Sunday, October 5, 2008


What does that figure mean to you? Almost 1/3, 30% represents a whole lot of people. In the United States of America, that 30% represent a huge bloc of voters. And what do they represent? What could the do to the economy and to the hard working people of this nation?

They could ruin us. This 30% of people in the United States represents who lives here (note I didn't say Americans, because they might not all be) and never pays a dime in income tax, or state tax, or any other tax, besides sales tax, and maybe property tax. It is 30% that lives off government, either on welfare, unemployment, SS, or SSI, or some other form of welfare.

And they vote. And they vote for liberals who are eager to give your hard earned money away to people that contribute nothing to society. And did I say that they VOTE? Ah..but they do, and they vote for more to line their pockets, and empty yours.

It should make you wonder what kind of people would legally steal from others, and not feel one ounce of guilt over it. As I watched the Bailout pass, all I thought of was that America needs to stand back, and start over. We need to go back to the beginning days of this nation and use those principles all over again.

They say that liberals want the 30% to become 50%, 50% of this great country on the dole! Why? Because that voting bloc would never be beatable. 50% would be forced to work, and pay the bill, while 50% would vote these baboons in office every election.

Does that scare you? We are watching that happen in Michigan with the help of the liberals in office every day. Michigan lawmakers force business to move out of here daily, so their plan is working. Unemployment up, welfare up, people finding ways to scam the federal SS system, scam welfare, and scam the working people here that are left. And Lansing smiles its approval.

Sure they act like its horrible, and fly the globe to find new foreign business to come here, even entice them with plenty of taxpayer money to come, while our business here already struggle to fund these lousy government practices, and end up just packing it in, and leaving. Indiana wants them! Indiana will protect them. Indiana wont tax them to death.

Remember this when you go to vote in November, Michigan. We are already down 30% in the race for freedom. We have to get out and vote, and vote the right way. Before Michigan crashes and burns.

Look at the liberal states, look at how far they sunk. California. New York. New Jersey. Michigan. All running deeply in the red, all taxed far too much to afford to live in much longer.

Obama wants to tax you more, wants to hand out more goodies for the 2/3's to pay for. Living free is a right for all of us. Living free off the hard work of others is NOT.

Our Founding Father's had it right, long ago, that only land owners could vote, since they paid the majority of taxes. We need to go back to some of the wisdom of the Founding Fathers, landowners and working people should have special voting privileges.. Its just too easy to vote for free money, and once a thief, always a thief.

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