Monday, December 29, 2008

Can't We All Just Get Along Now?

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I already am on the Right Side! Now Liberals want us all to get along and Support their Prez...

Yes, to my amazement, that is what I am hearing regarding the Democrat President Elect Obama, the same one without a birth certificate Obama, (who just sent Emmanuel to Africa to destroy a Birth certificate in Kenya, while Obama is trying to create one in Hawaii) and all of his Democrat pals in government. Now all of sudden its all peace and love, and love thy brother. Support the new Prez Elect and be a real American! Ha!

I seem to recall 8 long years of utter disdain for Republicans, and anything they did, be it good or bad. I have read so many things on the Internet that were so disgusting (Ronald Reagan and Tony Snow's death, anyone?) and now I hear from my own Father-in-law that Obama will be destroyed by the Right Wingers because they wont even give him a chance! Those big bad Republicans are not going to play nice! They are such cold people, that they don't adore the Messiah! So, what do you think we will do? Get Along? Not in this life time!

Bring It On Right Wingers! If there is nothing else, we have 4 years to trash the Democrats and give back as good as they gave it! I cant wait! I get messages from left wingers that I better get over it and shut the hell up. Heh! There's a better chance of lightning striking them then that ever happening. And I personally don't like anyone that tells me to shut up.

I have been a pretty good sport these last 8 years, taking the abuse heaped on myself and my fellow Conservatives in massive doses. I haven't punched anyone, or swore at them excessively..I cant say I didn't use a few 4 letter words, but I didn't bitch slap them either. That would of been my preferred response, but like I said, Ive been a pretty good sport about it.

Now, the tables are about to turn. Obama will not be my President, I will not acknowledge him, nor will I ever call him President. I will treat him exactly the way the left wingers treated President George W. Bush, Sr and Jr, and President Reagan. And I will give Obama the same chance the left gave President Bush.

Can we all just get along? Not in a million years! Want to see a huge fight? Mess with the (un) Fairness Doctrine, Gun Control, higher taxes and giveaways, Freedom of Speech on the Internet, Community Civilian Troops that will monitor what we do and say, and you lefties will find out why the "real" Americans just went out and bought 60 Million more guns in the last few months.

Yes, we can all get along, if you mind your own business and leave mine alone. Mind your own money and leave mine alone. Mind your own property and leave mine alone. Knowing that Liberal Democrats can not do that...its War! And its going to be fun!

Treat yourself this Christmas to an extra special present Ladies, go to a gun show!

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Its beginning to look a lot like Treason..

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Questions are arising that the October Surprise was the financial Meltdown of our economy and if Democrats started it, caused it, and won the election because of it, they bit off more than they can chew, and they WILL pay for this. When Chuck Schumer came out and talked about the IndyMac Bank, a rush on money caused it to fail. That was the beginning....

Pasadena-based IndyMac, with $32 billion in assets, was seized by the government Friday. The loss-ridden mortgage lender had faced an outflow of deposits since Schumer on June 26 made public a letter he sent to the Office of Thrift Supervision and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., saying he was "concerned that IndyMac's financial deterioration poses significant risks to both taxpayers and borrowers."

Schumer’s decision to go public with those comments ignited a firestorm in Washington. Regulators on July 2 said he was contributing to "rumors and innuendo" about the bank that could hasten its demise.

Everything else that came after that was like a Domino effect, one tumbling after another. You have to wonder if Chuck Schumer had shut his mouth, if this would be happening right now. And you have to wonder why Chuck Schumer doesn't have to answer for this..

But it makes you wonder if this bank was even in danger at all. And if the Democrats did this for power, and to get Obama into office, they are going to pay dearly for this, because it has gotten out of control. No matter what the Liberals think, they are going to be very disappointed sooner than later, that Obama cannot part the Red Sea and rise into the clouds and stop this now. Its too far gone.

The people that thought they were going to get their house notes paid and free gas cards are going to be shocked when it doesn't happen. There is no money left to do anything that the Messiah wanted to do. If he and his cohorts were involved in this financial collapse, he will be the victim of it. He now has no money to gift all of the schmucks that voted for him. Don't count on that "free" health care either. Obama wont be able to burden the rest of us with your health care, most of the money is gone in our banks too. I guess we should be grateful for that, we didn't want to pay for you freeloaders anyway! Obama wont get it.

