Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Gay World of Ford Motor Company

Well, Duh! Someone has their panties in a wad.

The boycott asks Christians not to buy cars from Ford or its seven other brands: Lincoln, Mercury, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin, and Mazda. The reason: Ford's sponsorship of "gay pride" events, its financial support of organizations such as the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), and its advertising in gay magazines and television programs.

Ford executives blame a weakening in new-home construction for the lag in sales of its full-size pickups. Also, Toyota launched its redesigned Tundra in February and is calling its introduction the most important in the history of the company, because U.S. auto dealers still dominate domestic truck sales.

But Sharp maintains that Ford is just being coy about the effects of the boycott.
He points to last summer, when more than 75 Texas Ford dealers signed a letter urging then-Ford CEO Bill Ford to "cease" advertising in homosexual "media and events." The dealers told Ford the boycott was "affecting our business."

Dealers have reacted to the boycott in a way Ford itself has not. In May 2005, when the AFA first mulled a boycott of Ford products, a dealer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area approached the organization, setting up a meeting between AFA representatives and several Ford dealers.
The dealers asked the AFA to delay the boycott for six months to give them time to see what they could do alleviate the AFA's concerns. The AFA agreed.

The dealers then went to work lobbying Ford, which soon appeared ready to give in to their demands.


Finally, Ford said it would stop giving cash and vehicle donations, or endorsements, to homosexual social activities, such as "gay pride" parades.

However, just as the AFA was ready to celebrate victory, a consortium of gay groups slammed the brakes on the deal. They declared that the agreement between Ford and the AFA was unacceptable.

At that point, Bill Ford announced that all Ford brands would support gay media with advertising, and the boycott battle began in earnest.

Now, after a full year of boycott, the AFA is considering whether to extend it.
"At this time we continue to monitor Ford's activities," Sharp says. "Ford has continued advertising in homosexual magazines ... [W]e may extend that boycott to a continuance of a longer period of time."

The Grapevine says..Its too late, too many people know about Ford history and what the agenda is. Buy Chevy!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pay Your Taxes, 12 Million Illegals Depend on your Money

Mail that check!
Illegal Immigrants...check! (Seems that word ILLEGAL should apply to a free check!)
Welfare recipients....check! (Baby Momma's united for a free way of life!)
Food Stamp recipients...check! (Don't you just cringe when you see them buying lobster on a Bridge Card?)
WIC cards...check! (those usually go hand in hand with Bridge cards, for infant formula, cheese, and a jar of peanut butter. Wouldn't want to make them use their Bridge Card, that wouldn't leave enough money for steak and lobster)
Drugs and Medicaid for rich seniors and poor baby Momma's...check! (Viagra for all! A Boing on our buck! What a country we live in!)
Salary and Health Care for life for all of our Politicians...check! (Talk about the biggest and best Welfare System in the United States! Even after we dump the toads, we still get to pay them!)
So when you write that check, sign your name and hand over your hard earned money, the next time you see someone buying lobster with a bridge card, thank them! Right after you smack the sh*t out of them! Isn't it time to find a Constitutional Lawyer willing to try and stop this?

"Jersey Guys" have the RIGHT Idea!

NewYorkTimesPublished: March 23

Two weeks ago, Mr. Carton and Mr. Rossi started “Operation Rat a Rat/La Cucha Gotcha,” a listener-participation game that encourages people to turn in friends, neighbors and “anyone suspicious” to immigration authorities.

They introduced the segment with mariachi music and set the campaign to end on May 5 (Cinco de Mayo), a well-known Mexican holiday.

At the risk of stating the obvious, the phrase “La Cucha Gotcha” is meant to evoke the Spanish word for cockroach.

Here in New Jersey, where 15 percent of the population is Hispanic, reaction to the show has not exactly been positive.At a news conference Thursday, Hispanic elected officials and others condemned the campaign as “dehumanizing,” “poisonous” and “idiotic,” threatening boycotts of the show’s advertisers unless the Jersey Guys apologize.

“Scapegoating and stereotyping Latinos does nothing but give bigoted individuals a platform to make ethnic slurs and racist comments,” said Assemblyman Wilfredo Caraballo of Newark, calling the campaign a “publicity stunt” that could incite violence against Hispanics.

But anyone expecting an apology was sorely disappointed when Mr. Carton and Mr. Rossi held an on-air news conference a few hours after Mr. Caraballo’s comments. Seeking to profit from the recently ignited firestorm, the Jersey Guys gathered a corps of journalists, most of them Hispanic, in their Trenton studios and gleefully refused to back down. They insisted that the campaign was not anti-Hispanic and that the phrase “La Cucha Gotcha” was inoffensive, likening the song “La Cucaracha” to a lullaby or a patriotic standard like “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” After calling Assemblyman Caraballo a “pathetic liar,” Mr. Carton repeated his call to deport every illegal immigrant in the country. “If you’re here illegally, you are breaking the law — no better, no worse than the guy who robs the liquor store or the guy who waits to case your house out and robs you of your belongings,” he said. “You are a criminal.”

