Monday, December 29, 2008

Can't We All Just Get Along Now?

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I already am on the Right Side! Now Liberals want us all to get along and Support their Prez...

Yes, to my amazement, that is what I am hearing regarding the Democrat President Elect Obama, the same one without a birth certificate Obama, (who just sent Emmanuel to Africa to destroy a Birth certificate in Kenya, while Obama is trying to create one in Hawaii) and all of his Democrat pals in government. Now all of sudden its all peace and love, and love thy brother. Support the new Prez Elect and be a real American! Ha!

I seem to recall 8 long years of utter disdain for Republicans, and anything they did, be it good or bad. I have read so many things on the Internet that were so disgusting (Ronald Reagan and Tony Snow's death, anyone?) and now I hear from my own Father-in-law that Obama will be destroyed by the Right Wingers because they wont even give him a chance! Those big bad Republicans are not going to play nice! They are such cold people, that they don't adore the Messiah! So, what do you think we will do? Get Along? Not in this life time!

Bring It On Right Wingers! If there is nothing else, we have 4 years to trash the Democrats and give back as good as they gave it! I cant wait! I get messages from left wingers that I better get over it and shut the hell up. Heh! There's a better chance of lightning striking them then that ever happening. And I personally don't like anyone that tells me to shut up.

I have been a pretty good sport these last 8 years, taking the abuse heaped on myself and my fellow Conservatives in massive doses. I haven't punched anyone, or swore at them excessively..I cant say I didn't use a few 4 letter words, but I didn't bitch slap them either. That would of been my preferred response, but like I said, Ive been a pretty good sport about it.

Now, the tables are about to turn. Obama will not be my President, I will not acknowledge him, nor will I ever call him President. I will treat him exactly the way the left wingers treated President George W. Bush, Sr and Jr, and President Reagan. And I will give Obama the same chance the left gave President Bush.

Can we all just get along? Not in a million years! Want to see a huge fight? Mess with the (un) Fairness Doctrine, Gun Control, higher taxes and giveaways, Freedom of Speech on the Internet, Community Civilian Troops that will monitor what we do and say, and you lefties will find out why the "real" Americans just went out and bought 60 Million more guns in the last few months.

Yes, we can all get along, if you mind your own business and leave mine alone. Mind your own money and leave mine alone. Mind your own property and leave mine alone. Knowing that Liberal Democrats can not do that...its War! And its going to be fun!

Treat yourself this Christmas to an extra special present Ladies, go to a gun show!

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Its beginning to look a lot like Treason..

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Questions are arising that the October Surprise was the financial Meltdown of our economy and if Democrats started it, caused it, and won the election because of it, they bit off more than they can chew, and they WILL pay for this. When Chuck Schumer came out and talked about the IndyMac Bank, a rush on money caused it to fail. That was the beginning....

Pasadena-based IndyMac, with $32 billion in assets, was seized by the government Friday. The loss-ridden mortgage lender had faced an outflow of deposits since Schumer on June 26 made public a letter he sent to the Office of Thrift Supervision and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., saying he was "concerned that IndyMac's financial deterioration poses significant risks to both taxpayers and borrowers."

Schumer’s decision to go public with those comments ignited a firestorm in Washington. Regulators on July 2 said he was contributing to "rumors and innuendo" about the bank that could hasten its demise.

Everything else that came after that was like a Domino effect, one tumbling after another. You have to wonder if Chuck Schumer had shut his mouth, if this would be happening right now. And you have to wonder why Chuck Schumer doesn't have to answer for this..

But it makes you wonder if this bank was even in danger at all. And if the Democrats did this for power, and to get Obama into office, they are going to pay dearly for this, because it has gotten out of control. No matter what the Liberals think, they are going to be very disappointed sooner than later, that Obama cannot part the Red Sea and rise into the clouds and stop this now. Its too far gone.

The people that thought they were going to get their house notes paid and free gas cards are going to be shocked when it doesn't happen. There is no money left to do anything that the Messiah wanted to do. If he and his cohorts were involved in this financial collapse, he will be the victim of it. He now has no money to gift all of the schmucks that voted for him. Don't count on that "free" health care either. Obama wont be able to burden the rest of us with your health care, most of the money is gone in our banks too. I guess we should be grateful for that, we didn't want to pay for you freeloaders anyway! Obama wont get it.

The only thing you are going to get is Socialism with no money to steal from us to promote it. That is, unless someone gets their hands on a birth certificate first. Guess that's locked up tighter than Fort Knox, for some reason. If there wasn't a problem with it, it wouldn't be locked up tighter than a drum..what reason could there be for the lock down? Don't worry, we will find it.

If the Democrats created this financial collapse to get at President Bush, and get Obama elected, Obama has 2 years to totally screw us over. 2010 will bring a landslide election for Republicans. Funny how Republicans lose elections over toe tapping and gay emails, neither very classy, but Democrats never pay for treason.

We know they are responsible for the Community Reinvestment Act that Jimmy Carter started, and Bill Clinton gave it more teeth, to make sure that everyone has a "right" to a home. When they did that, did they realize that some would buy more than they could afford? They didn't realize that some people NEVER pay back loans and should be renters for all of their breathing days? A Landlord can kick their fannies out after a couple of months, home foreclosure can take up to a year! A year, and the banks cant collect a dime of that outstanding mortgage. Free homes for a year, and the rest of us get to pay for it.

What has happened to all of our 401k's along with the taxpayers now having to pay the bills for the people that didn't, is that the American people have lost a lot of money that no one else was entitled to! We worked hard for that money, WE saved that money! WE are nothing but collateral damage to the Democrats. A stepping stone in the dirt to them. And now it has trickled down to our wonderful car companies..all of you union people that vote for nothing but Democrats, deserve what you get. Oh! Just to add salt to the wound, no good paying oil jobs for you schmucks either from Obama. Stupid people. He wont drill.

They have ruined businesses, individuals and our national trust, and they dont even care. They have created a man made collapse of this economy and you better note that not ONE Republican can be blamed for this. Clinton, Carter, Dodd, Barney Frank, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, and we could go on with who had a hand in this, are all Democrats! Now they will try to blame this on President Bush, but Bush had nothing to do with this! Since 2002, President Bush has been warning of the risky things happening in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Democrats told him to screw off. From 2003..White House warns of GSE risks- Note the year, folks!

Our government guaranteed these loans, charged a lot to do it too, and then spent the money. This should be called a bailout to cover the rear ends of Democrats! This was money that was federally guaranteed to the banks and lenders to make these risky loans. 3% of every FHA mortgage went to the Federal Government, and they spent it.

Put that in your holiday hot chocolate and try not to choke on it..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Because I am sick of corrupt politics...

This is much more interesting today! LiveStreaming Puppies!
Free TV : Ustream

Monday, December 8, 2008

100 Million Dollars of Fraud in Michigan..

Anonymous said...
It happens at VG's in Sterling Heights every day. They have been doing this forever. It is sickening and no one does a thing about it. VG's management knows about it, too, but no one can do anything. No one will take legal action against them because no one wants to spend the time or money on it.

Maybe its time we do start taping and following these people, and do the job the government is supposed to do. Maybe its time to put pressure on people that should be able to look at their purchases and find the people that do this! Anyone have any ideas, and time to follow these people around? We need to organize and tape these thieves, and start boycotting all Arab owned stores.
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Over a year ago, I told a story to several Blogs and it even made it on the radio show of Quinn and Rose in the Morning. Several people from Dearborn called in after Quinn read my letter on air to verify that this is happening and very true!

My next door neighbor had gone shopping at Farmer Jacks in this area and had quite a tale to tell me. She knew I would write about it and forward it, and I will do it once again..

