Monday, September 29, 2008

The Snowjob that Michigan bought, and a flurry of snow coming down the pike!..

Its a crime that Michigan is close to being one of the highest taxed states in the nation. Detroit is falling apart, at a faster rate than we ever thought possible. Millions stolen here, millions stolen there, and now its value, along with its home values, are almost junk status.

Don't feel alone, Detroit, the State of Michigan along with the Democrats in office have done the same thing to the state. Higher taxes, people getting the hell out of here, millions wasted in government and welfare fraud, and attempts to change the Michigan Constitution to keep them in office for ever.

Most cities in the Tri-Counties taking away more and more of our rights, making things that are natural, a crime. Like breathing..we exhale carbon dioxide folks! Now its a gas that is harmful to the environment, a global warming gas.. Tell that to the trees that breathe it, and exhale oxygen.

Now the Democrats want to tell you the "TRUTH" about Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Its not going to cost you a thing! They "could" get the funding from the Federal Government! Who's money do you think that is? Who pays taxes to the Federal Government? And what happens when the Federal Government that "could" fund it, says NO? Guess who will fund this! YOU!

Also they don't tell you that it is already legal to do this research. They are seeking MONEY, more money, and that's the beginning. Look at California..60 BILLION dollars, and nothing to show for it. We don't need this, and we cant afford it.

And one more thing, why are Democrats so anxious for the destruction of a fertilized human egg, that is at least 14 days old, and wont put the death penalty on the ballot for murdering thugs? Why do Democrats object to animal testing, but will let human embryonic human egg testing be allowed?

The people of Michigan need to stand up and say NO and get this state back where it belongs. We need to eliminate a whole lot of state jobs, end welfare as a life long pay check, stop the welfare fraud, end any and all welfare and medicaid to illegal aliens, and send them back home.

We need to sell the Manoogian Mansion, the Governor's Mansion, state land, federal land that has no landmark on it. Government should own nothing, have nothing, and have to operate with a much smaller budget. They should have to use their own cars, pay their own insurance, and do like the rest of us do. Buy their own insurance for their spouses and family. Save in a 401k for their retirement. If its good enough for the average Joe, its good enough for politicians.

See, that's where the problems come in, they make these jobs that just go on and on, even when a state worker retires. They have the best benefit package that you can get. And we get to pay the bill.

If we don't stop this craziness, the whole state is going to look like Detroit. Kwame had no problem throwing around millions here and millions there to his cronies, and in lawsuits. Do you actually think the Governor has less to play with? If we don't stand up and tell the players in government to stop, its only going to get worse.

Cities have become carnivals, states have become circuses..Its time to cut them off! The cities think they need to build pools, and concrete jungles, and golf courses, and ice rinks..and they do. Private sector is where those things belong. States think they need to build everything but the roads, they were assigned to build roads, in the Constitution. They cant even do that right. So they turned into a circus with a huge Freak Show, and we fund it.

Its time to make it stop. Its in your hands, the futue of the Michigan people. If you like what Jennifer Granholm has done to Michigan, you are going to love what Barack Hussein Obama will do to the United States of America. Just hope we can make it through it intact.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Embryonic Stem Cell Research in Michigan? Give Me A BREAK!

On the ballot in November, will be a question of whether to raise taxes again! From the state of Michigan, these freaks in government want more money for embryonic stem cell research!

"Supporters of Proposal 2 say that human embryo
will bring money to Michigan. What they don't say is the
real money is coming from taxpayers. New York taxpayers are now in for $600
million to support human embryo research. New Jersey taxpayers were asked to
shell out $450 million. And California taxpayers? On the hook for $3 billion.
More taxes. Is that really the cure Michigan needs right now? Proposal 2 is too
costly to Michigan taxpayers. 2 goes 2 far. Vote no on Proposal 2."

Now they disguise it, they do a good job at it too. People of Michigan should know that we already have adult stem cell research and umbilical cord research, and it has found many cures and has the possibility of many more.

Some of the proposal's supporters back public funding of research,
although that's not part of the measure going before voters in November.
Proposal 2 supporters say approving the measure could clear the way for state
researchers to receive federal money for embryonic stem cell research if the
next president reverses limitations instituted by President Bush.

