Sunday, September 14, 2008

Michigan loses Jobs, while States with LESS Regulation Florish!

Barack Obama, Jennifer Granholm, and the back of Al Gore's head talk about "Change", which should mean whats left over in your wallet when they get done with you!

I am always amazed that our Governor got re-elected and continues to run this state into the ground. I often look to the Gentle Giant north of us, and wonder why they gave us Jennifer Granholm, and if they would take her back. And in these trying times of a one state recession, a massive tax increase, and loss of 318,000 jobs, you would think we, the wonderful people of Michigan would finally just say no to our government.

But it seems that the state of Michigan is controlled by the big cities, the big cities that get most of our tax dollars, in the form of bailing out Detroit, massive welfare programs and welfare fraud, and unfair redistribution of wealth that affects this state deeply. Property taxes, Michigan income taxes, business taxes, and a much too large Michigan government are the kiss of death.

From The Wall Street Journal..
If You Like Michigan's Economy, You'll Love

Ranking states by domestic migration,
per-capita income growth and employment growth, ALEC found that from 1996
through 2006, Texas, Florida and Arizona were the three most successful states.
Illinois, Ohio and Michigan were the three least successful.

The rewards
for success were huge. Texas gained 1.7 million net new jobs, Florida gained 1.4
million and Arizona gained 600,000. While the U.S. average job growth percentage
was 9.9%, Texas, Florida and Arizona had job growth of 18.5%, 21.4% and 28.9%,

Remarkably, a third of all the jobs in the U.S. in the
last 10 years were created in these three states. While the population of the
three highest-performing states grew twice as fast as the national average,
per-capita real income still grew by $6,563 or 21.4% in Texas, Florida and
Arizona. That's a $26,252 increase for a typical family of four.

By comparison, Illinois gained only 122,000 jobs, Ohio lost
62,900 and Michigan lost 318,000. Population growth in Michigan, Ohio and
Illinois was only 4.2%, a third the national average, and real income per capita
rose by only $3,466, just 58% of the national average. Workers in the three
least successful states had to contend with a quarter-million fewer jobs rather
than taking their pick of the 3.7 million new jobs that were available in the
three fastest-growing states.

And yet, we continue down the wrong path and have to watch this great state struggle with mounting taxation, freedom and rights flushed down the toilet, and a Governor that could care less. Controlling the masses and picking their pockets is Job One in Michigan.

And then our Governor is shocked!, let me tell you that again, she is shocked!, that this state is in play and its so close a race, that Michigan could actually go to the Republicans, McCain and Palin, in November, 2008. I guess she hasn't watched a local city council meeting lately, (or watched herself lately for that matter), to see how pathetic these people are when they approve a new business trying to establish themselves in any city. Its like watching people who think they are the Messiah, sort of like Obama, passing out business licenses from up above, and you better bow down to the Almighty Government. Clearly,that should be the other way around.

Mandatory Volunteer Service is another liberal gift from up above that both Obama and Granholm want to inflict on our children. In high school, in order to graduate, our children would have to perform community service to get their diploma. Our Messiah's don't exactly say what that would be. I guess it could be anything, from cleaning up the sides of roads, to soup kitchens, to, well, just about anything they deem they want your children to do. Scary, huh? And parents would have no say over what and how it is done. I can take a wild guess and assume that home schooling would be outlawed, because parents are not going to take this quietly. Of course, private schooling admissions would quadruple, so they would have to somehow restrict that option too.

I'm sure that they would think of something. I wonder if they ever consider that the masses might just hide their children. That's something we should be doing now anyway. We should be fighting for vouchers for every child, since its not just the inner cities that have poor teachers and indoctrination procedures for our kids.

I refuse to let this state dictate to me, or my family, how we will live our lives. I don't want anyone telling me what to do, any more than they do already. In fact, I want to see many laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances repealed. Michigan has lost its freedoms, and its money, to power hungry, money grubbing, tax and spend liberals. Its time to change that. Its past time to change that. Vote for McCain-Palin this November. We cant afford Obama.

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