Friday, October 31, 2008

Michigan, Its Time to Stand Up and Just Say NO!

Michigan already has 100 MILLION DOLLARS in welfare fraud, and a government that does nothing about it. We have home foreclosures, and unemployment that the rest of the nation does not. We have an Entitlement mentality in Michigan that surpasses any other state. We already force our neighbors to pay for health care for some, welfare and house payments for some, food for some, and even lower cost Zoo tickets for some. When will the rest of us in this state that have to pay this bill, every year, stand up and say NO?

Watch this video and cringe..this woman actually thinks Obama will pay for her gas and her mortgage..she actually has fallen for his trap and thinks it is fair to have someone else pay her way in life. Not a hand up, not a helping hand in times of trouble, but to fully have to pay her way in life.

I cant even imagine paying more taxes than we already do. Here in Michigan it is outrageous how much we pay in taxes, yet someone can become so giddy, so happy, at the thought of taking more from working folks, just trying to make it, and take care of their own children.

Michigan, you have to step up the plate and stop this insanity. Suburbs of big cities need to turn out in record numbers. Upper Michigan and the U.P., you have got to vote. We have to stop Obama and the mindset of Liberals that they are entitled to our money. And pray, for John McCain and Sarah Palin to pull this off and win on Tuesday.

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