Now I would hope that Michiganders would read between the lines in that paragraph! State taxes, local taxes, or Federal taxes, all come from YOU! Note that they also say it "COULD" come from the federal government..if not, count on it coming from Michigan taxpayers. We just opened the door for a bunch of useless research that other states are already doing. Let the other states continue to waste their money, we don't need to!

What has been a complete waste of money, has lead to absolutely nothing of value, and is milking the states of Missouri, California (BILLIONS!) and New Jersey, is Embryonic Stem Cell Research. And now Michigan wants to join the states already being taxed for something that a lot of people feel is not moral. It takes a fertilized egg that if it were implanted, would become a human baby. It tears it apart, to try and find anything of value to save a life. This research is already being done, it is NOT ILLEGAL, IT JUST ISNT TAXPAYER FUNDED, and we don't need to jump in on the bandwagon!

Think of it this way, if there was money to be made, if there was actual proof that this was worthwhile, it would not have to be taxpayer funded. This is just another way to take more of Michigan's taxpayer money, and never have to produce a product. Say NO on November 4, to any more taxes! Say NO to Proposal 2 which we DO NOT NEED!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Enjoying the Meltdown? Lets play Screw your Neighbor!

As we watch the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac melt down and taxpayers having to bail them out, do you wonder why? We will now pay for the Democrats and the Congressional Black Caucus that has destroyed our banks, and our economy and we get to pay for this. Thats right the leaders of these companies bent over and kissed the asses of the Congressional Black Caucus to make sure that "people of color" got home loans, with no money down, and no credit report required.

Google who made millions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and they are Clinton people. When you think of poor people that have a right to a low income loan, and all of a sudden poor people have a right to home ownership, enjoy paying the bill for them. Its the American way! Paying for your own bills is just not good enough! When you have nothing at risk, you have nothing to lose. Not even a credit rating to lose, because it wasn't good in the first place.

Just like all the other "Bills of Made Up Rights" that Democrats believe in, we now are watching how far Socialism will go to destroy what we have built for centuries. All for a new right of home ownership. Its now a right to own a home, got that? It doesn't matter if you earned it, it doesn't matter if you paid your bills. It doesn't matter if you can pay your own bills. Socialists will make others pay for it. The rules and regulations protect the minority, and they make the majority pay for it. You are paying for it now and you will for decades to come.

President Clinton had his people appointed to run Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and they have destroyed it. I am a retired Realtor. I never understood the mountains of rules and regulations that restricted Realtors, Lenders and Banks. I never understood why we needed these programs, when banks and mortgage companies should be able to decide who they lend to. A nice down payment and a credit report worthy of a loan should be all that counts. Not anymore.

The Government forced lenders to loan money to people that were risky at best to pay it back. The Government forced laws against redlining in neighborhoods that are risky at best. Jimmy Carter started it, and Bill Clinton put the final screws in the programs to make home ownership a right for all. Democrats want everyone to have it all, and for the rest of us to pay for it. And now we will.

As much as they would like to, they cant blame this on Republicans. In the last decade Republicans have called on more disclosure and opening the books, and they were met with cries of racism. We could not have mortgages that were credit worthy, and we could not have banks saying no to giving loans to slums that were value-less.

Is that racial? Is that discrimination? Its our money that is now going to bail these banks out that were ordered to take on these loans. Is that fair? Some would say that it is. You get to pay your own mortgage, and now you get to pay for these mortgages that the bankers didn't even want. They sold the paper to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, because the banks didn't want the risk. The government promised to back up these loans, while they forced bankers to take them. Now the bill has come due.

Then the government made it hard for foreclosure. It takes the banks so long to even get to foreclosure and then the buyer has six months to redeem it. I have heard advertisements on WJR-760 with companies that advise people on how to stay in their homes for 18 months, payment free, with one call. WHO is the bad guy here? The bankers? 18 MONTHS of payment free living? WHO do you think is paying for this? These borrowers deserve to be renters for the rest of their lives! Don't pay the rent? You are gone, and that's the fair way to do it. Life is not a free ride for some, and very costly to others.

You, the American Taxpayers, are footing the bill for irresponsible borrowers, and that bill is huge!

