Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mayor of Detroit is in Serious Trouble!

But what about the City Attorney's? Were they were all involved in the coverup of the secret text messages and trying to cover up the fact that the Mayor and his Mistress, Ms. Beatty perjured themselves in the trial? Someone knew and helped to seal this deal.

Now, all the sealed documents will be released, and surely in the next few days, the you know what is going to hit the fan. Is there anything in these documents that includes the party at the Monoogian Mansion? Is there anything about this party in the text messages?

Will the Mayor step down and take his entourage with him? It seems his legal woes are just beginning. Do the documents mention the low income mortgage that Ms Beatty recieved, fraudulently? (She is not considered low income by any stretch of the imagination!) And now, will the sexually charged text messages be made public?

Remember in the Nixon era, it wasnt the bugging that ruined him, it was the cover-up, or so the Democrats claimed back its come back to haunt them in more ways than one.

Whoaaa, how embarrassing for the Mayor! But is it embarrassing enough to give up the Mansion, his salary, and all of his perks and body guards..can the Mayor survive it, should he decide to stay in office? Can he go to trial and still be Mayor?

And by the way, just who is Carmen Slowski? Enquiring minds want to know!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Expanding Cobo Hall..

The City or County asks the Big Three Auto Companies to help out with the funding for the Cobo Arena expansion. Anyone in government understand what they are asking the car companies to do? All three say NO, and so they ask them again...GM, Ford and Chrysler tell them no..Duh!

Why should the car companies pay anything for Cobo Hall's expansion? These people have a whole lot of nerve, since all car companies use it for the Auto know, like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Kia etc...they want our home grown car companies to pay for something they dont own,(and actually sounded offended that they were denied the money!) but the foreign car companies get a free ride? What company, in their right mind, would give away their money for something they dont hold the deed to? Im sure their stockholders would love that!

This is so typical of Detroit and the Democrats in this area. If the city of Detroit owns Cobo Hall, (and they do, which explains why it is a losing venture), shouldnt they pay for its expansion if its such a good deal and a money maker? The City of Romulus should build a huge Convention Center, as fast as they can, right next to the Casino they want. In fact, at that link above, the Auto Show should move to Novi, since it seems to be expanding without taxpayers paying a dime for it, since its privately owned.

And for the first time that I can recall, the government has created a car pool lane on Michigan Avenue going into Detroit. This is such a horrible idea, and its been a horrible idea every where its been tried, but yet, we get to pay that bill, and probably not even use it. Since it was paid with our tax dollars, you must have at least two people in the car to drive on it! Who thinks these things up? And they will issue you a ticket if you happen to drive on it alone in your car? Mind boggling! Its 5 miles long, and I can just guess how much this cost the state taxpayers, and only "certain" people will be able to drive on pathetic. And then the brainiacs wonder why the good people of Michigan are getting the hell out of here!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Take your kids OUT of Government Schools!


Families are running for their lives
Posted: February 09, 2008

By Olivia St. John

In a Feb. 7 press release, a broad coalition of Christian grass-roots organizations boldly banded together urging parents to either homeschool their children or place them in Christian schools. Prominent pro-family crusaders like Phyllis Schlafly, once a proponent of public school reform, are saying it's time to exit public schools.

Indeed, the situation is so serious that in states around the country, sexual material is being taught to children as young as kindergarten age. Barb Anderson, research and policy analyst with the Minnesota Family Council, details lewd content being taught in public schools in a policy paper titled "The Birds & Bees Project: Gay Sex Ed for Kids." According to Anderson, a presenter at the annual Minnesota School Health Education Conference stated, "When speaking to teens you must tell them there is no right or wrong and no good or bad choices."

Anderson goes on to say that on page 152 (A Day at the Clinic) of a 187-page guide distributed by the Birds & Bees Project, health educators encourage pregnant teens "to practice making an appointment to have an abortion … [and] that they can seek a judicial bypass to circumvent the Parental Notification law."

Leading public school textbook publishers even sponsor this educator's conference featuring the Birds & Bees Project that claims "to educate more than 8,000 young people in the Twin Cities metro area each year."

Shocked? Don't you know that Feb. 14 is National Condom Day?
Parents have been battling this almost 500 billion dollar per year government monopoly called the public school system for years, and they're losing badly.

The real tragedy is that while these parents continue trying to reform a terminally corrupt system, many don't realize that they are aiding and abetting the ruin of their own families and nation by using the wrong tools. Their children are going to hell in a hand basket, courtesy of teachers unions and an entrenched educational bureaucracy, and the parents scratch their heads every Sunday in church wondering why.

Over the last hundred years, anti-Christian forces have slowly infested schools throughout the nation, aided and abetted by an activist judiciary bent on creating the law and not merely interpreting it. The most expensive educational system in the world turns out graduates who lag behind most other developed countries when it comes to literacy in science, math and reading, while their parents drive around town giving schools free advertising with "my child is an honor student" stickers. In the guise of "diversity," teachers force heinous sexual perversions into the minds of innocent children as young as 5, while parents timidly respond by asking to review curriculum. Physical violence such as rape, assault and even murder are all too common on school grounds, while parents hope and pray that their children are not on the receiving end of another Columbine.

