
Harper Woods-21231 Kenmore $3,392 per year. (281 per month in tax!)

Now assuming that most people have a value of more than this (not that they paid this much, but lived there long enough for it to increase in value) its pretty safe to say that we already pay enough in property taxes. No matter what else comes along, property owners DO NOT want to pay anymore, we actually want them to go down.

I wont bother posting the taxation of real property on a 200,000 or 300,000 worth of homes, that might shock you to see what they pay for that. I know some would say they can afford more taxation anyway, but...oh what the heck! Lets post some 300k homes and what level of taxation they have to bear!

Canton-41791 Singh Dr $5,647 per year. (470 bucks a month in tax to live here!)
Grosse Pointe-17449 Maumee $5,484 per year. (457 bucks a month in tax to live here!)
Livonia-33885 Trillium Ct. $5,337 per year. (444 bucks a month in tax to live here!)
Flat Rock-28050 Regency Dr. $7,387 per year. (615 bucks a month in tax to live here!)

Many more properties could be looked up at
so all you pro taxation for the Zoo people can see that we are hardly undertaxed and very much overtaxed and its time to start saying NO. No to you Zoo people, No to the Governor, No to the Cities and Counties, and No to the State!

Dont make people have to lose their homes anymore than they are already! The "Say Yes to the Zoo" people claim that millions tour the Zoo every year! Raise the rate at the gate! Raise the parking fee a buck! Leave homeowners alone. I pray that residents VOTE on August 5, 2008 and say NO. Say it loud and clear, because they plan to put it back on the ballot in November if it fails! Pesky little tax and spend people that they are!

Its no wonder that the moving vans are heading out, and so many empty foreclosed homes here. THERE'S A REASON FOR THAT! No jobs, hard times, too many gosh damn taxes!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Kwame, Kwame, Kwame...

Its best not to act like a racist and bad ass when your fate is in other people's hands. I know it must be hard trying to live a normal life, and live a life like how you treated others, but your normal life is over. And its not going to get any better, not for a long while now. Living the thug life under the careful watch of a judge is stupid.

That mansion and the power you used to have, are hard to give up, aren't they? If you step down there goes the funding of at least some city money for your team of thug lawyers. Its interesting to see your sister's home, and know that your whole family made it by moving on up to the big houses on taxpayer money. You couldn't make it as a lawyer, you had to screw over a city, a city that already has been screwed over more than it even knows.

So, now you get to do some of the things normal people have to do. Like pee in front of a person that is going to check what you have done in your private life. Just think, people receiving a free check/ride on taxpayer money via welfare don't even have to do that! How the mighty fall flat. Also, please remember that poor idiots that want to work for a living have to pee in a cup too. Its comforting to recognize that. Make sure you put the cap on tight..

And your comment about the black officer working with a white officer...that was classic! Use the race card, shove people around, pee in a cup! Your future looks kind of bleak, with a yellow streak running through it. Sadly you have no one to blame but yourself, I guess I wont make any yellow snow jokes... but you do fit in with the Democratic Party going to Denver! I see the judge allowed that! They did find a house full of Urine bombs, saved just to throw at all of you Democrat lowlifes...Make sure you wear a raincoat! I guess the Democrat Nutbags want to baptize people.

Is that mansion worth all of this? The blogs on the Detroit News Stations online are all negative for you. Some are downright nasty. You really must of really pee'd in some one's Wheaties, because they are not going to stop until you are in federal prison. Might of been the arrogance you project onto others, like they just aren't good enough to interview Hizzoner. Treat people like poo, end up in the outhouse.

Who is Carmen Slowski, by the way? I guess your massage parlor days are over too..

Vote NO to the Zoo on August 5...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why Would Jimmy Hoffa change his mind on drilling in ANWAR?

This information comes to me from The Warroom, or better known as Quinn and Rose in the morning. If you have never heard of, or listened to Quinn and Rose, you need to. They have a sample of their show on their web page.

Why would Hoffa change his mind about drilling in ANWAR? Yes, the Union head, actually was contacted by Democrats to change his mind on drilling..he said he will look into the matter and give his opinion on drilling in 4 months, which by the way, puts the election behind us.

At which time he can change his mind again.

Now why would he do that? Because the Democrats are under pressure to drill, and they actually want to drill. YES! They do!