She was in the cashier line to check out, and in front of her was a Muslim woman with a whole lot of groceries, like bottled water, bottled Coke and Pepsi, baby formula, cheese, individually wrapped crackers, etc..and when it came time to pay for all of these things, out came the Bridge Card and WIC card, and our government paid for this entire purchase. To make it even more insulting, at the time Farmer Jack's was having some kind of promotion for baby formula, if you bought enough of it on a WIC card, Farmer Jack's would give you 20 bucks cash back! And they did to this woman!

When my neighbor finally got up to the cashier, the cashier was visibly shaken and asked her if she could "vent" for a neighbor said sure! The cashier was older and told her that she couldn't afford to retire, even though she wanted to, she couldn't. And then she said that the woman that just purchased all those items on our dime was the owner of a gas station/convenience store and that she was stocking her inventory on our dime with government help! She said that the woman came in every once in a while and every time would use a Bridge card (welfare for you non-Michigan people, in the form of a credit card so we don't embarrass the people that scam us of our money) and every time would buy the same items to resell at her store. Supposedly her store was just down the road.

Good stuff if you can get in on it! This poor cashier who is not ripping off the system cant retire, but this Muslim woman can stock her store on free items, and then turn around and sell them back to YOU at no cost to her! I thought about going to Farmer Jack's and sitting in the parking lot trying to see this happen, but I don't have the time to do that. It could take weeks or months to try and video tape this, I should of asked for help and just done it! Formed a team of Michigan people willing to bust these frauds and thieves! I sent this story to Debbie Schlussel, who wrote me back saying this happens ALL THE TIME! Quinn and Rose in the Morning actually read my letter on air last year. And now I find this item from Debbie Schlussel's site..

of Food Stamp Fraud, Episode #58,948

It never ends because we continue to let thousands of these people in and
then to pander and bend over backward and forward to them once they're here.
Fortunately, the Michigan State Police has a special unit for this kind of
fraud, headed by Det. Lt. Marty Bugbee, that is cracking down on this
kind of stuff.

A Dearborn couple has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit food stamp
fraud in a scheme that netted more than $1 million.

Fatima Shalhout, 43, and her husband, Wasfi Shalhout, 50, pleaded
guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering involving a
scheme to defraud the United States Department of Agriculture of $1,261,943 in
food stamp benefits from May 2005 to February 2008.

And this goes on more than we know. It seems pathetic that we work so hard, at this time are struggling so much in Michigan, and this kind of thing is supposedly rampant and not only includes this kind of fraud! They are getting Medicaid and other goodies too! Its not just food stamps and Wic..and this is the first time in over a year that I have heard of anyone getting busted for it.

This is what our taxes go to! Makes you all warm and fuzzy, doesn't it?


Friday, December 5, 2008

My post..Supreme Court ruling..

I reported on the rumors that I had heard. So far today, NO ONE knows what has happened at the Supreme Court, NO ONE!

Now if the Supreme Court doesnt have the gutts to take this on, they should say so. Right now everyone is in Limbo..everyone is wondering what is going on.

So, Store 242...go find something to do. I cant say what is going to happen, and I reported and specifically STATED they were rumors.

I will update as soon as I know anything.

Monday, December 1, 2008

First the Mayor of Detroit Falls, Now his Girlfriend..

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Christine Beatty has taken a plea agreement and admitted she lied and obstructed justice for the Text Message on January 5th she will be sentenced and put in the Wayne County Jail system along with Kwame. How ironic, that for a couple months they will both nest in the Wayne County Jail together, for one last time.

How the mighty and arrogant fall from grace and how their futures must now look bleak. Her law school days must now be over, with 2 felonies on her record. Her children and Kwame's will live with text messages for the rest of their lives, and now watch their Mother carted off to jail for 120 days. Supposedly the reason she put it off was so that she could spend Christmas with her children, isn't that special?

Guilty of lying under oath, and obstruction of justice, she will be able to celebrate the birth of our Lord after she broke his Commandments. After she hurt innocent police officers and took their jobs away without a care about the families she devastated with her actions, the courts will allow her to celebrate Christmas with her family. Doesn't seem like justice to me when the police officers must of faced a very lean and hopeless Christmas from the actions of both Kwame Kilpatrick and Christine Beatty.

As much as her tears flowed today, it has to be hard to realize that this woman was vindictive, evil, and arrogant with her power and the power of the Mayor's office. Her text messages, along with the Mayor's were almost pornography without the pictures. The final sentencing outcome of these two lying people is extremely little, in the face of what they did. No special treatment should of been granted.

Your tears must be over getting caught. Your tears must be over having to admit how vile you were to innocent people and the part you had in ruining their lives. Your tears must of been over the affair that lead to a complete breakdown of city government, never before seen in this depth with the City of Detroit. Not that we trusted Detroit government much before! Your tears must be over a ruined marriage, and the fact that Kwame's is still intact, at least for now. That should be a good enough reason to get on your knees and pray and thank the Lord on Christmas Day.

I am sure 120 days in the Wayne County Jail will bring on many more tears, since people have said its not a very nice environment, but at least you can celebrate the birth of our Lord with your children. Hopefully Our Lord will have more pity on you than we do.

Produce The Doggone Birth Certificate!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sharia Law Billboard Not Appreciated..Really? I kind of like it!

The non-profit group United American Committee has erected a controversial 48 ft. long billboard on Interstate 75 south of Detroit, MI with a statement in opposition to Islamic Sharia Law, a legal system that many believe is a growing threat to the U.S. Constitution.

DETROIT, MI (November 25th, 2008) - The billboard, located just south of Luna Pier Rd. on the south bound side of the Detroit-Toledo Expressway, states “Sharia Law Threatens America”. Sharia Law is a legal system recognized in many Islamic countries such as the former Taliban regime of Afghanistan, and currently Saudi Arabia, and is a legal system which dictates beheadings, stonings, and other punishments for what are listed as crimes under Sharia such as homosexuality and adultery, and according to critics views women as inferior granting them little rights. Days after the billboard went up, emails from angry Muslim residents began coming in to the offices of the United American Committee, the organization behind the billboard. “Muslims are the biggest victims of Sharia Law in the world.” remarked Tom Trento, a spokesperson for the UAC. Trento continued “We hope this message inspires the Muslims of America who came to this country to escape Sharia, to stand up against it.

If one goes to the website listed on the board ( http://www. UnitedAmericanCommittee. org ) they will find a video of Wafa Sultan, a Syrian Muslim who escaped from the middle-east and has become an outspoken critic of Sharia Law. “At times, it feels to me, that Sharia is following me to the United States” Sultan says in the video, referring to Islamic charities and organizations in America who have pushed for support for Sharia Law in parts of America. Sultan also points out that in Great Britain and France, Sharia Law is being enforced in various ways in certain communities. Most recently Great Britain has officially sanctioned the establishment of Sharia courts for civil matters among Muslims. “Our constitution is not compatible with Sharia” Sultan states, a view shared by many in America.

The United American Committee is a leading non-profit educational group dedicated to awakening the nation to the threats of radical Islam and works to educate Americans on the nature of Islamic extremism. Its mission is to fight the ideological aspects of the War on Terror to counter elements of radical Islam in America.

Tom Trento 561-767-0982

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Classless Idiots..

Dressing up for Halloween isnt fun anymore. Its disgusting, and make sure you notice the people jumping out of the Twin Tower. I fail to see the humor.

I bet its not so fun being famous now..people demanded to know who these asshats are, and someone obliged..

boob Says: November 10th, 2008 at 5:46 pm
per the request of more than half the people who posted comments on this pic the names of the people in it are Nicole Cass*se and Yael Nadel-Cad*xa feel free to put them on blast
Im sure it wont be hard to fill in the blanks..and now they will live with this for a long time. The Internet has a way of making fools looks like fools forever..