Christian parents wonder why their kids are losing their faith by the time they hit college. They wonder why their kids are so academically ignorant. They wonder why their kids are sexually active at age 10, and why they are emotionally depressed and distraught.

Well, there is hope.

The good news is that many parents are now on the run, and it's finally in the right direction – away from the public schools through efforts like the campaign. They're seeing children spiritually shrivel into humanist drones and realizing that their child's school is not so wonderful after all. In fact, it's trashed.;pageId=55928

Lets shut them all down and start over. I once contacted Glenn Anderson when he sent out some flyer about vouchers, and he said he would not support them. When I emailed him to ask why he wouldnt do that, he said until the private schools answer to government (note: not answer to parents, but answer to him!) he would not support any vouchers that could be used in private schools. Amazing!

Save your children, and get them out of Government Schools. Plan to homeschool. Get your neighbors to help out. Build a block party of home school kids, where parents can take turns. Lessons and information are all over the web. Help us rid the United States of the filthy disease known as indoctrination of our children by people that think they know more than you do about how to raise your children. Start today!

Why are there so many foreclosures?

There are several reasons, in my opinion, and none of them are very pretty. Between government and lenders and stupid people, there is enough blame to go around to everybody.. Some just blame the Lenders, but that is just not fair. Its the easy way out, actually.

Most of us have bought a home, and met with a Lender. The lender then goes over all of the options that are available to you, and which one fits the best. But, when buyers were told about ARM mortgages, that start at such a low interest rate, they can buy more of a house. A more expensive house, than they could of bought on a 30 year fixed mortgage. So, as the housing market was chugging along, with homes going up almost 10% in value per year, people figured they didnt have anything to lose.

These buyers were told that the rate could jump up later on in the years. As a retired Realtor, I can assure you that they were warned. They have to sign papers that have been clearly spelled out. But with the housing market skyrocketing, they assumed they could remortgage later on and be fine. What they didnt anticipate was that home prices would crash. Now they cant refinance because the house wont appraise at the value they owe.

Investors that had to put 20% down, cant even sell the properties for what they owe. The government has made it hard to be a landlord anymore. The courts too, which all too many times, seem to side with the renters that skipped paying their rent, than to the landlords, which are not all a bunch of rich guys trying to screw the renter. The government and the press want you to believe that, so that you dont feel sorry for the landlord that just got shafted out of 3 months or more of rent, before he could evict the freeloaders.

I have heard some nightmare stories, and just recently, about someone I happen to know. Her home is in foreclosure and shes taking everything she can, including the kitchen cupboards. Renters that face eviction have poured cement down the toilets to get even with the landlords..get even for what? In both scenerios, the renter and the buyer did not pay the rent or the house note. But lets get even anyway, and ruin the place.

Investors are bailing out also, because when you have to make that payment, along with higher taxes on the property to begin with, (35% higher than a homestead property), plus the 20% down, even they cant sell it for what they owe anymore. They try to wait it out, and let the values start to increase once again, but when people dont pay rent, its easy for the average JoeLandlord to get behind on that property also. So, to protect their own home, they are also letting the rental go back to the bank.

Now, we hear the government and the morons on tv telling lenders to freeze the interest rates. Charlie Gibson had the audacity to ask why are the lenders raising the interest rate, when they know people cant pay it? I dont think Ive ever seen such a stupid question in my life. Its called a contract, Charlie. Plain and simple. And for that stupid question, you should lose your job. You cant selectively enforce a contract, on either side. Real Estate class 101, Charlie..learn it before you spew it.

Too many people bought way too much house, took a gamble on an ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) and some refinanced all the equity out of the home. Now they are worth considerably less, and they cant sell them. They owe more than they are worth. Yes, I realize that I was a Realtor, and I have a bit more knowledge than most, but most should of seen that property values couldnt keep going up like they were. Sooner or later the markets would have to correct themselves and they did.

So, now the government expects everyone else to bail out these buyers, with our money that we are forced to pay in taxation. Instead of letting the market adjust, they want to "fix it". Except that it is not fixable. Even if they bailed all of these people out, it will just delay the problem. And it is not up to the government to take my money and pay someone else's house note. Every time you do something stupid, there is a price to pay.

I still have my own mortgage to pay. Why should I pay for someone that didnt pay theirs? That is what the school of hard knocks is all about. You can rest assured that these people will never do that again. Hopefully anyway. If we bail them out with a free ride, they will surely do it again, since there is no consequence to their actions.

Maybe we should ask the government to lower property taxes! That will bring down the payment, instantly! Maybe we should force the government to remove all the garbage they put in our property taxes. Times are tough, if we have to cut back so should they. Make a rental home the same as a regular home, and lower their taxes. Quit making the suburbs pay for Detroit community colleges, and buses. Quit charging us outrageous fees for water. Eliminate the Michigan Income Tax. Eliminate hidden taxes on gasoline and alchohol and cigarretes, and just about everything they can get their hands on to tax.