The only thing you are going to get is Socialism with no money to steal from us to promote it. That is, unless someone gets their hands on a birth certificate first. Guess that's locked up tighter than Fort Knox, for some reason. If there wasn't a problem with it, it wouldn't be locked up tighter than a drum..what reason could there be for the lock down? Don't worry, we will find it.

If the Democrats created this financial collapse to get at President Bush, and get Obama elected, Obama has 2 years to totally screw us over. 2010 will bring a landslide election for Republicans. Funny how Republicans lose elections over toe tapping and gay emails, neither very classy, but Democrats never pay for treason.

We know they are responsible for the Community Reinvestment Act that Jimmy Carter started, and Bill Clinton gave it more teeth, to make sure that everyone has a "right" to a home. When they did that, did they realize that some would buy more than they could afford? They didn't realize that some people NEVER pay back loans and should be renters for all of their breathing days? A Landlord can kick their fannies out after a couple of months, home foreclosure can take up to a year! A year, and the banks cant collect a dime of that outstanding mortgage. Free homes for a year, and the rest of us get to pay for it.

What has happened to all of our 401k's along with the taxpayers now having to pay the bills for the people that didn't, is that the American people have lost a lot of money that no one else was entitled to! We worked hard for that money, WE saved that money! WE are nothing but collateral damage to the Democrats. A stepping stone in the dirt to them. And now it has trickled down to our wonderful car companies..all of you union people that vote for nothing but Democrats, deserve what you get. Oh! Just to add salt to the wound, no good paying oil jobs for you schmucks either from Obama. Stupid people. He wont drill.

They have ruined businesses, individuals and our national trust, and they dont even care. They have created a man made collapse of this economy and you better note that not ONE Republican can be blamed for this. Clinton, Carter, Dodd, Barney Frank, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, and we could go on with who had a hand in this, are all Democrats! Now they will try to blame this on President Bush, but Bush had nothing to do with this! Since 2002, President Bush has been warning of the risky things happening in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Democrats told him to screw off. From 2003..White House warns of GSE risks- Note the year, folks!

Our government guaranteed these loans, charged a lot to do it too, and then spent the money. This should be called a bailout to cover the rear ends of Democrats! This was money that was federally guaranteed to the banks and lenders to make these risky loans. 3% of every FHA mortgage went to the Federal Government, and they spent it.

Put that in your holiday hot chocolate and try not to choke on it..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Because I am sick of corrupt politics...

This is much more interesting today! LiveStreaming Puppies!
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Monday, December 8, 2008

100 Million Dollars of Fraud in Michigan..

Anonymous said...
It happens at VG's in Sterling Heights every day. They have been doing this forever. It is sickening and no one does a thing about it. VG's management knows about it, too, but no one can do anything. No one will take legal action against them because no one wants to spend the time or money on it.

Maybe its time we do start taping and following these people, and do the job the government is supposed to do. Maybe its time to put pressure on people that should be able to look at their purchases and find the people that do this! Anyone have any ideas, and time to follow these people around? We need to organize and tape these thieves, and start boycotting all Arab owned stores.
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Over a year ago, I told a story to several Blogs and it even made it on the radio show of Quinn and Rose in the Morning. Several people from Dearborn called in after Quinn read my letter on air to verify that this is happening and very true!

My next door neighbor had gone shopping at Farmer Jacks in this area and had quite a tale to tell me. She knew I would write about it and forward it, and I will do it once again..

She was in the cashier line to check out, and in front of her was a Muslim woman with a whole lot of groceries, like bottled water, bottled Coke and Pepsi, baby formula, cheese, individually wrapped crackers, etc..and when it came time to pay for all of these things, out came the Bridge Card and WIC card, and our government paid for this entire purchase. To make it even more insulting, at the time Farmer Jack's was having some kind of promotion for baby formula, if you bought enough of it on a WIC card, Farmer Jack's would give you 20 bucks cash back! And they did to this woman!

When my neighbor finally got up to the cashier, the cashier was visibly shaken and asked her if she could "vent" for a neighbor said sure! The cashier was older and told her that she couldn't afford to retire, even though she wanted to, she couldn't. And then she said that the woman that just purchased all those items on our dime was the owner of a gas station/convenience store and that she was stocking her inventory on our dime with government help! She said that the woman came in every once in a while and every time would use a Bridge card (welfare for you non-Michigan people, in the form of a credit card so we don't embarrass the people that scam us of our money) and every time would buy the same items to resell at her store. Supposedly her store was just down the road.