He went on to blame illegal immigrants for the state’s high property taxes, problems with uninsured drivers and violent crime. He also hinted that illegal immigrants were more likely to become terrorists. “Our country is at war right now, and it’s very important that we protect our kids, and one of the ways you can protect them is to not let undocumented immigrants into this country,” he said.

This time, however, the men say their campaign against illegal immigrants is anything but showmanship. “This operation is not a game, not a contest,” Mr. Carton said. “Our goal is to make New Jersey and the United States of America safer places to live.”Judging from the cascade of congratulatory calls, the men have tapped into an angry vein in the state, where, according to 2005 census figures, 20 percent of all residents are foreign born, the third highest rate in the country.

“This is an invasion,” said one caller, Carmen Perez, who said she had come to this country as a 3-year-old. “I would deport most of them.”Considering the Jersey Guys’ lack of contrition and the anger among Latino advocates, “La Cucha Gotcha” is likely to spark an even larger backlash.

That may or may not be a bad thing for the station, which, like the entire broadcast radio industry, has been struggling to compete against the twin scourges of electronic music downloads and satellite radio. Eric Johnson, the station’s program director, declined to comment, saying he wanted to give the last word to the Jersey Guys.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rosie steps into it again-Pig!

Rosie feels sorry for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who just admitted his part in the 9-11 murders and even the beheading of Daniel Pearl. Now Rosie sticks her fat ass into it by sympathizing with the Terrorist! Its bad enough that she hangs upside down with her fat ass up in the air, now she has gone too far, to say that we are the bad people, and Mohammed is the victim!

Rosie, the upside down liberal Moonbat, is exactly why this country is going to hell in a handbasket. Liberalism IS a mental disorder and Rosie displays it for all of us to see. She is dealing with much more then depression, shes a psychotic retard that should be on the Short Bus Moonbat Tour.
"Fat Disgusting Animal defends the Fat Disgusting Animal" at the Jawa Report.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

French High Court Rejects Gay Marriage

PARIS (AP) - France's highest court Tuesday rejected as unlawful the first marriage by a gay couple in France, annulling the union of the two men.

In the latest decision, the court ruled that ``under French law, marriage is a union between a man and a woman,'' backing a 2005 decision by an appeals court in Bordeaux.

Prosecutor Marc Domingo said during an earlier court hearing that it was the parliament, not judges, who should have the final word in any legalization of marriages involving homosexual couples. The couple said after the 2005 appeals court ruling that they would take their case to the European Court of Human Rights if necessary. It was not immediately clear whether they would do so.
Even the French are saying this perversion is disgusting..imagine that! Now if they would just lower the white flag on Islamofacists..

Washington, D.C. — In a shocking and brazen act of governmental abuse of parental rights, Deerfield High School (DHS) in Deerfield, Illinois, has required fourteen-year-old freshmen to attend a “Straight Gay Alliance Network” (GSA) panel discussion led by “gay” and “lesbian” upperclassmen during a “freshman advisory” class which secretively featured inappropriate discussions of a sexual nature in promotion of high-risk homosexual behaviors.

Not only has DHS required that its young and impressionable freshmen be exposed to radical homosexual propaganda, the school has further required that students sign a “confidentiality agreement” promising not to tell anyone – including their own parents – about the discussion.

Matt Barber, Policy Director for Cultural Issues with Concerned Women for America (CWA), said of the scandal: “This is unbelievable. It’s not enough that students at Deerfield High are being exposed to improper and offensive material relative to unhealthy and high-risk homosexual behaviors, but they’ve essentially been told by teachers to lie to their parents about it."

Remarkably, even after the school district’s surreptitious actions were exposed, parents were nonetheless told that they were not welcome to sit in on the “freshman advisory” and were not permitted to have access to materials used in compiling its activist curriculum.

Not only are freshman too young to "sign" a contract, but this is a lawsuit which its time has come! Not only do I promote home schooling, private schooling, but I have now come to realize that we need to sue public schools out of existence. Parents, sue these perverts, take the money and enroll your children in private schools and do it now!

You make my kid sign something like this and the crap is going to hit the fan.

Ex-governor who had affair wants child support

ELIZABETH, New Jersey (AP) -- Former Gov. James McGreevey, who resigned from office after revealing that he was gay and had an affair with a male staffer, is seeking custody of his 5-year-old daughter and child support from his estranged wife.

The revised divorce lawsuit by McGreevey, who resigned in November 2004, does not mention the "matrimonial settlement agreement" that McGreevey originally said had resolved all custody and support issues concerning his daughter, Jacqueline.

McGreevey's wife, Dina Matos, has 35 days to respond to the revised filing.

The papers filed last month in Union County Superior Court ask the judge to assign McGreevey custody, to award visitation to the noncustodial parent and to award him "suitable support and maintenance."

Matos said last month that the two "continue to have profound differences about what our daughter should be exposed to, and until they are resolved, there will be no agreement."

I heard it through the Grapevine that he has no balls, and a little snake. Also, he's a homosexual adulterer, liar, family busting limp wristed money grabbing sleazeball...and did I mention a sorry excuse of a rainbow loving human being?

Grapevine calls him a human bag of garbage..

Update to 05.14.07

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The goal here is to promote and enlarge the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to overtake and overcome the idiots on the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy and take them down hard.

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