Monday, May 18, 2009

Some things that I am so sick and tired of hearing!

Give Back Pictures, Images and Photos

Anything that has the word GREEN in it! I go out of my way NOT to buy those products!

Hope and Change, while we sink into socialism and communism..

Yes, We Can! As Bob the Builder gets copied by the leftards...

And my biggest pet peeve is rich and arrogant politicians telling us to "GIVE BACK!"
I am always amazed that they don't say this to welfare recipients, who do get a free ride in life, but to people that will work all their lives and insinuate that working and earning a living is stealing from someone else!

It most certainly is not people on the dole that give back anything, they just take. It most certainly is not working people that take anything, they pay dearly in income taxes and other taxes for the "privilege" of breaking their backs to provide for their family. How arrogant is it that Democrats think your money is their money, and if you make more than they think you should, its theirs to steal and give to others?

If anything the government should "give back", because they provide nothing of value, nothing any of us want, but lip service and more loss of our freedoms. No products, no service, no representation from these self serving politicians that need to be herded out and disgraced. I'd surely "give back" some cash to see that!

How about we get thieves and bank robbers to "Give Back"? Or is that too much to ask? How about every criminal in jail for stealing has to give back whatever they stole before they can get out? How about scammers that take what they don't own? (yes, we can include the government in that category, I know!) Now that is just and honorable, and the true meaning of "giving back"!!

The political sale of our nation due to its debt is another way of "giving back", they can stop spending other people's money and give us our country back, safe and sound!

See, my definition of "giving back" and Michell Obama's idea of "giving back" are quite different. I dont steal, and I wonder if having a no-show job at a hospital making 3oo+k a year because of who your husband is, is considered stealing. And just what did you give back, Michelle, other than your law license under order of the court?