Good stuff if you can get in on it! This poor cashier who is not ripping off the system cant retire, but this Muslim woman can stock her store on free items, and then turn around and sell them back to YOU at no cost to her! I thought about going to Farmer Jack's and sitting in the parking lot trying to see this happen, but I don't have the time to do that. It could take weeks or months to try and video tape this, I should of asked for help and just done it! Formed a team of Michigan people willing to bust these frauds and thieves! I sent this story to Debbie Schlussel, who wrote me back saying this happens ALL THE TIME! Quinn and Rose in the Morning actually read my letter on air last year. And now I find this item from Debbie Schlussel's site..

of Food Stamp Fraud, Episode #58,948

It never ends because we continue to let thousands of these people in and
then to pander and bend over backward and forward to them once they're here.
Fortunately, the Michigan State Police has a special unit for this kind of
fraud, headed by Det. Lt. Marty Bugbee, that is cracking down on this
kind of stuff.

A Dearborn couple has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit food stamp
fraud in a scheme that netted more than $1 million.

Fatima Shalhout, 43, and her husband, Wasfi Shalhout, 50, pleaded
guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering involving a
scheme to defraud the United States Department of Agriculture of $1,261,943 in
food stamp benefits from May 2005 to February 2008.

And this goes on more than we know. It seems pathetic that we work so hard, at this time are struggling so much in Michigan, and this kind of thing is supposedly rampant and not only includes this kind of fraud! They are getting Medicaid and other goodies too! Its not just food stamps and Wic..and this is the first time in over a year that I have heard of anyone getting busted for it.

This is what our taxes go to! Makes you all warm and fuzzy, doesn't it?


Friday, December 5, 2008

My post..Supreme Court ruling..

I reported on the rumors that I had heard. So far today, NO ONE knows what has happened at the Supreme Court, NO ONE!

Now if the Supreme Court doesnt have the gutts to take this on, they should say so. Right now everyone is in Limbo..everyone is wondering what is going on.

So, Store 242...go find something to do. I cant say what is going to happen, and I reported and specifically STATED they were rumors.

I will update as soon as I know anything.

Monday, December 1, 2008

First the Mayor of Detroit Falls, Now his Girlfriend..

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Christine Beatty has taken a plea agreement and admitted she lied and obstructed justice for the Text Message on January 5th she will be sentenced and put in the Wayne County Jail system along with Kwame. How ironic, that for a couple months they will both nest in the Wayne County Jail together, for one last time.

How the mighty and arrogant fall from grace and how their futures must now look bleak. Her law school days must now be over, with 2 felonies on her record. Her children and Kwame's will live with text messages for the rest of their lives, and now watch their Mother carted off to jail for 120 days. Supposedly the reason she put it off was so that she could spend Christmas with her children, isn't that special?

Guilty of lying under oath, and obstruction of justice, she will be able to celebrate the birth of our Lord after she broke his Commandments. After she hurt innocent police officers and took their jobs away without a care about the families she devastated with her actions, the courts will allow her to celebrate Christmas with her family. Doesn't seem like justice to me when the police officers must of faced a very lean and hopeless Christmas from the actions of both Kwame Kilpatrick and Christine Beatty.

As much as her tears flowed today, it has to be hard to realize that this woman was vindictive, evil, and arrogant with her power and the power of the Mayor's office. Her text messages, along with the Mayor's were almost pornography without the pictures. The final sentencing outcome of these two lying people is extremely little, in the face of what they did. No special treatment should of been granted.

Your tears must be over getting caught. Your tears must be over having to admit how vile you were to innocent people and the part you had in ruining their lives. Your tears must of been over the affair that lead to a complete breakdown of city government, never before seen in this depth with the City of Detroit. Not that we trusted Detroit government much before! Your tears must be over a ruined marriage, and the fact that Kwame's is still intact, at least for now. That should be a good enough reason to get on your knees and pray and thank the Lord on Christmas Day.

I am sure 120 days in the Wayne County Jail will bring on many more tears, since people have said its not a very nice environment, but at least you can celebrate the birth of our Lord with your children. Hopefully Our Lord will have more pity on you than we do.

Produce The Doggone Birth Certificate!