Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Illegal Wayne/Westland School Strike..

Edited to add this comment...Please give us more details..I'd like to know what businesses did this..

You forgot to mention the Super there makes $250k and has a $6k clothing allowance (among other things). You forgot to mention a judge has ruled the Super and district violated labor law by not bargaining in good faith. You forgot to mention that parents AND students walked the picket line in support of the teachers--and in fact several hundred students picketed the morning classes resumed. You forgot to mention the local businesses who donated food to the picketing teachers. You forgot to mention...

Well, you get the idea. You get an "F" for this blog entry. Revise, rewrite, and turn back in later this week.

Liberal Teacher Pictures, Images and Photos

Just yesterday, I received a booklet from the Heritage Foundation called "A Parent's Guide to Education Reform". In it they give you this link to all the state schools, how much money each school receives from the taxpayers..(I wont say Government, because its taxpayer money.)

After reading the article posted from about the Governor raising taxes once again, and her silence on an illegal teachers strike,(I guess our educators haven't a clue what illegal means) I decided to do a little bit of research. Thanks to the Heritage Foundation. Look up your district here at

Wayne Westland School Teachers make decent money. A new teacher starts out at about 40k a year, well, make that half a year, 180 days. A tenured teacher can make up 82k a year, I mean, half a year. Plus they have the best health care and retirement available, compliments of the taxpayers, and every holiday, winter break, spring break, and summer off.

By the amount of students in Wayne Westland Schools, times by the amount they receive from the taxpayers per student, Wayne Westland Schools receive almost 140 MILLION dollars per year. Uh huh..that takes care of 14,500 students..rounded off..

Garden City Schools by comparison, gets 60 million a year to work with, for 5,247 students. We are certainly not talking about chump change here. And I can just imagine what the Unions make off the taxpayers in dues. Seems to me, its hard to have any sympathy for the teachers here. And I wasn't happy to see the students involved in this illegal strike either. I am always amazed that we even pay attention to non-working, non taxpaying students that have no idea what they are doing. But it made the local WJR-760 news.

And I am always amazed that private schools can do with much less money, yet produce a better product free of liberal indoctrination, and actually can use the brain cells they were born with. That's what parents need to take a good hard look at.

Home schooling will become more popular and private schools will be over crowded, if we are ever cursed with an Obama Presidency. His requirements of all students having to perform community service in order to graduate wont go over well on society. And his mandatory plan of young people serving in organizations like the Peace Corp, or whatever he sets up for our children are going to make everyone hide their kids. We should be hiding them now, schooling them at home, and protecting our freedom from tyranny. From a possible Dictator.

Instead, we ignore it. And we will continue to ignore it, until its too late, and then all hell is going to break out. We are Americans, in the Land of the Free! And we are giving it to the government, along with our kids. Thanks to spineless, lazy, greedy liberals that want the government to give them everything they have no right to.

I for one will not go along with you. And there are a lot of us that will fight this. Get ready for it.

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