While your grocery money dwindles, I fear that you will vote for the party responsible for this mess. You will vote for the party that caused this. Lets play name the Republican involved! Google that!

Lastly, let me inform you that there is no right to home ownership. Home ownership is earned, by hard work and the yearning to have a backyard for your children. Look it up in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to see if its in either of these documents. People have NO obligation to subsidize or fund any American in home ownership.

The government forced us to do many things that I always thought were unacceptable, but I had to follow these rules. Redlining and discrimination were unacceptable, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac made sure that the banks obeyed them. Get that? They had to obey government. Our banks and lending institutions had to OBEY. Scary isn't it?

If you bought a home in a very bad neighborhood at an inflated value, the banks had to loan it. If a person of color was noncredit-worthy but a minority, the banks were informed to loan them a mortgage or else their standing was at risk by the government to shut them down. Imagine anyone telling lenders what to do with their money, and then we wonder why these banks are failing.

These sub-prime mortgages were made legal in the 1990's. Check with Google again and see who was President then. It took just over a decade to collapse the banking business, good job Democrats! Good job of completely raping Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as your personal piggy bank. Before you go and vote for Obama, google how much money he got from these institutions. And then watch as he raises your taxes to pay for it, while he gives away billions more to the United Nations. (He has only been in the senate for 143 days, yet he's number 2 in "gifts" from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.) The rest of the time he has been in the Senate he has been campaigning for President.

Americans now get to pay for housing they don't live in, buses they don't ride, libraries they don't use, a Zoo that we don't visit, public TV we don't watch, Colleges and Universities that our kids don't go to, museums, art galleries and symphonies that no one goes to..and the list now goes on and on..

Oh and just for Michigan residents! Did you know that the Detroit Zoo pays its man at the top more than the Governor makes? He makes more than the Detroit Mayor..with a false resume to top it off with.. And now we get to pay for that too! Watch how soon he gets a raise. He deserves a raise, folks, for the successful campaign of Screw your Neighbors to get the masses to pay for others to get cheap tickets to get in the Zoo. Thats the American/Socialist way.

Edited to add this, courtesy of Gateway Pundit...
Bush Called For Reform of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac 17 Times in 2008 Alone... Dems Ignored Warnings

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Michigan loses Jobs, while States with LESS Regulation Florish!

Barack Obama, Jennifer Granholm, and the back of Al Gore's head talk about "Change", which should mean whats left over in your wallet when they get done with you!

I am always amazed that our Governor got re-elected and continues to run this state into the ground. I often look to the Gentle Giant north of us, and wonder why they gave us Jennifer Granholm, and if they would take her back. And in these trying times of a one state recession, a massive tax increase, and loss of 318,000 jobs, you would think we, the wonderful people of Michigan would finally just say no to our government.

But it seems that the state of Michigan is controlled by the big cities, the big cities that get most of our tax dollars, in the form of bailing out Detroit, massive welfare programs and welfare fraud, and unfair redistribution of wealth that affects this state deeply. Property taxes, Michigan income taxes, business taxes, and a much too large Michigan government are the kiss of death.

From The Wall Street Journal..
If You Like Michigan's Economy, You'll Love

Ranking states by domestic migration,
per-capita income growth and employment growth, ALEC found that from 1996
through 2006, Texas, Florida and Arizona were the three most successful states.
Illinois, Ohio and Michigan were the three least successful.

The rewards
for success were huge. Texas gained 1.7 million net new jobs, Florida gained 1.4
million and Arizona gained 600,000. While the U.S. average job growth percentage
was 9.9%, Texas, Florida and Arizona had job growth of 18.5%, 21.4% and 28.9%,

Remarkably, a third of all the jobs in the U.S. in the
last 10 years were created in these three states. While the population of the
three highest-performing states grew twice as fast as the national average,
per-capita real income still grew by $6,563 or 21.4% in Texas, Florida and
Arizona. That's a $26,252 increase for a typical family of four.