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just Shut the Hell Up and Pay More Taxes!

Barack Hussein Obama's Auntie is living here on welfare and is an illegal alien, oredered deported 4 years ago. Yet, even after being ordered deported, Obama's Auntie has been collecting welfare illegally, for many years, as you and I go to work to pay it. That includes public housing, and medicare. What a wonderful scam if you can get in on it. And many illegal aliens are in on it!

So the Auntie that Obama writes about in his book is one of millions that shouldnt be here. Shouldnt be on welfare, and shouldnt be a burden on the taxpayers at all. Never worked here, never contributed, never had to pay a cent in taxation to get the benefits she enjoys. What a country!

Obama's brother lives in a hut in Kenya on 1 dollar a month, his Auntie lives off of us illegally, and then he has the gall to call us selfish for not wanting to hand over more of our hard earned money to the government. He hasnt taken care of his own family, yet you believe that he will take care of yours? Have you Obama supporters lost your ever loving minds?

I would like to know why Obama thinks people that earn their money are selfish, and people that take it without working for it, are not! I would like to know exactly when SLOTH, ENVY, COVETING, GLUTTONY, GREED and STEALING became the norm for people in America?

No one minds a hand up to someone that has fallen on bad times, but the fact that so many Americans think they can live like that, off the hard work of others infuriates the ones that work so hard, just trying to maintain their own life, their own home, their own groceries, and raising their own children. They WORK to do this, they work hard. What is selfish about that? That is what this country was built on, and to this day, is what you are suppose to do and be.

Just remember that you never got a job from a poor person, and you never will. Voting for Obama is like voting yourself out of a job. Good luck with that.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Michigan, Its Time to Stand Up and Just Say NO!

Michigan already has 100 MILLION DOLLARS in welfare fraud, and a government that does nothing about it. We have home foreclosures, and unemployment that the rest of the nation does not. We have an Entitlement mentality in Michigan that surpasses any other state. We already force our neighbors to pay for health care for some, welfare and house payments for some, food for some, and even lower cost Zoo tickets for some. When will the rest of us in this state that have to pay this bill, every year, stand up and say NO?

Watch this video and cringe..this woman actually thinks Obama will pay for her gas and her mortgage..she actually has fallen for his trap and thinks it is fair to have someone else pay her way in life. Not a hand up, not a helping hand in times of trouble, but to fully have to pay her way in life.

I cant even imagine paying more taxes than we already do. Here in Michigan it is outrageous how much we pay in taxes, yet someone can become so giddy, so happy, at the thought of taking more from working folks, just trying to make it, and take care of their own children.

Michigan, you have to step up the plate and stop this insanity. Suburbs of big cities need to turn out in record numbers. Upper Michigan and the U.P., you have got to vote. We have to stop Obama and the mindset of Liberals that they are entitled to our money. And pray, for John McCain and Sarah Palin to pull this off and win on Tuesday.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thou Shalt Not Steal..Ask the Pizza Lady!

In this hilarious video this young man gets a nice jolt of real tough love..and his Daddy doesnt like it..

Shawn Turschak of Chapel Hill was tired of someone stealing McCain-Palin campaign signs, with a degree in electrical engineering, hooked up a third sign to a power source for an electric pet fence Monday and also put up a surveillance camera.

(BAHAHAHA! Now thats just too damn funny!)

A 9-year-old boy with an Obama-Biden sign that he was going to swap, grabbed the McCain-Palin sign and got the shock of his young stealing life.


The boy's father, Andrew Noble, upset that his son had been shocked, showed up at Turschak's door.( Mr. Turschak should have had his shotgun ready!) Soon an Orange County sheriff's deputy also showed up at the Turschak's home.

Noble said his son just wanted to see how the sign was put together. Turschak said the boy intended to swap out the signs. (Boy you libs sure dont lie very well!)

Sheriff Lindy Pendergrass said he doesn't plan to file charges. (I bet he laughed his ass off all the way back to the police department)

Good thing his Daddy didnt teach his son to do this to the sign...

Dear Fellow Business Owners,

Dear Fellow Business Owners,

As a Business owner who employs 30 people, I have resigned myself to the fact that Barack Obama, will be our next President, and that my Taxes and Fees will go up in a BIG way.

To compensate for these increases, I figure that the Customer will have to see an increase in my fees to them of about 8%. I will also have to lay off 6 of my employees. This really bothered me as I believe we are family here, and didn't know how to choose who will have to go. So, this is what I did. I strolled through the parking lot and found 8 Obama bumper stickers on my employees cars. I have decided these folks will be the first to be laid off.

I can't think of another fair way to approach this problem. If you have a better idea, let me know. I am sending this letter to all Business owners that I know.

JOOA Corp.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Notice to All Employees

Notice to All Employees

As of November 5, 2008, when President Obama is officially elected into office, our company will instill a few new policies which are in keeping with his new, inspiring issues of change and fairness:

1. All salespeople will be pooling their sales and bonuses into a common pool that will be divided equally between all of you. This will serve to give those of you who are underachieving a “fair shake.”

2. All low level workers will be pooling their wages, including overtime, into a common pool, dividing it equally amongst yourselves. This will help those who are “too busy for overtime” to reap the rewards from those who have more spare time and can work extra hours.

3. All top management will now be referred to as “the government.” We will not participate in this “pooling” experience because the law doesn't apply to us.

4. The “government” will give eloquent speeches to all employees every week, encouraging it's workers to continue to work hard “for the good of all.”

5. The employees will be thrilled with these new policies because it's “good to spread the wealth.” Those of you who have underachieved will finally get an opportunity; those of you who have worked hard and had success will feel more “patriotic.”

6. The last few people who were hired should clean out their desks. Don't feel bad, though, because President Obama will give you free healthcare, free handouts, free oil for heating your home, free foodstamps, and he'll let you stay in your home for as long as you want even if you can't pay your mortgage. If you appeal directly to our democratic congress, you might even get a free flatscreen TV and a coupon for free haircuts (shouldn't all Americans be entitled to nice looking hair?) !!!

If for any reason you are not happy with the new policies, you may want to rethink your vote on November 4th.

Kwame Kilpatrick gets Pay Back Time....

Well, maybe he didn't get his just reward, because the average Joe would of got a couple of years for what he did. But still, think about this, he's used to eating lobster and staying in high class hotels on the city dime, and now he's going to be eating prison food and staying in a cell that is small and surely not luxurious.

I am sure his pals, Barack Hussein Obama and Reverend Wright will be there to see him off and pray for him while he's in jail, at least pray that he gets special food, an extra blanket and an air freshener to plug in, since he is so special.

Perhaps arrange some special pumpkin cheesecake on Thanksgiving, along with a slice of turkey or two..and on Christmas make sure he gets a special Christmas dinner, maybe a lobster salad served with prime rib and pumpkin pie with whipped cream.

Has the City of Detroit paid off the special lawyers you hired yet? Has the City of Detroit recovered from your expense account and credit card luxury yet? How about that 9 million to the police officers that were ruined for political purposes? We wont even mention that infamous party that never took place..

Enjoy your stay at Hotel Detroit, compliments of your city. Then please just go away.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Seems Salvatore's Pizza is Annoyed...

Hmmmm..From Seeing Red AZ, who also thinks these people are boobs, has this in the comments..

Bill Says: October 22, 2008 at 11:18 am
Thanks for posting the telephone number. I called the pizzeria and spoke with Peter Franzoni, who told me they stopped this exchange yesterday after a visit from the police who said they were encouraging theft. He sounded annoyed.