Democrats would be the hero's to the American people backed up by a Democratic President. They would get all the credit for easing Americans pain at the pump. That could lead to winning elections for a long time.

But what they promised ol' Jimmy Hoffa to back off for 4 months is...union and government jobs, as they nationalize oil production. They will not allow oil companies to drill, they will do it themselves and control it completely. They will open up ANWAR and create a government company to do it. They will just take it over, like Hugo Chavez did.

Good job Jimmy Hoffa..sell your soul for the government . Chump!

Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamsters endorse Barack Hussein Obama...Of course they do.

From the Village Voice:

Hoffa gave a late and half-hearted endorsement to Al Gore in 2000. But by Labor Day 2001, Bush and Hoffa were chummy enough for the president to chow down some ribs at a big Teamsters Labor Day barbecue in Michigan. There, Bush praised the union leader, who was helping lobby Congress for a pet GOP project to allow oil drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

From RightWingNews:

But then, Hannity is repeatedly at odds with reality in this chapter, stating that ANWR oil would make the United States "far less dependent on foreign oil" and noting Teamsters president Jimmy Hoffa Jr.'s assertion that drilling would create 735,000 jobs. A Miami Herald article citing data from the USGS, the Department of Energy and the Congressional Research Service, however, stated that, at its peak, ANWR would produce less than 5 percent of daily U.S. oil consumption and create between 60,000 and 130,000 new jobs. Yet Hannity, in typical style, uses these falsehoods to make the broad claim that "it is difficult to point to another issue in modern American history where a major political party's rhetoric is so divorced from reality."
Considering that we only get 10.1% of our oil from Saudi Arabia and Iraq which are our two most unstable suppliers, being able to produce 5% more of our oil domestically would make us "far less dependent of foreign oil." Furthermore, if Jimmy Hoffa's claims conflict with the claims of the Miami Herald, why does that make the claim Hannity cites, "a falsehood" and the claim Spinsanity cites correct?

That's a whole lot of Teamster jobs, isn't it? Run by and paid by the government, with all the benefits that come with it, and all the control over the oil pumped. Oil companies would be eventually put out of business, like in Venezuela, because the liberals and government would own it. This is some scary stuff!

Now I know that the Teamsters and unions in general are losing members left and right, and Hoffa knows that more than anyone. But those union member dues are dying out, and what better way to recapture them, then by teaming up with Liberals in government to screw the nation?

I Was Just Kidding! Say It Isnt So!

Updated by Anonymous: Steve Beren Responds to McDermott's "Gas Stamps" Bill

I was just joking around when I said that the next welfare program coming down the pike will soon have the government passing out Gas Stamps, similar to food stamps, and that soon the working American public would get to pay for this! I was really just kidding, and I never thought that the chumps in Washington that are responsible for these gas prices would actually do something so stupid!

Read the whole thing here..

“Rep. Jim McDermott
(D-WA), chairman of the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Income Security and
Family Support, introduced legislation today to provide financial assistance to
vulnerable Americans struggling to survive under crushing gasoline prices.”

“The Emergency Gasoline Assistance Act (H.R. 6561) would create a
program to provide $5 billion to states as a one-time grant with the money
designated to provide assistance to families of modest means to purchase
gasoline. This program could provide every family that is currently living below
the federal poverty threshold with $500 in assistance. State governors would
have the flexibility to use the money to create programs that target the
specific needs of their communities.”

Oh. My. God.
Taxpayers that actually work will now get the honor of paying for your neighbor's gas too! Great! We can give free gas to the little people to get them to the Zoo that they want to fund also!

I guess this little "redistribution of wealth" is easier than making us show our income tax forms and bank statements at the gas pump to decide which Americans get to pay more. I guess that would prevent a lot of fights at the pump when one American gets to pay 5 bucks a gallon, and your neighbor gets it free.

Pretty soon, no one will work for a living, since its getting very profitable to live off the government, and more and more every day! These freebies are looking mighty tempting to people working their rear ends off to thoroughly support others. We already supply free food, mortgage and rent payments, cars, (yes, cars! look it up!)child care, schooling, baby formula and everything else, how nice it would be to get some of those freebies ourselves! Our paychecks are getting smaller and smaller because were forced to pay high taxes to support others. That's getting pretty old. Its time to get on the dole. Its easier, and the benefits are great! SocialismRus!

