Saturday, April 21, 2007

Coming Soon: $8 Fee To Enter Manhattan

Coming Soon: $8 Fee To Enter Manhattan!!

Andrew Kirtzman

Excerpt:(CBS) NEW YORK A controversial new plan is about to be implemented to improve the quality of life in New York City.This weekend Mayor Michael Bloomberg is expected to introduce an $8.00 congestion fee for drivers who enter Manhattan below 86th Street.On the city's traffic-clogged arteries Friday, Bloomberg was not a popular guy.

"Next thing he's gonna charge us to cross the street," one driver said.Complaints like those echoed among drivers who'd heard that the mayor is about to propose tolls for vehicles entering Midtown Manhattan.A mayoral panel has proposed charging motorists to enter Manhattan below 86th Street from 6 am to 6 p.m.

Hey Mr Bloomberg, why don't you just charge New Yorker's a fee to live another day? First you ban cigarette smoking in private businesses and public buildings,and then you ban trans fatty oil that restaurants can use (BOY, I bet they would love to tell your liberal RINO fat ass what to do with your rules!!) and now you want to charge a fee to enter a city because you believe that will stop all those big bad cars driving their owners to work to feed their families! Try 8 bucks a day, times 5, and then times that by 52 weeks in a year! Yowzahhhhhh! That's a lot of groceries taken off the average family dinner table each year.

Ive met some New Yorkers, none of them were sissies! They, in fact, were some bad ass people that I wouldn't mess with! Why then, do they take this bullpoo from this idiot that thinks hes the nanny for the city of New York? I would start the recall now!

And does anyone remember how we got to the point of corn oil and vegetable oil? Remember years ago the Do-Gooders stuck their noses into the fast food industry and got them to quit using beef fat to fry their food products. Beef fat does not break down when heated and cause trans fats, therefore our bodies were better able to digest it and break it down. But that was not what the animal lovers wanted. Vegetarians wanted to eat McDonald french fries that were not fried in animal fat. After a while, the fast food industry caved and all changed to corn/vegetable oil. Now we are a nation of really fat people!

Now its these same sick son of a "beeps" that want to make sure you change it once again. The public has to change for the screw ups they made the fast food industry change, and the fries have never tasted as good as they used to. Our fannies are bigger than they have ever been, and now we have Nanny McBloomberg making sure his little minions do his bidding.

People of New York..start the recall and overturn his stupid Nanny State Bullcrap! Hes a joke, and the punchline is old..

Monday, April 16, 2007

Keep your kids home from school on April 18th!

The day of silence to support gayism is April 18th. Check out this site to see if your school participates. Even if it doesnt, lets keep our kids at home!

Check to see if your kids school is on the list that silences their kids. Its shocking.
Maybe we need to make the day of silence the same day they do the head count for funding for the year!

Our American Schools-more like riding the Short Bus of Insanity!