Ajo Joe Says: October 22, 2008 at 12:02 pm
Don’t you just love those Democrats? They are so ardent in their desire for governmental parenting that they will harm themselves in order to express their anger at not getting free health care. If the Franzoni’s stuck to business, in this case SELLING pizza instead of giving it away, they could afford their own insurance.

Try as I might, I will never understand this foolishness.

obama is stupid Pictures, Images and Photos

Wanna Know what our McCain-Palin Signs Mean to Us?

And we are serious about this..its not funny!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Salvatore's Pizzeria in Warren offering FREE Pizza for McCain Palin Signs!

I guess that now that the public is getting word of what happened here, it has hit the Detroit News..along with the name of the Owner..
Pizzeria offer to swap slices for McCain signs cheeses off some

And this is exactly what happens when you mix business with politics. I never understood why any business owner would want to alienate half of their customers with any candidate. And I don't believe for one second that the Owner of this pizzeria didn't realize that signs would be stolen. She actually thought that McCain supporters would give an Obama supporter their signs for a free mini pizza?? I don't believe it. Ms. Diana wanted attention, and now she has more than she bargained for.

Almost half of this state still support John McCain and Sarah Palin, and we have not given up on our candidate, and now you, Salvatore's Pizzeria, are going to lose quite a few customers over this. But I will admit, that you looked mighty happy and giggly yesterday over all of the attention in that video. It was short lived. Guess you must of got over that today..when reality finally set it of what you just did....Like the Detroit News cheesed off some people. Your support of Barack Hussein Obama is going to cost you, and its a tragedy of your own making..and since I'm not a liberal, I wont laugh at you, I am just shaking my head at how stupid Obama supporters are.


Thats right..steal a McCain sign and this Obama supporter will give you a free pizza! And I am sure she thinks this is the video here..
MyFox Detroit reports..
Her name may be Diana ..all of my google and Better Business searches did not give me her name.

The Pizzeria that wants to go out of business is this..

Salvatore's Pizzeria
30830 Ryan Rd
Warren, MI 48092
Phone: (586) 574-0023

This information online at the City of Warren..

30830 RYAN
WARREN, MI 48092

Let's make sure Diana's phone rings non-stop with fake pizza orders. Sort of like the fake American that she is..The citizens of Warren, Michigan need to put her out of business for this crap!
Snicker Pictures, Images and Photos
From Jason:
Jason Gillman has left a new comment on your post "Salvatore's Pizzeria in Warren offering FREE Pizza...":
This is the information I got from DLEG...Searched for: NICO'S CORP.
ID Num: 25467AEntity
Type of Entity: Domestic Profit CorporationResident
Registered Office Address: 14424 HOPE STERLING HTS MI 48313
Mailing Address: MI
Formed Under Act Number(s): 284-1972
Incorporation/Qualification Date: 12-28-1999
Jurisdiction of Origin: MICHIGAN
Number of Shares: 10,000
Year of Most Recent Annual Report: 08
Year of Most Recent Annual Report With Officers & Directors: 01
Status: ACTIVE
Date: Present
Now click on document images and you will see under the articles of incorporation a Diana Franzoni...Jackpot.

(the link is below in comments to do your own search if you want to)

And Anonymous suggests:
We have their address. Maybe we should mail them Obama signs with all our old pizza crust.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Pre-Halloween Treat coming soon!

Coming soon to a TV screen near you! One of the best fright nights Detroit has ever seen!

Right before Halloween, 3 days before in fact, the Detroit area and the tri-counties will be able to see the treat of the year! Well, let me exaggerate a bit...the whole world gets to see a treat of monumental importance.."Revenge of Angel's Night on the Devil"!

Barack Hussein Obama's pal and fellow thug, Kwame Kilpatrick will go to jail for his 120 day sentence, for perjury, obstruction of justice, and just plain being a total idiot. Tick, tick, tick...he has 8 days of freedom left..

On October 28, Kwame will enter the "spooky, eerie" prison system. The poor little pumpkin will reside with all the other ghostly thugs and walking zombies in the "Slammer of Hell".

It seems to me his fellow Witch is going to regret not taking the same deal, when her trial is over, she's going to serve much more time, and her broom will not fly her out of that "Castle of Doom"!

I am still waiting for the judge to decide if he will allow more of their spooky, scary text messages to be released to the public. Just the mental image of those two having hauntingly bewitching sex is enough to make a vampire throw up blood into the cauldron of witch's brew.

Surely the thought of spending Christmas away from the little pumpkins, and the Frankenstein Bride must be very depressing..that is, if they even celebrate Christmas at all.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Why its NOT Wall Street's Fault, Or The Republicans

When the government sticks its grubby little paws into any private business, like a bank, they may have good intentions, but it always turns out to be wrong for somebody else. Expecting banks to lend to people with low credit scores, and no money down, and with a history of not paying back any debt is a program heading towards disaster. That's exactly what Jimmy Carter demanded of the banks, and then President Clinton added his special touch to screw the nation for the poor. And Barack Hussein Obama sued the banks, along with ACORN, to make sure they gave these loans to risky borrowers. now we will pay for it. Reparations, coming up the back side.

Now the blame is on Wall Street. That is incredible in itself, because Wall Street and Main Street were doing what the government told them they MUST DO. Add a little word into the sentence like "Greedy" and Americans that don't pay attention go crazy! Of course they don't listen to the news, or look it up on the web, to see exactly what is happening in this Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac mess. That's too hard. Its the GOVERNMENT THAT IS GREEDY!

So what is the answer? Barack Hussein Obama? He plans to take more of your money! You haven't lost enough yet? 401k down, house values down, and Barack the Marxist tells Joe the Plumber, that he needs to spread Joe's wealth around. Let me phrase that better..Barack Hussein Obama needs to spread more of YOUR wealth around, to the back end, sort of like the housing bubble that just burst.

Are you all ready to give even more of your money to the government? And it wont be just a little bit. When you jump for joy and whoop and celebrate over Obama threatening to raise the tax on oil companies, be ready to pay that increase at the gas pumps. This time around it will be your patriotic duty to pay more, to Big Brother Obama, and he will decide what black neighborhood will get your money. Or what cronies of his will get it, hes truly very good at that. I have yet to hear of a white man or woman that got anything special from Barack Hussein Obama.

Debbie Schlussel posted this wonderful little article of Community Organizers and Islam with Barack Hussein Obama right there...Organizing and Islam
Isn't that lovely? And white Americans are voting for this man? The same man that wants to take Joe the Plumber's money and give it to groups of people that don't include "Whitey". And his campaign has the nerve to call White America racist. I guess the last 60 years of welfare has worked so well, we need to take even more and give it away.

This is whats wrong with Main Street. This is whats wrong with Wall Street. Its government and their "greedy" slimy hands taking money that should never be taken. Christopher D. Adamo writes..
In a blatant example of political grandstanding rooted in sheer audacity,
leaders of the Democrat Party are seeking to gain as much mileage as possible
from the nation’s economic woes. Worst of all is that they are doing so by
incessantly blaming the situation on such easily refutable bogeymen as “greed on
Wall Street” and “predatory lending.” Yet by their nearly hysterical repetitions
of these straw dogs, they inadvertently reveal their inherent vulnerabilities on
the issue. Sadly, Republicans are still not rising to the challenge of exposing
the whole debacle for what it is.

To begin with, the notion that “greed
on Wall Street” somehow formulated the current financial fiasco is wholly
without any factual basis, but rather is an indication of the contempt held
towards Middle America by those elitists who consider themselves to be the
“Ruling Class.” Wall Street has always been driven by the desire of its
participants to accrue and increase wealth.