Lets all jump on the bandwagon..the ride is worth it!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trouble for Granholm and Cherry?

Seems some of the funding for the Reform Michigan Government Now campaign to destroy the Michigan Constitution has come from the Governor herself. Right behind her is the Lt. Governor who also seems to have his dirty hands in this. People have been actively wondering who was behind this monstrosity of legal mumbo jumbo and seems we may be about to find out.

No wonder the Governor has been too busy trying to stay out of the Detroit mess! She has a mess of her own to clean up. Seems these dirty Democrats may have been teamed up with gay millionaire John Stryker to turn this state into a Democratic stronghold for decades to come, by trying to alter the state Constitution with sleazy legislation that no one understood, but many stupid people signed anyway!

Right has wrote extensively on it, and its a very good read. Seems in the cross hairs of the Democrats was a very qualified Judge, Chief Justice Cliff Taylor, and the goal of one of the proposals was to eliminate some Michigan judges, and this judge was one that they want out of there.

Its curious, to say the least, why they would attempt to do this. Did anyone that signed the document that folded out like a road map, (which they super simplify here, but what did they leave out?) even care what was in it?

The ones that I found interesting were these..
Allow no-reason absentee voting
Now that would allow so much voter fraud inside the city halls of Michigan, that I cant even imagine how long it would take for a Republican to win another election in Michigan again.
Add 10 judges to the lower courts and reduce the number of Supreme Court Justices from seven to five justices and the Court of Appeals from 28 to 21 judges
When you cant get rid of the Chief Justice, legislate it to do the dirty deed!

How can we expect to ever have a fair election in this state with people like these in the highest offices of Michigan? Like Kwame Kilpatrick, these elected officials are all lawyers, and they did an awful job on this one! It looks like the document will never see the light of day on Michigan voting machines. But why would these people risk so much?

They had to know that if this came out, and failed, (which both have happened with more to come) and the truth of who is behind it was revealed, this could hand the Republicans a golden opportunity for a long time. With the scandals in Detroit with Hizzoner and his pals on City Council, the huge raises in taxes, and now a scandal of a Governor and her Lt Governor trying to change the rules of the state in the shadows?

Canada should come and take their village idiot back..

Republicans should be using this information in their campaigns and go on to victory. For. Decades.

What slimy, nasty people we have in government. Had enough yet, Michigan residents?

Monday, July 21, 2008

People Who Have More, Should Pay More!

"Supporting it with a property tax allows those who have more to give more." posted by anonymous..

And that statement is what scares the living daylight out of me. Is it the keyword "give" because taxing and taking money by force is not giving? We must not take enough from the rich, or middle class, we must "allow" the government to take more unjust taxation from us. But any property tax applied to homeowners does not just hit the rich and middle class, it hits the poor and senior citizens too. They own homes too.

Living in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, we have people that actually believe that people who have more, should pay more. Redistribution of wealth is so unfair in every way, yet more and more Americans support it. One might say its not fair that your neighbor has more than you, but somebody else has more than him. Life is not fair, but that doesn't make you entitled to anything that someone else worked for and achieved. Entitlements are killing this country, and going to the Zoo is not an entitlement. Its a luxury. Its not a need, its a want. No one will die if they cant go to the Zoo.

Any form of taxation should be fought like they did with the Boston Tea Party. We are being nickle and dime'd to death. We are placing no priorities on anything, because people feel they have a right to go to these events and places for a cheap price. But the price is not cheap. It is just added to already huge tax bills placed on property.

This does not hurt the rich, they can afford it already. It hurts the people living paycheck to paycheck, and there are a lot of people living this way in Michigan right now. We are debating this over a Zoo! Not whether a baby has formula, or a roof over his head in winter. Whatever happened to making a business profitable to stand on its own? Why does everything have to be bailed out by the taxpayer? Never to paid back? Not even a free visit for the money?

Actually, now here's an idea! Why doesn't the Zoo do a fundraiser on PBS asking for donations? Kind of like the Jerry Lewis Telethon, and the ones that want to donate can, and the ones that think its so valuable can give a huge donation. Sort of like putting your own money where your mouth is. And leaving mine alone.

Most families left in Michigan are trying to keep up with the basic necessities of life, you know, like food, and mortgage payments, and gas, and putting clothes on their own children. The very bottom of that list is any more taxes, no matter what its for.

