Monday, September 29, 2008

The Snowjob that Michigan bought, and a flurry of snow coming down the pike!..

Its a crime that Michigan is close to being one of the highest taxed states in the nation. Detroit is falling apart, at a faster rate than we ever thought possible. Millions stolen here, millions stolen there, and now its value, along with its home values, are almost junk status.

Don't feel alone, Detroit, the State of Michigan along with the Democrats in office have done the same thing to the state. Higher taxes, people getting the hell out of here, millions wasted in government and welfare fraud, and attempts to change the Michigan Constitution to keep them in office for ever.

Most cities in the Tri-Counties taking away more and more of our rights, making things that are natural, a crime. Like breathing..we exhale carbon dioxide folks! Now its a gas that is harmful to the environment, a global warming gas.. Tell that to the trees that breathe it, and exhale oxygen.

Now the Democrats want to tell you the "TRUTH" about Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Its not going to cost you a thing! They "could" get the funding from the Federal Government! Who's money do you think that is? Who pays taxes to the Federal Government? And what happens when the Federal Government that "could" fund it, says NO? Guess who will fund this! YOU!

Also they don't tell you that it is already legal to do this research. They are seeking MONEY, more money, and that's the beginning. Look at California..60 BILLION dollars, and nothing to show for it. We don't need this, and we cant afford it.

And one more thing, why are Democrats so anxious for the destruction of a fertilized human egg, that is at least 14 days old, and wont put the death penalty on the ballot for murdering thugs? Why do Democrats object to animal testing, but will let human embryonic human egg testing be allowed?

The people of Michigan need to stand up and say NO and get this state back where it belongs. We need to eliminate a whole lot of state jobs, end welfare as a life long pay check, stop the welfare fraud, end any and all welfare and medicaid to illegal aliens, and send them back home.

We need to sell the Manoogian Mansion, the Governor's Mansion, state land, federal land that has no landmark on it. Government should own nothing, have nothing, and have to operate with a much smaller budget. They should have to use their own cars, pay their own insurance, and do like the rest of us do. Buy their own insurance for their spouses and family. Save in a 401k for their retirement. If its good enough for the average Joe, its good enough for politicians.

See, that's where the problems come in, they make these jobs that just go on and on, even when a state worker retires. They have the best benefit package that you can get. And we get to pay the bill.

If we don't stop this craziness, the whole state is going to look like Detroit. Kwame had no problem throwing around millions here and millions there to his cronies, and in lawsuits. Do you actually think the Governor has less to play with? If we don't stand up and tell the players in government to stop, its only going to get worse.

Cities have become carnivals, states have become circuses..Its time to cut them off! The cities think they need to build pools, and concrete jungles, and golf courses, and ice rinks..and they do. Private sector is where those things belong. States think they need to build everything but the roads, they were assigned to build roads, in the Constitution. They cant even do that right. So they turned into a circus with a huge Freak Show, and we fund it.

Its time to make it stop. Its in your hands, the futue of the Michigan people. If you like what Jennifer Granholm has done to Michigan, you are going to love what Barack Hussein Obama will do to the United States of America. Just hope we can make it through it intact.

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