If that is “greed,” then
every American employee who ever works overtime or seeks a pay raise is every
bit as guilty of “greed” as well, but just not as successful as the competent
investment broker. What causes similar motivations to undermine America’s
financial markets is not the mere desire for greater wealth, but the unchecked
presence of corruption. And that begs the question of just who undermined or
prevented oversight of the financial system necessary to maintain its integrity.

Read the whole article to see what exactly happened and how its being covered up.

So when Barack Hussein Obama says that he is going to tax the rich, businesses, and trickle it on down, I wonder if that is his job. Charity is not the government's job. Stem Cell research is not the government's job. Spreading the wealth when you haven't worked for it is NOT the government's job. People in Michigan should know this more than the rest of the states! The liberal experiment of this state is a lesson to the nation that it never works and hurts everyone even more. With no results. Just bad results, a once proud working state struggling to stay afloat.

So what does the government of Michigan do to try and keep it afloat? Raise taxes, and give tax breaks to Hollywood to make movies here. That's right, you pay Hollywood to come here and make a stupid movie. GM, Ford and Chrysler pay unbelievable amounts of taxes so Jennifer Granholm can lure VW here, and let our auto companies pay for it. Our Gov goes to Japan to lure business here, instead of cutting taxes to keep the business already struggling from moving out of state or just shutting down completely.

Listen to Joe the Plumber, Michigan residents. He's right. When ever you redistribute the wealth, like Obama promises to do, it wont help anyone. It hasn't for all these years, it just gave some a free ride, and made others have to work harder. What is fair about that?

Watch this video and be very frightened..then vote with your brothers and sisters to save this nation from a disaster we might never recover from.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

This is exactly what is happening to Michigan!

Penn and Teller speak to the real BULLSH*T...and pay close attention, my Michigan friends...because what Barack Hussein Obama plans to do more of, Jennifer Granholm has already done it to us once..I guess since this state is such a raging success of liberalism, Obama can continue the trend..hold on to your grocery money!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


When you see something this vile, and disgusting, all I can say is that this is not the Democrat Party of JFK, this is not the Democrat Party of your parents and grandparents, and you better realize it before you vote in November for the most liberal man to ever run for President. This is what Liberals do, to an innocent woman!


You people are sick, truly the bottom feeders of society.
From The News Junkie:
Trig Paxson Van Palin is the youngest child of Republican
vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin was 44 years old when she
gave birth to Trig. He was born with Down syndrome, a genetic disorder caused by
an extra partial or complete chromosome which results in mental retardation and
other problems.

This image is on the frontpage of the popular
social news website
Reddit is a place where stories with a liberal slant are much more likely to
make the front page but this is miles over the line. Here is a sample of some of
the comments on this post — which by the way, as of this posting, has more than
150 ‘up votes’. (Up Votes send content to the main page on Reddit)

Cruel, distasteful, vulgar, doesn’t matter.

It’s funny because
it’s true.
YOU are the Insult Master!
Nothing; I want to put
my penis in both of those things.
I’d feel a lot better about myself
if I hadn’t laughed at this for 5 minutes after opening it.

Michigan, you are about to elect the man responsible for this meltdown!

And when he says he wants to share the wealth, remember who's wealth it is! That poor plumber busting his ass to make his house payment, doing one of the hardest jobs there is, and Obama callously said he needs to share his wealth. If you happen to be broke now, just wait, you ain't seen nothing yet!

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Illegal Wayne/Westland School Strike..

Edited to add this comment...Please give us more details..I'd like to know what businesses did this..

You forgot to mention the Super there makes $250k and has a $6k clothing allowance (among other things). You forgot to mention a judge has ruled the Super and district violated labor law by not bargaining in good faith. You forgot to mention that parents AND students walked the picket line in support of the teachers--and in fact several hundred students picketed the morning classes resumed. You forgot to mention the local businesses who donated food to the picketing teachers. You forgot to mention...

Well, you get the idea. You get an "F" for this blog entry. Revise, rewrite, and turn back in later this week.

Liberal Teacher Pictures, Images and Photos

Just yesterday, I received a booklet from the Heritage Foundation called "A Parent's Guide to Education Reform". In it they give you this link to all the state schools, how much money each school receives from the taxpayers..(I wont say Government, because its taxpayer money.)

After reading the article posted from about the Governor raising taxes once again, and her silence on an illegal teachers strike,(I guess our educators haven't a clue what illegal means) I decided to do a little bit of research. Thanks to the Heritage Foundation. Look up your district here at

Wayne Westland School Teachers make decent money. A new teacher starts out at about 40k a year, well, make that half a year, 180 days. A tenured teacher can make up 82k a year, I mean, half a year. Plus they have the best health care and retirement available, compliments of the taxpayers, and every holiday, winter break, spring break, and summer off.

By the amount of students in Wayne Westland Schools, times by the amount they receive from the taxpayers per student, Wayne Westland Schools receive almost 140 MILLION dollars per year. Uh huh..that takes care of 14,500 students..rounded off..

Garden City Schools by comparison, gets 60 million a year to work with, for 5,247 students. We are certainly not talking about chump change here. And I can just imagine what the Unions make off the taxpayers in dues. Seems to me, its hard to have any sympathy for the teachers here. And I wasn't happy to see the students involved in this illegal strike either. I am always amazed that we even pay attention to non-working, non taxpaying students that have no idea what they are doing. But it made the local WJR-760 news.

And I am always amazed that private schools can do with much less money, yet produce a better product free of liberal indoctrination, and actually can use the brain cells they were born with. That's what parents need to take a good hard look at.

Home schooling will become more popular and private schools will be over crowded, if we are ever cursed with an Obama Presidency. His requirements of all students having to perform community service in order to graduate wont go over well on society. And his mandatory plan of young people serving in organizations like the Peace Corp, or whatever he sets up for our children are going to make everyone hide their kids. We should be hiding them now, schooling them at home, and protecting our freedom from tyranny. From a possible Dictator.

Instead, we ignore it. And we will continue to ignore it, until its too late, and then all hell is going to break out. We are Americans, in the Land of the Free! And we are giving it to the government, along with our kids. Thanks to spineless, lazy, greedy liberals that want the government to give them everything they have no right to.

I for one will not go along with you. And there are a lot of us that will fight this. Get ready for it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

How's those Cheap Zoo Tickets Working Out for You?

Michigan Socialists that believe everyone else should pay their way, are showing us a good national dose of what their policies have done. Cheap tickets to a Zoo paid for by everyone else is exactly why the economy is tanking right now. Except in a smaller form.

Socialists believe that everyone has a right to a home. Yes, indeed, and the ones that cant pay for it are ruining everything we have worked so hard to get. Instead of just the families, or home flippers, or investors that have overspent and bought way too much house for their budgets, going into the tank, they are taking everyone else with them. Great job, Democrats!

When Jimmy Carter decided to push his agenda that home ownership was a right, it started the chain reaction we are seeing now. President Bill Clinton added his touch to the "rights of poor people" to have what others do, and even included welfare as an income to home ownership.

Democrats have their hands in this, big time, and the rats are scurrying and hiding, trying to bury the evidence of their carelessness, while the average, dumbed down American, blame Republicans and President Bush. Trust me on this one....if just ONE Republican had their hands in this mess, YOU WOULD KNOW IT, and HEAR IT SHOUTED FROM THE MEDIA OVER A LOUD SPEAKER AT FULL BLAST SHRILLNESS!!

These Liberal Socialists want everyone else's money, take a hard look at Obama! Google his ties to ACORN and how much money he has taken, and given away to his cronies. Take a look at his "Community Organizing" and see who he gave money to, how much is missing, how much was given for "certain" projects that magically never happened and the money is gone.