Enough is enough. Why is that so hard to see?

The Elitists are Angry that Seniors dont want to pay School Taxes!

Are you kidding me? These Gated Communities that Seniors seem to love, have to pay NO school taxes? Well, somebody just smack me! I didn't know this!

Its about damn time! Why should seniors with no kids in school have to pay school taxes? In fact why should anyone that has no children in school have to pay school taxes? It looks like finally someone came up with a good idea, and the elitist left, the liberals who feel everyone else should pay their way, don't like it!

Read the articles here and here...

Ive been paying school taxes for over 30 years, and its not a small amount either. And I have no kids in pre-K or K-12 or college, or University. Yet every year, I get the honor of paying for all of that in property taxes, and income taxes, and more. For other people's crumb crunchers to go to school. It gets old, and its not my responsibility anymore.

So, these liberal snobs decided that it is not right that seniors in the Villages in Florida and Phoenix get away with no school taxes. And that is just plain unfair! It doesn't matter that they worked for 45 years, paid school taxes in those years via property taxes and income taxes. Its never enough for our fine feathered enemies on the left. Its just never enough.

They come up with more ways to take our money everyday, and expect the American public to just hand it over. Like it or not. And to shut up about it. They feel that since seniors are getting Social Security and Medicaid, they OWE the people that are now paying taxes to "give back", one way or another. In other words, these senior citizens have not paid enough over their lifetime, and they owe the generation that is coming up a free ride.

Its time to end financing of public schools through taxation. Our children are not getting a good education, they are being indoctrinated. Parents should have to fund their children's schooling, and if they did, they would make sure that they learn, with good teachers, or the parents pull them out. Liberals could send their children to the school that fits them, and conservatives could send their children to a conservative school, without fear of anyone brainwashing our kids. Superior teachers would be rewarded, and bad teachers would be fired.

Its time that we get back to the days when we only paid for what we use. Its pathetic that if you want to place your children in private school that you still have to pay public school taxes on top of paying tuition.

And for the whiners that say poor people cant pay for their own kids to go to school, there is home schooling. And besides that, don't have kids if you cant afford them. Raising children is not cheap, raising children when someone else has to pay for it is theft.

The only ones making out from public funding of schools are the teachers and Administration. Go to your city school district online and see just how much money they have to work with. Its huge, and when I looked up my Grandson's school district, 88% of all funds went to salaries. The average salary was about 66K, and that is not tenured. That's not much you say? Try working just 180 days a year, about 6 or 7 hours a day, with full benefits and retirement and every holiday off, along with the summer. Half a year of work. HALF A YEAR..and if your tenured, or a University Professor, its much, much higher.

Go ahead..go to your city school district web page and look up the financial statement. Study it! And the next time they cry that they don't get enough money, make sure you show them that page. Go out of you way and find out what the average teacher makes, include benefits and retirement packages.

Then hide your money in your mattress.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vote NO to the Zoo on August 5...

Detroit once again wants some more money. The suburbs already have to fund Smart Busing, Cobo Hall, and now they want to tax our homes for the Detroit Zoo. Detroit is a mess, with money being extorted for special Friends, and City Council Members allegedly dipping into the honey jar too, and with the Mayor's antics, the suburbs have to say NO. Let the chips fall where they may.

People argue with me (nicely I might add) that we need to keep this gem of a Zoo. I don't find it a gem, but some do. We all have differing opinions, but its a Money Pit, one that is never going to get any better. It doesn't draw the crowds it used to, and it cant pay its own bills. Any private sector business would go under, and maybe it is time for the Zoo to do the same.

At a time when Michigan residents are struggling just to feed their families, and gas up their cars, any extra taxation is completely insane. And like most families, we want to pay for what we use, when we use it, and that's it. Maybe its time to sell it! Look at the privately run Aquariums around the nation, they do great and cover their own bills! Imagine that! Now that's a novel idea!

Just like Cobo Hall, unless the deed to the Zoo is signed over to the suburbs, and the same with Cobo Hall, we are just throwing our money away. Detroit and its politicians cant run their own city, let alone anything else. And the suburbs are tired of bailing it out. When they pass out millions of dollars (and I mean millions!) to their buddies and pals in contracts, with alleged kickbacks to the Council Members and I can take a wild guess, the Mayor, its time to shut off the spigot to Detroit.

