Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Head"s up People of Detroit!


Once again, the City of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, known in the text messages as "nigga" which Ms. Beatty affectionately called the Mayor, has shown the world he is a skirt chasing punk. He also called his little "girlfriend" "niggette". How touching! Then he does a speech at church where he tells the world that he has never been called "nigger" so many times? What the hell is that?

The text messages have been released, and then there;s Ms Beatty talking about giving Kwame "head"! How embarrassed you two should be!! Its time to step down Kwame, because more is sure to be released in the future. If the press cant get to you because you are a private citizen, its better for all, including you. You have ruined your career. Its over. Give us all a break and get the hell out of the city of Detroit.

Here's where you can read the whole thing...if you want. Some of it is just disgusting, like her wanting to give him "head". Classy lady there! Now Kwame is calling for a News Conference.

Blah, Blah, Blah! As Shirley McClaine would say..Hes still a boil on the ass of humanity. And I have a feeling this is a drop in the bucket for what else was said in those texts..

They are going to continue after you, Kwame. This is not going to end any time soon. And I don't blame them, or the people of Detroit for wanting you gone. You're over, more than over. Geez and all over a party..that you tried to cover up. How damn stupid can you get, and your wife too, if its true that she took a bat to those strippers. She has to be a gawd damn moron, because she should of took the bat to you!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Attention Investers! Add Livonia to the list of properties NOT to buy!

Adding to the group of cities that make Investors that buy rental homes to get a yearly inspection, that the Investor pays for, and that the city dictates repairs, IS LIVONIA! I guess having those Orange and Red stickers on a vacant home will now start in Livonia too!

Good job for a nice Republican/Conservative city! Investors are running as fast as they can from the other cities that require these inspections, choosing to either sell them or let them go back to the bank, and now Livonia will join the club!

For some reason, politicians think that these people must be rich, and its another way to hit the citizens up for more money. There's a huge problem with this thinking, drive through the suburbs that already have this crazy Nanny State crap and see what is happening. The cities are not doing better, they are actually doing worse.

And what are the darling renters and the darling people that have their homes foreclosed on? They are blaming everyone but themselves. What are they doing, you ask?

When they finally move out after almost a year of free rent on the backs of the lenders, (it takes almost a year to get them out!) they are stripping the houses of everything including the kitchen cupboards. They are pouring dry cement down the toilets and sinks, and trashing the place with filth. Permanent Magic Markers full of obscenities all over the walls, and even the vinyl windows.

Investors are done with the courts siding with the renters. They trash the place, don't pay the rent, and almost all the time its the mean landlords fault, because for some reason courts think all landlords are rich.

So there goes all the rental homes, soon only apartments will be available, and even they are subjected to these inspections. Maybe renters in apartments don't know how to check and see if the light switches work, or the toilets flush. We need Big Brother to do that for you, while you stand there and watch them go through your private home. And then the city wonders why some of these apartment buildings are being turned into Condos. And why they are so cash strapped.

And why the moving vans are heading south, out of Michigan and all this government interference. Its time to turn the lights out on the state of Michigan. You got the government that you asked for, and now no one can afford it. Great Job, liberals!