By comparison, Illinois gained only 122,000 jobs, Ohio lost
62,900 and Michigan lost 318,000. Population growth in Michigan, Ohio and
Illinois was only 4.2%, a third the national average, and real income per capita
rose by only $3,466, just 58% of the national average. Workers in the three
least successful states had to contend with a quarter-million fewer jobs rather
than taking their pick of the 3.7 million new jobs that were available in the
three fastest-growing states.

And yet, we continue down the wrong path and have to watch this great state struggle with mounting taxation, freedom and rights flushed down the toilet, and a Governor that could care less. Controlling the masses and picking their pockets is Job One in Michigan.

And then our Governor is shocked!, let me tell you that again, she is shocked!, that this state is in play and its so close a race, that Michigan could actually go to the Republicans, McCain and Palin, in November, 2008. I guess she hasn't watched a local city council meeting lately, (or watched herself lately for that matter), to see how pathetic these people are when they approve a new business trying to establish themselves in any city. Its like watching people who think they are the Messiah, sort of like Obama, passing out business licenses from up above, and you better bow down to the Almighty Government. Clearly,that should be the other way around.

Mandatory Volunteer Service is another liberal gift from up above that both Obama and Granholm want to inflict on our children. In high school, in order to graduate, our children would have to perform community service to get their diploma. Our Messiah's don't exactly say what that would be. I guess it could be anything, from cleaning up the sides of roads, to soup kitchens, to, well, just about anything they deem they want your children to do. Scary, huh? And parents would have no say over what and how it is done. I can take a wild guess and assume that home schooling would be outlawed, because parents are not going to take this quietly. Of course, private schooling admissions would quadruple, so they would have to somehow restrict that option too.

I'm sure that they would think of something. I wonder if they ever consider that the masses might just hide their children. That's something we should be doing now anyway. We should be fighting for vouchers for every child, since its not just the inner cities that have poor teachers and indoctrination procedures for our kids.

I refuse to let this state dictate to me, or my family, how we will live our lives. I don't want anyone telling me what to do, any more than they do already. In fact, I want to see many laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances repealed. Michigan has lost its freedoms, and its money, to power hungry, money grubbing, tax and spend liberals. Its time to change that. Its past time to change that. Vote for McCain-Palin this November. We cant afford Obama.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Who is Carmen Slowski?

The question still remains, and we may never know exactly who "Carmen" is..but its strange at this late date that an anonomous poster says its Sharon MacPhail. And thinking about it, that makes sense. Someone needs to look at the flight records of the Mayor's attorney and see if she was on that flight to the Massage Parlor..

it would be interesting to know. When I look at the trail of Kwame and his affection for women other than his wife, and the way Sharon MacPhail has stuck her neck for him, its not hard to imagine that this little rumor could be true..

Detroit Free Press...check this out.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kwame Kilpatrick Resigns..Finally!

But he wants to be the new Marion Barry of Washington D.C. and be able to run again in a few years, and be taken back like the Crack-Head from Washington D.C. was re-elected after busted on camera sucking on a crack pipe.

Everyone on the news were commenting on how somber he looked in court today, pleading guilty, how humble he finally is. I guess 120 days in jail will humble him even more. And he got lucky on that sentence. The "normal Joe Six-pack" would get about 2 years for Perjury and Obstruction of Justice. Let alone assaulting a police officer serving a warrant. So he got off cheaply.

But in his wake, the City of Detroit, along with Wayne County, the tri-counties, and the State of Michigan will pay dearly for his actions. Not only in a soiled reputation, but in taxation to keep that City going, why is beyond me. But politics as usual will continue to make this state a complete joke, with people dealing with it with their feet.

The moving vans are about the only business making any money in this state, a state that is loaded with too many taxes, too many restrictions on our freedom, and too many nutcases in our government. Take a good look at who will now be the President of the Detroit City Council. Shrek has nothing good to say about this appointment. So its not over...

The Federal investigation into the contracts with some of Kwame's "buddies" have links to the City Council, where money was supposedly passed on to some of the Council Members. One that is suspected of that and more will now run it. I sure hope the Feds step that investigation up quickly.

Detroit needs to pick their leaders more carefully. Try to reject Pimp Daddies and Thugs..that's a good first step.

Now on to the drama of prosecuting of Ms. Beatty. She cant get a deal now for ratting out the Mayor.