Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where Are All of the Obama Stickers?

Where have they gone? Driving around town, I see none of them anymore! What is the matter folks? You don't want to be identified of actually voting for him anymore? Embarrassed that you were so stupid and sold out our country to Socialism?

What about you Union members that were so gung-ho to vote for Obama? Hows that unemployment working out for you? 300 bucks a week goes a long way, doesn't it? How does it feel to have voted your job away? How about you people working at dealerships that voted for Obama? Isn't a very pretty picture what he plans to do to YOU either.

How about all of you two-faced Newspaper people? You sealed your fate, and sold your soul to the Messiah, and now coming to a job wanted ad near you, you will also be out of a job because no one wants the product you propagandize to us. Hey, Save The Trees! Good deal!

All of you little people that work in ghost town Malls and Stores, I bet it felt good to vote for Obama, didn't it? Now how does it feel to see the American people scared out of their minds so much that they wont even shop? Go Obama!

How about all you senior citizens that swallowed every bite of the Obama crap sandwich? Reports are that by August or September, the government wont be able to cover your Social Security checks, and Medicaid/Medicare. Welfare recipients, same thing, your free ride is almost over too. Then what? What are you planning to do? You didn't do your homework before you voted, and that fact is obvious. Now your votes will make us all pay for your ignorance.

They say that God protects Children and Fools..and for that reason you should have to at least have a bit of brains to be able to vote.

You voted for this. Maybe ACORN will help you out, they got billions from Obama. Maybe GE will help you out, they got more than 140 billion with no strings attached. Ask GM and Chrysler how that feels, now that Obama is destroying the Car companies over 4 billion each.

This should be a lesson to all of you, that if you want something free, there is a heavy price you have to pay for it. Nothing is free, NOTHING. Someone has to pay the bill, and you voters that thought it was so cool to get someone else to pay it, just bankrupted your neighbors, along with yourselves.

So, please, all of you proud Obama supporters and voters, put the stickers back on your cars! We would like to know which of our neighbors and co-workers actually voted this huge mistake on us. Stand up and be proud! Now is not the time to be a coward!


Monday, March 23, 2009

$ 1800 Dollars More Per Year!

From Human Events.

Obama’s energy tax plan -- a version of the failed European “cap and trade”
global warming fiasco -- may cost families $1,800 yearly in higher utility
, far exceeding his promised $800 a year tax cut for 95% of

While campaigning, Obama admitted that his energy plan would
cause electric bills to “skyrocket.”

Thats what it will cost the average homeowner in the United States, for Cap and Trade and Environmental Legislation that the Democrats in Washington D.C. will make you pay in the future!

How's that for tax and spend policies by the powers that were elected by they dumbest Americans ever born in this country in 2008? I used to think the Europeans were crude and rude when they called us the "Stupid Americans". Now I'm not so sure. Not that Europeans are brainiacs themselves, but it sure is hard to argue that these days!

Anyway, now that almost every American will be paying 150 bucks a month more for electricity, all except the wefare leeches that is, from my previous post, its going to get a lot darker in our cities and towns and country. Sales of candles,along with more home fires, will go up..buy stock in candles now. And then go buy lots of emergency candles and lanterns.

Mark Steyn opines that these goofballs that think they can control the heavens and the sun, but cant control themselves..its sort of like mere mortals playing God. And it doesnt matter to them that we are in a natural cooling cycle, not a warming cycle, and the big bad cause of all our problems is.... the SUN.

Maybe they could sue Sun, and make her behave more to their liking. But no, they will ignore the Sun in their cases, and make YOU pay for her behavior. Maybe we can get the masses to go march on the Sun to stop being so, well, sunny! Im am sure her brightness and warmth really ticks off the idiots in Washington! And since they cant control her, they will fine you! They have this thing for power, and she isnt budging to their demands.

Home foreclosures? Forget about them..more coming to a town near you..watch the trailer!

The rules and regulations they will apply to the electric companies and the modifications they will require, will boost the cost of electricity, gas heating and whatever else they can get their bony, greedy, slimy hands on. Cant we just have a duel with our politicians? Lets go back to the Old West for a year or two.

From our braindead government comes this:
The Environmental Protection Agency sent a proposal to the White House on Friday finding that global warming is endangering the public's health and welfare, according to several sources, a move that could have far-reaching implications for the nation's economy and environment.

Yes, we have public health and wefare concerns, and its not what they are saying. Its the Obots in Washington that are going to harm the public. Its the Obots that are going to be hitting the streets going home to home to get you to sign a petition to support Obots and their Master. I think a nice greeting would be..

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Take A Good Look at What YOU Have Done!

All of you bleeding heart liberals, or should I say greedy heart liberals, that voted for most inexperienced, far left President ever, you will now watch the destruction of this nation. Not only does printing 1 TRILLION dollars for the Government to spend make our dollar worth less, if this does what it has in the past (you know, history for all you stupid Left Wing Morons) we are facing a depression like our generations have never seen!

How is that spoonful of hope and change going down? Need some sugar on top of it to make it go down? If you are not stocking up on long lasting food, you are about to face some of the worst things you will ever see in your lifetime!

I haven't blogged much lately because real life has gotten in the way. I AM stocking up on things, I am prepared to leave the area should chaos and riots break out. Just watch and see what happens when people have nothing left and their families are hungry. I bet you go to bed at night and sleep peacefully, thinking you just put the greatest thing since sliced bread in the White House. I don't! I go to sleep thinking what else I need to sustain this family for months if we have to, because of YOU!