Where do you think that money came from? Taxpayers..and we are talking about 10's of millions. Chicago politics at its finest, and at its worst. And you are actually thinking about putting him into the White House?

You have a Chicago Politician that inserted earmarks into the Federal Budget that accounts for a million dollars a day to Chicago. $1,000,000.00 A DAY! Barack Hussein Obama. McCain, on the other hand, in his decades in the senate, has NEVER, EVER placed an earmark into any legislation in his whole career. I still cant even begin to fathom that a man with 3 Muslim names, after 911, could get close to the White House.

And we wont even go into his thug pals in Chicago, and the people linked to home grown terrorism, Nation of Islam, ACORN, and his Black Theology Church. If you happen to be online reading this blog, take the time to look these things up. Especially before you vote! Google Franklin Raines, who is now on Obama's campaign, and Fannie Mae connections, and 100 million he made cooking the books there..LOOK IT UP!

Obama Is A Muslim Pictures, Images and Photos

Cheap tickets, for the Zoo, are the least of our problems, but this is how they work. One thing at a time, slowly but surely, taking every dime they can, and making all of us suffer for things that shouldn't be taxpayer funded! We don't have a right to cheap tickets, homes, health care, or anything else. You earn it. You spend your money where you want to, and you accept the choices you make.

Now everyone will suffer for the selfishness of the Democrat Party, Socialists, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Jennifer Granholm, Barack Hussein Obama, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd, And ACORN, the community organizer club of ripping off the American People.

This is how it works, funding everything for people that don't deserve it, or cant pay it back. Making everyone pay for their own mortgage, plus everyone else that shouldn't have one..Making everyone pay for a Zoo that has probably outlived its usefulness, so some can go and not pay for its worth. The same with the Symphony, and the Art Museums in Detroit. We fund that too. And no one ever goes there.

Want even more of this? Can you afford more of this? Have you had enough yet? Michigan residents, we cant afford Obama. We cant take the chance!

God help us, we cant take that chance.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Reparations? We are already paying them..

The bank crisis that has the market in a tailspin can be traced right to the Congressional Black Caucus, Clinton, Carter, and even Obama. How they planned to make this work doesn't make any sense, but the fools on the hill deserve an A for effort. And all paths to this failure lead to Democrats.

After finding financial problems in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Franklin Raines "retired" after skimming off about 100 million dollars, and they appointed Daniel Mudd, who in this video is kissing the rear ends of the Congressional Black Caucus. Watch this video and try not to vomit.

When the government/Democrats decided to make home ownership a right, and made redlining and discrimination against the law, they set up this huge mess for the financial Institutions to fail. The Lenders were forced to give mortgages on homes that were of little value, and to people that they knew were not going to pay it back, and because of the color of their skin, they were not allowed to say no. Credit rating and value be damned, you lenders just better do it!

Now you hear these same people involved in this huge scam demanding for the taxpayer to bail out not only the lenders, but the people that bought these homes. Its a free house for all. People are upset, and rightfully so, that they have to pay for their own homes, and now the Democrats want us to pay for these delinquent homes.

And you don't think that is a disguise for reparations? You better think again. When Obama's pastor said at the Black Theology Church that is so popular in this country, they are coming after the white man's savings and 401k's, you better take them seriously. That's exactly what they are doing! With the help of the Democratic Party and the Congressional Black Caucus.

When you hear the Jacksons and the Sharptons and the rest of them demand a million bucks for each black person for slavery, you better take this seriously. Add to the mix welfare payments, SSI payments, special programs like the Black college fund and much more like it, they are closing in on their goal of taking your money for a travesty that was committed 160 years ago by people that are long dead, on people that are long dead.

And Obama is right there, with his hands out, taking money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, while the people that got these loans lose their houses. You cant lend money and not pay it back and expect the banks to take the losses, yet that's exactly what the Congressional Black Caucus had in mind. A free house for some, a free life for some on welfare, or SSI..that was the plan. It has failed, just like most Liberal feel good programs do. Just take a good look at what the victims of Katrina did with those credit cards..the United States of America is the credit card of Reparations.


What does that figure mean to you? Almost 1/3, 30% represents a whole lot of people. In the United States of America, that 30% represent a huge bloc of voters. And what do they represent? What could the do to the economy and to the hard working people of this nation?

They could ruin us. This 30% of people in the United States represents who lives here (note I didn't say Americans, because they might not all be) and never pays a dime in income tax, or state tax, or any other tax, besides sales tax, and maybe property tax. It is 30% that lives off government, either on welfare, unemployment, SS, or SSI, or some other form of welfare.

And they vote. And they vote for liberals who are eager to give your hard earned money away to people that contribute nothing to society. And did I say that they VOTE? Ah..but they do, and they vote for more to line their pockets, and empty yours.

It should make you wonder what kind of people would legally steal from others, and not feel one ounce of guilt over it. As I watched the Bailout pass, all I thought of was that America needs to stand back, and start over. We need to go back to the beginning days of this nation and use those principles all over again.

They say that liberals want the 30% to become 50%, 50% of this great country on the dole! Why? Because that voting bloc would never be beatable. 50% would be forced to work, and pay the bill, while 50% would vote these baboons in office every election.

Does that scare you? We are watching that happen in Michigan with the help of the liberals in office every day. Michigan lawmakers force business to move out of here daily, so their plan is working. Unemployment up, welfare up, people finding ways to scam the federal SS system, scam welfare, and scam the working people here that are left. And Lansing smiles its approval.

Sure they act like its horrible, and fly the globe to find new foreign business to come here, even entice them with plenty of taxpayer money to come, while our business here already struggle to fund these lousy government practices, and end up just packing it in, and leaving. Indiana wants them! Indiana will protect them. Indiana wont tax them to death.

Remember this when you go to vote in November, Michigan. We are already down 30% in the race for freedom. We have to get out and vote, and vote the right way. Before Michigan crashes and burns.

Look at the liberal states, look at how far they sunk. California. New York. New Jersey. Michigan. All running deeply in the red, all taxed far too much to afford to live in much longer.

Obama wants to tax you more, wants to hand out more goodies for the 2/3's to pay for. Living free is a right for all of us. Living free off the hard work of others is NOT.

Our Founding Father's had it right, long ago, that only land owners could vote, since they paid the majority of taxes. We need to go back to some of the wisdom of the Founding Fathers, landowners and working people should have special voting privileges.. Its just too easy to vote for free money, and once a thief, always a thief.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Snowjob that Michigan bought, and a flurry of snow coming down the pike!..

Its a crime that Michigan is close to being one of the highest taxed states in the nation. Detroit is falling apart, at a faster rate than we ever thought possible. Millions stolen here, millions stolen there, and now its value, along with its home values, are almost junk status.

Don't feel alone, Detroit, the State of Michigan along with the Democrats in office have done the same thing to the state. Higher taxes, people getting the hell out of here, millions wasted in government and welfare fraud, and attempts to change the Michigan Constitution to keep them in office for ever.

Most cities in the Tri-Counties taking away more and more of our rights, making things that are natural, a crime. Like breathing..we exhale carbon dioxide folks! Now its a gas that is harmful to the environment, a global warming gas.. Tell that to the trees that breathe it, and exhale oxygen.

Now the Democrats want to tell you the "TRUTH" about Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Its not going to cost you a thing! They "could" get the funding from the Federal Government! Who's money do you think that is? Who pays taxes to the Federal Government? And what happens when the Federal Government that "could" fund it, says NO? Guess who will fund this! YOU!

