Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where Are All of the Obama Stickers?

Where have they gone? Driving around town, I see none of them anymore! What is the matter folks? You don't want to be identified of actually voting for him anymore? Embarrassed that you were so stupid and sold out our country to Socialism?

What about you Union members that were so gung-ho to vote for Obama? Hows that unemployment working out for you? 300 bucks a week goes a long way, doesn't it? How does it feel to have voted your job away? How about you people working at dealerships that voted for Obama? Isn't a very pretty picture what he plans to do to YOU either.

How about all of you two-faced Newspaper people? You sealed your fate, and sold your soul to the Messiah, and now coming to a job wanted ad near you, you will also be out of a job because no one wants the product you propagandize to us. Hey, Save The Trees! Good deal!

All of you little people that work in ghost town Malls and Stores, I bet it felt good to vote for Obama, didn't it? Now how does it feel to see the American people scared out of their minds so much that they wont even shop? Go Obama!

How about all you senior citizens that swallowed every bite of the Obama crap sandwich? Reports are that by August or September, the government wont be able to cover your Social Security checks, and Medicaid/Medicare. Welfare recipients, same thing, your free ride is almost over too. Then what? What are you planning to do? You didn't do your homework before you voted, and that fact is obvious. Now your votes will make us all pay for your ignorance.

They say that God protects Children and Fools..and for that reason you should have to at least have a bit of brains to be able to vote.

You voted for this. Maybe ACORN will help you out, they got billions from Obama. Maybe GE will help you out, they got more than 140 billion with no strings attached. Ask GM and Chrysler how that feels, now that Obama is destroying the Car companies over 4 billion each.

This should be a lesson to all of you, that if you want something free, there is a heavy price you have to pay for it. Nothing is free, NOTHING. Someone has to pay the bill, and you voters that thought it was so cool to get someone else to pay it, just bankrupted your neighbors, along with yourselves.

So, please, all of you proud Obama supporters and voters, put the stickers back on your cars! We would like to know which of our neighbors and co-workers actually voted this huge mistake on us. Stand up and be proud! Now is not the time to be a coward!


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