And now the mess with Fanchon Stinger and the Sludge mess..which once again leads to the government in Detroit City Hall, we cant just keep giving them more money. What really aggravates me is that they put these increases in taxation on the primary ballots, like the Smart bus tax, and most people don't have a clue that their property taxes are about to go up, unless they get out and vote.

I wouldn't have known about it, except for the letter that our County Commissioner Ronaele Bowman sent out, and for that alone, she has earned my vote. Unfortunately, this primary you have to declare your political affiliation, so I have to vote Republican until the November ballot.

Get out on August 5, 2008 and vote NO on the Detroit Zoo property tax.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Michigan Residents Speak with their Feet!

As they flee the state for lower taxes and less restriction on their freedom and liberty! And our elected officials scratch their heads and wonder why. And the rest of us Michigan residents that are still here wonder how so many stupid people get elected.

Detroit Free Press online
reports this..
Detroit and many other Michigan
cities are continuing to bleed residents, according to the latest population
estimates released today by the U.S. Census Bureau.

In fact, many
Michigan cities with populations over 100,000 saw population drops in 2007 over
the previous years.

Detroit, the state's largest city, lost 28,000
residents, or 3% of its population, from 2000 to 2007, the census reported.
Other cities with big losses included: Westland (-6.3%), Livonia (-6.8%), Dearborn (-8.9%) and
Highland Park (-12.3%).

Now some of this I can understand, like Detroit and Dearborn. No one wants to live in either city anymore. The crime rate in Detroit is out of control, the neighborhoods are in serious decay. And Dearborn, who would want to send their kids to Fordson High School and have them ruled by Islam and Sharia Law? I wouldn't let my enemy go there, to be subjected to Calls to Prayer, and Christians discriminated against freely and openly!

But Wayne County has more problems than those. High property taxes and state income taxes, and taxes up the kazoo everywhere, makes Michigan the place NOT TO BE! There's a lot of us that still want to leave, and when the time is right, more are going to leave. Especially people that rent homes or apartments, they have no monetary reason to stay.

And our government wonders why people are not stepping up to buy these bank owned homes and foreclosed properties. Its easy to see why. If you happen to already own a home in Michigan, you cant get lower taxes on a rental. Its about 40% more to own a rental home. And the hassles that these cities put on the buyers just isn't worth it.

So, when I heard on the radio, WJR 760, that Wayne County has a TURBO program for investors, I had to look it up. What a scam. It doesn't apply to most Fixer-uppers, I guess the house has to be a complete Money Pit to apply. And then they take it one step further, which made my head must put the home in their name, until I guess they approve what you have done to the property at which time they sign it back to you. HUH? I don't trust government in the first place, and to save one years property tax with all those conditions wont make a whole lot of investors even want to try.

From the site:
Why do I have to convey my property to the Wayne County Land Bank
In order to tap into the financing incentives available to
land banks, the TURBO Development Agreement will require the Property owner to
convey his/her Property to the WCLB. This is a necessary element for the TURBO
Program but under no circumstances will the WCLB retain ownership fo the
Property beyond a mutually agreed upon date. The deed to the property will be
held in an escrow account with the Investor’s title company. The Investor should
be aware that this transfer of the Property will trigger the uncapping of the
taxable value of the Property.

The State, the Counties, and the Cities are having a hard time making ends meet because of the flight of its residents. Vacant homes collect no taxes. Families are fleeing to new states and new jobs collect no taxes in Michigan. Home values decreased, SEV's decreased, taxes should be decreasing too. I haven't seen that happen yet.

You would think that using a one year tax rebate, along with 5 years at 50% taxation would be good, but it comes with so many strings, and so much capitol to rebuild these homes, that it is not worth it. Anyone with a brain would never risk so much money if the title to the home is not in their name.

From its website..
Minor improvements or additions to existing property do
not qualify. Examples of minor improvements are replacement of aluminum siding,
adding a deck, painting, replacing windows, replacing a roof. Alone, these types
of improvements are not adequate to qualify the property owner for the TURBO

I have to laugh at the gall of these mental midgets in government. You would think that they would be jumping at the chance to sell these homes, no matter how small the improvements may be. i just cant imagine what its like to be a politician in Michigan. They need to lay off the stupid pills.