Also they don't tell you that it is already legal to do this research. They are seeking MONEY, more money, and that's the beginning. Look at California..60 BILLION dollars, and nothing to show for it. We don't need this, and we cant afford it.

And one more thing, why are Democrats so anxious for the destruction of a fertilized human egg, that is at least 14 days old, and wont put the death penalty on the ballot for murdering thugs? Why do Democrats object to animal testing, but will let human embryonic human egg testing be allowed?

The people of Michigan need to stand up and say NO and get this state back where it belongs. We need to eliminate a whole lot of state jobs, end welfare as a life long pay check, stop the welfare fraud, end any and all welfare and medicaid to illegal aliens, and send them back home.

We need to sell the Manoogian Mansion, the Governor's Mansion, state land, federal land that has no landmark on it. Government should own nothing, have nothing, and have to operate with a much smaller budget. They should have to use their own cars, pay their own insurance, and do like the rest of us do. Buy their own insurance for their spouses and family. Save in a 401k for their retirement. If its good enough for the average Joe, its good enough for politicians.

See, that's where the problems come in, they make these jobs that just go on and on, even when a state worker retires. They have the best benefit package that you can get. And we get to pay the bill.

If we don't stop this craziness, the whole state is going to look like Detroit. Kwame had no problem throwing around millions here and millions there to his cronies, and in lawsuits. Do you actually think the Governor has less to play with? If we don't stand up and tell the players in government to stop, its only going to get worse.

Cities have become carnivals, states have become circuses..Its time to cut them off! The cities think they need to build pools, and concrete jungles, and golf courses, and ice rinks..and they do. Private sector is where those things belong. States think they need to build everything but the roads, they were assigned to build roads, in the Constitution. They cant even do that right. So they turned into a circus with a huge Freak Show, and we fund it.

Its time to make it stop. Its in your hands, the futue of the Michigan people. If you like what Jennifer Granholm has done to Michigan, you are going to love what Barack Hussein Obama will do to the United States of America. Just hope we can make it through it intact.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Embryonic Stem Cell Research in Michigan? Give Me A BREAK!

On the ballot in November, will be a question of whether to raise taxes again! From the state of Michigan, these freaks in government want more money for embryonic stem cell research!

"Supporters of Proposal 2 say that human embryo
will bring money to Michigan. What they don't say is the
real money is coming from taxpayers. New York taxpayers are now in for $600
million to support human embryo research. New Jersey taxpayers were asked to
shell out $450 million. And California taxpayers? On the hook for $3 billion.
More taxes. Is that really the cure Michigan needs right now? Proposal 2 is too
costly to Michigan taxpayers. 2 goes 2 far. Vote no on Proposal 2."

Now they disguise it, they do a good job at it too. People of Michigan should know that we already have adult stem cell research and umbilical cord research, and it has found many cures and has the possibility of many more.

Some of the proposal's supporters back public funding of research,
although that's not part of the measure going before voters in November.
Proposal 2 supporters say approving the measure could clear the way for state
researchers to receive federal money for embryonic stem cell research if the
next president reverses limitations instituted by President Bush.

Now I would hope that Michiganders would read between the lines in that paragraph! State taxes, local taxes, or Federal taxes, all come from YOU! Note that they also say it "COULD" come from the federal government..if not, count on it coming from Michigan taxpayers. We just opened the door for a bunch of useless research that other states are already doing. Let the other states continue to waste their money, we don't need to!

What has been a complete waste of money, has lead to absolutely nothing of value, and is milking the states of Missouri, California (BILLIONS!) and New Jersey, is Embryonic Stem Cell Research. And now Michigan wants to join the states already being taxed for something that a lot of people feel is not moral. It takes a fertilized egg that if it were implanted, would become a human baby. It tears it apart, to try and find anything of value to save a life. This research is already being done, it is NOT ILLEGAL, IT JUST ISNT TAXPAYER FUNDED, and we don't need to jump in on the bandwagon!

Think of it this way, if there was money to be made, if there was actual proof that this was worthwhile, it would not have to be taxpayer funded. This is just another way to take more of Michigan's taxpayer money, and never have to produce a product. Say NO on November 4, to any more taxes! Say NO to Proposal 2 which we DO NOT NEED!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Enjoying the Meltdown? Lets play Screw your Neighbor!

As we watch the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac melt down and taxpayers having to bail them out, do you wonder why? We will now pay for the Democrats and the Congressional Black Caucus that has destroyed our banks, and our economy and we get to pay for this. Thats right the leaders of these companies bent over and kissed the asses of the Congressional Black Caucus to make sure that "people of color" got home loans, with no money down, and no credit report required.

Google who made millions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and they are Clinton people. When you think of poor people that have a right to a low income loan, and all of a sudden poor people have a right to home ownership, enjoy paying the bill for them. Its the American way! Paying for your own bills is just not good enough! When you have nothing at risk, you have nothing to lose. Not even a credit rating to lose, because it wasn't good in the first place.

Just like all the other "Bills of Made Up Rights" that Democrats believe in, we now are watching how far Socialism will go to destroy what we have built for centuries. All for a new right of home ownership. Its now a right to own a home, got that? It doesn't matter if you earned it, it doesn't matter if you paid your bills. It doesn't matter if you can pay your own bills. Socialists will make others pay for it. The rules and regulations protect the minority, and they make the majority pay for it. You are paying for it now and you will for decades to come.

President Clinton had his people appointed to run Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and they have destroyed it. I am a retired Realtor. I never understood the mountains of rules and regulations that restricted Realtors, Lenders and Banks. I never understood why we needed these programs, when banks and mortgage companies should be able to decide who they lend to. A nice down payment and a credit report worthy of a loan should be all that counts. Not anymore.

The Government forced lenders to loan money to people that were risky at best to pay it back. The Government forced laws against redlining in neighborhoods that are risky at best. Jimmy Carter started it, and Bill Clinton put the final screws in the programs to make home ownership a right for all. Democrats want everyone to have it all, and for the rest of us to pay for it. And now we will.

As much as they would like to, they cant blame this on Republicans. In the last decade Republicans have called on more disclosure and opening the books, and they were met with cries of racism. We could not have mortgages that were credit worthy, and we could not have banks saying no to giving loans to slums that were value-less.

Is that racial? Is that discrimination? Its our money that is now going to bail these banks out that were ordered to take on these loans. Is that fair? Some would say that it is. You get to pay your own mortgage, and now you get to pay for these mortgages that the bankers didn't even want. They sold the paper to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, because the banks didn't want the risk. The government promised to back up these loans, while they forced bankers to take them. Now the bill has come due.

Then the government made it hard for foreclosure. It takes the banks so long to even get to foreclosure and then the buyer has six months to redeem it. I have heard advertisements on WJR-760 with companies that advise people on how to stay in their homes for 18 months, payment free, with one call. WHO is the bad guy here? The bankers? 18 MONTHS of payment free living? WHO do you think is paying for this? These borrowers deserve to be renters for the rest of their lives! Don't pay the rent? You are gone, and that's the fair way to do it. Life is not a free ride for some, and very costly to others.

You, the American Taxpayers, are footing the bill for irresponsible borrowers, and that bill is huge!

While your grocery money dwindles, I fear that you will vote for the party responsible for this mess. You will vote for the party that caused this. Lets play name the Republican involved! Google that!

Lastly, let me inform you that there is no right to home ownership. Home ownership is earned, by hard work and the yearning to have a backyard for your children. Look it up in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to see if its in either of these documents. People have NO obligation to subsidize or fund any American in home ownership.

The government forced us to do many things that I always thought were unacceptable, but I had to follow these rules. Redlining and discrimination were unacceptable, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac made sure that the banks obeyed them. Get that? They had to obey government. Our banks and lending institutions had to OBEY. Scary isn't it?