Watch what Shepherd Smith says in that video above! The Usurper in the White House is trying to reflect the damage he has already done to innocent people like you and me! Those people in AIG did NOTHING wrong, they signed a contract in 2007 and did what they promised to do! A contract is a contract! Now people want to kill them because of OUR GOVERNMENT!

You better be frightened. This should scare the living crap out of you, because if they can do this to these people, they can do it to YOU!

Wake the Hell up PEOPLE! Join in the Tea Parties going on all over this country this April 15! Stop this madness, and don't think for a minute that we have forgotten who had O signs in their yards, YOU caused this! You voted for a complete failure. Don't come begging for anything from your Conservative neighbors..people who have stocked up on ammo and guns, and shotguns, and rifles, and basically whatever they can get their hands on. Beware, and stay the hell away from me!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hating what's Right..

This is so good, you wont regret watching it. Its long, but cook dinner watching this, it explains why liberals are...well, liberal. Totally enjoy this!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We Fund The Losers! Michael J. Fox Sucks!

The Illegal Alien in Office now funds Embryonic Stem Cell Research when it has proven to be less than desirable. It has produced ZERO results, as opposed to Adult Stem Cell Research, has produced some 90+ cures and hopes to even cure what that asshole has. I hope that everyone knows that Embryonic Stem Cell research was never illegal, it was just never federally funded..it now is. A baby that is 14 days old will now be destroyed. Obama you suck! Now Michael J. Fox has his dream! You rich pig, you subject even poor people to fund research that has shown no promise.

The Democrats fund the losers, with your money! And now Michael J. Fox has the Usurper in Chief to do his dirty work. A lot of fake ass scientists will now have a permanent job for years.

Michael J.Fox never once considered doing what Jerry Lewis has done for MD, he decided that even though he had the ability to do so, he chose to tax Americans to find his cure. When gas prices get tough, property taxes get to tough for your pocket book, rest assured that a whole bunch of useless scientists have a job thanks to Obama and Michael J. Fox..Isn't it wonderful to fund a useless scientific program that has produced tumors in young people that actually believe in this? When Michael J. Fox doesn't worry about feeding his family, YOU WILL!

And in the meantime..adult stem cell research has found a possible cure for Parkinson's, which Michael J. Fox suffers from. I guess he owes us a refund..I guess maybe going back to Canada along with Jennifer Granholm is too much to ask for! Why cant we as Americans insist on Americans being our spokes mans and political leaders? Canada is not a shining example of freedom and liberty and low taxation people!

We fund welfare, for the losers in life. I am so sick and tired of the sob stories why anyone should get free money! It costs our businesses and private citizens trillions, yet the suckers that have to pay for this are shit on! I am so sick of this..Producers are evil, leeches are good! Obama is a leech, and you suckers are going to pay for this!

The State of Michigan has given these Democratic leeches free reign over our lives. They run our everyday lives. ARE YOU READY TO TAKE IT BACK? ARE YOU READY FOR A REVOLUTION?

Its time my friends, to strangle to government. Lets do it!
So I decided that I need to look at ways to strangle our government and cut off the boob that feeds them. Does it involve making changes and obeying...yea..but in order to make sure they get NO MORE MONEY we have to.

Obey the speed limits and every other law set to jack us up..the courts get millions and millions because they set the speed limit lower than we are willing to drive. They do that intentionally to fine and punish you. Wouldn't it be just magical to watch that money go down the pike? Its better in your pocket than theirs..In some way, its obeying to disobey!

Some are saying that they are claiming 9 or 10 dependents at work to pay nothing to the federal government in taxes. This is iffy at best, because unless we all do it, like the Tea Party, the IRS will get you..maybe setting the goal to make everyone do this would be the proper thing to do. They screw over our businesses like they are evil. Maybe if they get choked off at the trough it would teach them that we as Americans wont let them screw us anymore. Remember that the asshats in Washington work for us. WE DO NOT WORK FOR THEM..I KNOW IT SEEMS THAT WE DO, BUT WE DON'T!

Its time to fight the cities and the states over taxation of property, goods and services, and show them that its easier to take them over than to pay it. Is there any wonder why guns and ammo sales are up more than ever in the history of the United States? While our morons in government try to take away more rights and more of our money, don't we have a responsibility to make sure our kids have a better way of life? We should be taking these bastards down one by one to make sure that they don't screw us more than they have.

Instead we have the Pizza Lady who wants free health care..who the hell cares what she wants? She chose to open her own business! Why should we have to pay for her total lack of business sense and priorities? The Pizza Lady has punks steal McCain signs to make sure we all pay for her failure! Like I said..WE FUND THE LOSERS!

We Fund the Detroit Zoo, because they cant make it appeal to the masses to pay to see it. We fund Detroit and its morons, Monica Conyers make you sick enough yet? Her anti white rants should make you withhold as much money as can from Michigan to show Detroit we dont give a flying fart about it! Isn't it time for Novi to take over the Auto Show? That's if we even have an American company in the running! Who cares about Cobo Hall?

They act like we should fund it and screw who owns it! I am sorry Detroit, I don't care if it crumbles into the Detroit River. No one wants to go into Detroit to see it. Move it to Novi and watch how many people go to see the new cars! We value our life more than than Detroit politicians value our lives. They see dollar signs, we see danger! Hello! Its not like Detroit is safe! Besides, like Monica Conyers says...we don't look like them! Its time to let Detroit self destruct. Its over for Detroit. WE ARE DONE FUNDING THE LOSERS OF DETROIT.

We are done funding the losers period!