Here's a few ideas!
1. Have the Governor sign an Executive Order that no cities or towns are allowed to have City Inspections (at almost 200 bucks a pop), or for the city to demand that any homeowner selling their home has to fix certain items to be able to sell it. Private Home Inspectors tell a buyer what is wrong and what is right with any given property. Get out of the inspection business, and save money on fewer city employees and their benefit packages, and gas! What a triple bonanza!

2. Have the Governor sign an Executive Order that all homes are taxed at the same rate whether they are a rental or occupied by the owners. Lower these taxes for everyone, and adjust the taxation now for the drop in value to our homes. You have no right to tax us at the older, higher values, but most cities got used to that extra money and spent it!

3. Restore property rights to the fullest extent to private property owners. Get rid of city and town employees that just drive around all day looking for someone to ticket for not cutting their lawn. Think of the savings in that one! No salary and benefits for a rat fink passing out tickets, and the gas that would save! Now that's another triple Bonanza! Neighbors, pitch in and mow the grass of a property that is in distress or foreclosure. Keep the government out of our neighborhoods.

4. Cut city employees and give aways. When they make the kind of money they do, there is no reason to supply them with cars, pay the insurance, and gas it up for them. Make their health insurance have a higher co-pay, dental, optical, and prescription drugs should be eliminated. City employees should have to do what the rest of have to do, and that is purchase these insurance programs on their own.

5. Stop useless and expensive programs like the Leaf Program. Most residents have no idea how expensive that must be to run. Equipment, salaries, the time involved in that stupid idea could be eliminated. Pay some youngster or lawn care company to do the job in the fall, private business would love that! Once again, savings on less employees, no maintenance on equipment, let alone the cost of it initially, and saving a ton of money on gas. Bonanza, bonanza, bonanza.

6. And the last idea, at least for now is, repeal the new taxes that were passed last year, including the State Income tax and the new Business Tax. Have the state trim employees, in large numbers. Eliminate Public TV and Radio. We are the Land of the Free, we have no need for all these people running around telling us what to do. So many government programs should be eliminated, and government funding to any outside entity should end. People struggling to buy groceries do not want to see the Museum of Arts in Detroit funded with our food money, or state and federal money going to abortion clinics. We worked for that money, its not yours. And decrease welfare and prosecute the people that fraudulently collect free money. That's my money, not theirs.

No one will move here with these present conditions, and government leaders just don't see why the moving vans are heading out. To us "little people" we see clearly why they are using their feet to show how incompetent our leaders are. The best businesses to own in Michigan right now are the moving companies!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Corruption in Detroit Continues..

Al Sharpton, Monica Conyers, and Kwame Kilpatrick

Gateway Pundit tells the story of Monica Conyers, the Shrek screaming nutcase on the Detroit City Council. It looks like Monica Conyers has been caught with her hands in the cookie jar, allegedly. Now does that surprise you? It sure doesn't surprise me!

And then when she talks to the press, she says this..

"I'm not feeling well right now," she said in a brief telephone interview. "When I get back to work, I'll get back to work."

How arrogant, and as usual, how typical of politicians trying to save their rear ends when it comes out that they haven't been upfront, truthful, and representing the people. Just like Kwame and Beatty, and many more, they represent themselves, enriching their own lives as much as they can, as much as they can get away with, before they are voted out.

Much like Kwame's Mommy did, I am waiting for the Congressman Conyers to come out screaming that we need to protect his wife, and not let the bad things she may have done take down his wife! Like Kwame, she is much too valuable to society to dump her, and whatever money she has supposedly stolen from the taxpayers is just the cost of doing business in Detroit, my friends.

Now shut up, and go back to work. We need more of your taxpayer dollars to support these cheats and schemers.

Let's Tax Homeowners for the Zoo!!

Detroit Zoo

Here comes another scam down the pike for the Tri-County area! And of course like the Smart Bus issue, (when you see a Smart Bus notice how many people are on it, if you can see through the tinted windows, because most are EMPTY!) they put it on the Primary Ballot, instead of the General Election in November, because they know people do not turn out in high numbers so its easier to pass this moronic idea.

The Detroit Zoo wants a .1 mill tax, which basically is 10 dollars for every $100,000.00 that your home is worth. That's every year, for 10 years, which of course will then be renewed, I'm sure. So, just for an example, if your home is worth 150K you will pay 15 bucks every year whether you visit the Zoo or not. Times 10.