If you bought a home in a very bad neighborhood at an inflated value, the banks had to loan it. If a person of color was noncredit-worthy but a minority, the banks were informed to loan them a mortgage or else their standing was at risk by the government to shut them down. Imagine anyone telling lenders what to do with their money, and then we wonder why these banks are failing.

These sub-prime mortgages were made legal in the 1990's. Check with Google again and see who was President then. It took just over a decade to collapse the banking business, good job Democrats! Good job of completely raping Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as your personal piggy bank. Before you go and vote for Obama, google how much money he got from these institutions. And then watch as he raises your taxes to pay for it, while he gives away billions more to the United Nations. (He has only been in the senate for 143 days, yet he's number 2 in "gifts" from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.) The rest of the time he has been in the Senate he has been campaigning for President.

Americans now get to pay for housing they don't live in, buses they don't ride, libraries they don't use, a Zoo that we don't visit, public TV we don't watch, Colleges and Universities that our kids don't go to, museums, art galleries and symphonies that no one goes to..and the list now goes on and on..

Oh and just for Michigan residents! Did you know that the Detroit Zoo pays its man at the top more than the Governor makes? He makes more than the Detroit Mayor..with a false resume to top it off with.. And now we get to pay for that too! Watch how soon he gets a raise. He deserves a raise, folks, for the successful campaign of Screw your Neighbors to get the masses to pay for others to get cheap tickets to get in the Zoo. Thats the American/Socialist way.

Edited to add this, courtesy of Gateway Pundit...
Bush Called For Reform of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac 17 Times in 2008 Alone... Dems Ignored Warnings

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Michigan loses Jobs, while States with LESS Regulation Florish!

Barack Obama, Jennifer Granholm, and the back of Al Gore's head talk about "Change", which should mean whats left over in your wallet when they get done with you!

I am always amazed that our Governor got re-elected and continues to run this state into the ground. I often look to the Gentle Giant north of us, and wonder why they gave us Jennifer Granholm, and if they would take her back. And in these trying times of a one state recession, a massive tax increase, and loss of 318,000 jobs, you would think we, the wonderful people of Michigan would finally just say no to our government.

But it seems that the state of Michigan is controlled by the big cities, the big cities that get most of our tax dollars, in the form of bailing out Detroit, massive welfare programs and welfare fraud, and unfair redistribution of wealth that affects this state deeply. Property taxes, Michigan income taxes, business taxes, and a much too large Michigan government are the kiss of death.

From The Wall Street Journal..
If You Like Michigan's Economy, You'll Love

Ranking states by domestic migration,
per-capita income growth and employment growth, ALEC found that from 1996
through 2006, Texas, Florida and Arizona were the three most successful states.
Illinois, Ohio and Michigan were the three least successful.

The rewards
for success were huge. Texas gained 1.7 million net new jobs, Florida gained 1.4
million and Arizona gained 600,000. While the U.S. average job growth percentage
was 9.9%, Texas, Florida and Arizona had job growth of 18.5%, 21.4% and 28.9%,

Remarkably, a third of all the jobs in the U.S. in the
last 10 years were created in these three states. While the population of the
three highest-performing states grew twice as fast as the national average,
per-capita real income still grew by $6,563 or 21.4% in Texas, Florida and
Arizona. That's a $26,252 increase for a typical family of four.

By comparison, Illinois gained only 122,000 jobs, Ohio lost
62,900 and Michigan lost 318,000. Population growth in Michigan, Ohio and
Illinois was only 4.2%, a third the national average, and real income per capita
rose by only $3,466, just 58% of the national average. Workers in the three
least successful states had to contend with a quarter-million fewer jobs rather
than taking their pick of the 3.7 million new jobs that were available in the
three fastest-growing states.

And yet, we continue down the wrong path and have to watch this great state struggle with mounting taxation, freedom and rights flushed down the toilet, and a Governor that could care less. Controlling the masses and picking their pockets is Job One in Michigan.

And then our Governor is shocked!, let me tell you that again, she is shocked!, that this state is in play and its so close a race, that Michigan could actually go to the Republicans, McCain and Palin, in November, 2008. I guess she hasn't watched a local city council meeting lately, (or watched herself lately for that matter), to see how pathetic these people are when they approve a new business trying to establish themselves in any city. Its like watching people who think they are the Messiah, sort of like Obama, passing out business licenses from up above, and you better bow down to the Almighty Government. Clearly,that should be the other way around.

Mandatory Volunteer Service is another liberal gift from up above that both Obama and Granholm want to inflict on our children. In high school, in order to graduate, our children would have to perform community service to get their diploma. Our Messiah's don't exactly say what that would be. I guess it could be anything, from cleaning up the sides of roads, to soup kitchens, to, well, just about anything they deem they want your children to do. Scary, huh? And parents would have no say over what and how it is done. I can take a wild guess and assume that home schooling would be outlawed, because parents are not going to take this quietly. Of course, private schooling admissions would quadruple, so they would have to somehow restrict that option too.

I'm sure that they would think of something. I wonder if they ever consider that the masses might just hide their children. That's something we should be doing now anyway. We should be fighting for vouchers for every child, since its not just the inner cities that have poor teachers and indoctrination procedures for our kids.

I refuse to let this state dictate to me, or my family, how we will live our lives. I don't want anyone telling me what to do, any more than they do already. In fact, I want to see many laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances repealed. Michigan has lost its freedoms, and its money, to power hungry, money grubbing, tax and spend liberals. Its time to change that. Its past time to change that. Vote for McCain-Palin this November. We cant afford Obama.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Who is Carmen Slowski?

The question still remains, and we may never know exactly who "Carmen" is..but its strange at this late date that an anonomous poster says its Sharon MacPhail. And thinking about it, that makes sense. Someone needs to look at the flight records of the Mayor's attorney and see if she was on that flight to the Massage Parlor..

it would be interesting to know. When I look at the trail of Kwame and his affection for women other than his wife, and the way Sharon MacPhail has stuck her neck for him, its not hard to imagine that this little rumor could be true..

Detroit Free Press...check this out.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kwame Kilpatrick Resigns..Finally!

But he wants to be the new Marion Barry of Washington D.C. and be able to run again in a few years, and be taken back like the Crack-Head from Washington D.C. was re-elected after busted on camera sucking on a crack pipe.

Everyone on the news were commenting on how somber he looked in court today, pleading guilty, how humble he finally is. I guess 120 days in jail will humble him even more. And he got lucky on that sentence. The "normal Joe Six-pack" would get about 2 years for Perjury and Obstruction of Justice. Let alone assaulting a police officer serving a warrant. So he got off cheaply.

But in his wake, the City of Detroit, along with Wayne County, the tri-counties, and the State of Michigan will pay dearly for his actions. Not only in a soiled reputation, but in taxation to keep that City going, why is beyond me. But politics as usual will continue to make this state a complete joke, with people dealing with it with their feet.

The moving vans are about the only business making any money in this state, a state that is loaded with too many taxes, too many restrictions on our freedom, and too many nutcases in our government. Take a good look at who will now be the President of the Detroit City Council. Shrek has nothing good to say about this appointment. So its not over...

The Federal investigation into the contracts with some of Kwame's "buddies" have links to the City Council, where money was supposedly passed on to some of the Council Members. One that is suspected of that and more will now run it. I sure hope the Feds step that investigation up quickly.

Detroit needs to pick their leaders more carefully. Try to reject Pimp Daddies and Thugs..that's a good first step.

Now on to the drama of prosecuting of Ms. Beatty. She cant get a deal now for ratting out the Mayor.