Monday, October 20, 2008

A Pre-Halloween Treat coming soon!

Coming soon to a TV screen near you! One of the best fright nights Detroit has ever seen!

Right before Halloween, 3 days before in fact, the Detroit area and the tri-counties will be able to see the treat of the year! Well, let me exaggerate a bit...the whole world gets to see a treat of monumental importance.."Revenge of Angel's Night on the Devil"!

Barack Hussein Obama's pal and fellow thug, Kwame Kilpatrick will go to jail for his 120 day sentence, for perjury, obstruction of justice, and just plain being a total idiot. Tick, tick, tick...he has 8 days of freedom left..

On October 28, Kwame will enter the "spooky, eerie" prison system. The poor little pumpkin will reside with all the other ghostly thugs and walking zombies in the "Slammer of Hell".

It seems to me his fellow Witch is going to regret not taking the same deal, when her trial is over, she's going to serve much more time, and her broom will not fly her out of that "Castle of Doom"!

I am still waiting for the judge to decide if he will allow more of their spooky, scary text messages to be released to the public. Just the mental image of those two having hauntingly bewitching sex is enough to make a vampire throw up blood into the cauldron of witch's brew.

Surely the thought of spending Christmas away from the little pumpkins, and the Frankenstein Bride must be very depressing..that is, if they even celebrate Christmas at all.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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