So, for 150 bucks, you get nothing! Unless of course, you visit the Zoo. Then a family of 4 will get to pay 11 bucks per adult (and note that the Zoo considers a 13 year old an adult!) plus 7 bucks for the children, under age 12, and parking at 5 bucks a car.

If you visit the Zoo, once a decade, the cost for the visit (including the new tax they propose) will be 190 bucks! Now that sounds mighty fair to me! NOT! If you go to the Zoo twice in the decade, it will be 230 bucks! And that's not including any food or souvenirs..

I advocate that if they cant keep the Zoo open by the money they collect at the gates, then it needs to be shut down, and the land sold to the highest bidder. The same applies to every Museum, service and program that doesn't show a profit on its own. Michigan taxpayers are tired of being taxed to death for things that they don't use.

For example, get out your yearly property tax bill and look at it closely. I pay for schools that I don't use, a library that I don't use, Community colleges that I don't use, Smart busing that I don't use, and if we don't stop this new tax, a Zoo that I don't visit. I'm sure there is more in our property taxes that we pay for, but I would have to pull out the bill.

We are taxed too much in Michigan as it is. This new tax will give the Zoo $5,299,640.48 of Michigan overtaxed and one state recession dollars! FOR WHAT? AND THAT FIGURE IS JUST FOR ONE YEAR..TIMES THAT BY 10!

Pay attention Michigan Residents and vote in the primary on August 5. Vote NO! Tell our government NO MORE TAXATION!

Ive said it before and Ill say it again, how can the government justify taxing us for these programs and then charging us to use them? They pay for these programs with OUR money! Then turn around and charge us again if we want to go see the monkeys at the Zoo! Its easier to watch the jackasses in government make a monkey of themselves, a lot more entertaining, and its free!

How about we just close the Zoo, and use the Toledo Zoo, which isnt that far away, and suppose to be much nicer? And if people don't go to visit, they don't have to pay for it!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

ACORN Marxists roaming Michigan Neighborhoods! DONT SIGN!

I got a visit from our fine pals at ACORN the other day. Right at my front door, with a big, fat, red t-shirt on was a young Marxist. With petitions.

And what were the little Marxists petitioning for? Your money? Well, sort of! Because its the right of every liberal American to take other people's money, you would think that was part of it, and it was.

Our home grown Marxists want to stop Predatory Lending..that's right! Lenders that give huge loans to Americans for the American dream of owning a house, are predators. The banks and lenders that are going broke from so many people "walking" away from the contract they signed, are the bad guys. So, I would assume that ACORN expects people to get homes free, or for other Americans to have to pay for them.

What have Americans that stiffed their mortgage lenders lost? A home? Big deal, obviously that didn't mean that much to them, (except maybe the kitchen cupboards and copper plumbing and bathtubs, that they take with them!) because the home lost a bit of its value, walk away!

Now the banks, and mortgage companies get to sell these homes at half the value, and take the hit. Not the buyer, no no no..they walk away with their head held high, they screwed those chumps and feel damn good about it. And we target the lenders?

So, of course the next step for the little Marxists, is to attack the banks again and blame them 100% for the mortgage mess. Government and ACORN seem to think they can change a contract, between 2 entities, and all will be well. What they neglect to understand is that if this happens, banks will only give mortgages to the cream of the credit scores. And who could blame them?

As a retired Realtor, I have attended so many closings on homes, and at every closing the Title Company explained every detail of their mortgage, including points and interest. Mortgages are explained, and every penny is accounted for at a closing. As a Realtor I never advised anyone to take out an adjustable rate mortgage. But what happened was that ARM allowed people to qualify for a higher mortgage amount and a bigger home.

Liberals feel that they can get in between everything and make it go their way. The free market is not run by Moonbats that don't happen to like the terms of a contract. They don't have to use that bank, they don't have to buy a house, and they don't have to take out a mortgage. Its that simple. If you don't want to pay it back, you don't deserve your home. Life is not a free ride.

ACORN is a pitiful group, self serving, and pathetic. They have to indoctrinate young people to go door to door to try and get petitions signed. These young kids are getting the doors slammed in their faces, (they told me so) and they cant understand why! The hope of having a couple of kids and the house with the white picket fence disappears with every signature they get.