If you really want to give us a break, give it to all of us. Not just a select few. Cut back on government employees. Get rid of most programs that not only do not work, but suck us dry of our money for nothing. Dont blame the lenders, they didnt do this to the people. The people did it themselves. They took a gamble, and they lost.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Mayor Kilpatrick on the hot seat again..


I keep forgetting who the heck Carmen Slowski is..and now it comes out that Ms. Beatty, the Mayors lover, bought a house with funds meant for low income folks. Are you actually saying mortgage "fraud"?? Say it aint so!

And the Mayor knew those text messages were in the hands of the former policeman's lawyer's possession? Ewwww, weeeeeee! So, according to channel 7 News, they were placed in a safe deposit box at a bank and both Kwame and the policemans lawyer had a key to it. Both had to be present to open it. So not only did the policemen get fired for doing their job, they got fired for knowing more than they should.

And the only way to make sure that Mayor's rear end was protected, was a confidentiality agreement with the text messages to be turn over to the Mayor. So back in October or November, the mayor knew they were out there, yet that sure didnt slow him down from his North Carolina trip with Ms. Carmen Slowski. That takes a huge amount of arrogance.
Watch the video's from Channel 7 News here...
See the secret papers here...

So, the Michigan Governor cuts Prison funds...


And wants to give more to government schools..hmmph. The schools already get plenty of money, dont let that fact get in the way. But of course, they wont tell you that, they want a raise. When the city of little old Garden City pays 88% of its revenue to teachers salaries, health care and retirees, what is left for the kids? Not much. And not much more will go towards the kids either. It will go to a raise in teachers salries, and the kids get the shaft again.

But the prisons? Cut money to the prisons? We all know what is next! Instead of taking computers and cable tv away from them, removing weight rooms and workout rooms that make them huge monsters against the Prison guards, they will let a huge number of prisoners out to make us all nice and safe and happy! Thats the punishment you taxpayers get for not paying more in taxes. Oh, wait! We did just have to pay more in taxes! What the hell, Jennifer?

Recently in the news, were email chats that were released from one prisoner, on trail for killing and chopping up his wife, and another prisoner that I believe killed her children. Now why is that? Why are prisoners in any jail or prison allowed to use a computer? What have prisons become? A networking chat room for murderers to access the general population? What kind of country club are we running here?

Yet, even though some of these prisoners have committed heinous crimes, we treat them like they are education-able, making taxpayers pay for an education in prison that they can never use! They will never get out of prison, but lets teach them what the government schools failed to do in the first place. Some of them get so involved in law, that they use that education to tie up the courts, which we also pay for by having to fund a court appointed lawyer.

They get three square meals a day and get to play the rest of the day. Basketball, cards, whatever. When they get tired they get to watch cable tv and in some cases, watch what the press is reporting on them and see their own picture on the news! Instead of being in lock up and safe guarding our prison workers, they get to run free and terrorize the guards. That should be the exact opposite.

We need to make them work for their food. Have them plant gardens to grow food. Teach them how to can food. I feel that they shouldnt have anything that is considered a luxury. No meat, no play time, nothing. We put prisoners in prison to redeem themselves to society, not to have a free for all party.

Want to save some money, Guv? Take the teachers that work out of prison, lay them off. Take the computers out of prison, sell them. Take the weight rooms and play things away and sell them. Lock them in their prison rooms and dont let them out. Stand up for the guards for once, and not the prisoners.

Maybe even look at our drug laws, and change them. A kid found with a little bit of weed should not be in jail for that. And end the law that puts some in jail for life over drugs. You dont even put murderers and rapists in jail that long. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment! Murderers should get that sentence, not someone with a couple pounds of marijuana, for crying out loud. And maybe the state of Michigan should look into capital punishment so we dont have to pay for these monsters for the rest of their sorry lives, and refuse to let them have cyber sex on our dime either! Restore some sanity to this state, and do it quickly or step out of the way!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hizzoner wants to protect Detroit Casino's?


Well, wouldnt you just know it. Mayor Kilpatrick runs to Washington to fight the opening of a casino in Romulus, which is where the Detroit Metro Airport is. It makes sense to me, although I hate the fact that Indian Casino's get so many special rights that regular Americans do not, they are a nation within a nation, all by themselves.

But I have long advocated for Romulus to step up to the plate and make it more tourist friendly, a casino and a huge Cobo Hall style Convention Center would be well worth the money, and Im sure they would welcome the Auto Show with open arms. It just makes more sense to be around the airport where there is plenty of hotels, rental car agencies, etc. And its safer.

Just ask a few people in the suburbs if they would go to a casino in Romulus over Detroit, and the answer is Hell-Yes! I know I would! So, what would the city of Detroit do, if they lost all that revenue to the suburbs? They might not have enough revenue to pay off Police Officers that they fired unjustly. They would lose millions and they know it.

Next would be a new Convention Center in Romulus, and as much as that makes sense, Hizzoner wants to expand Cobo Hall with the taxpayers picking up the tab. Where does all the money go from the Auto Show right now? Raise the price of admission for these big events a buck or two, and pay for it yourself. Cobo Hall cant cover its own expansion? Too bad. I dont want to go to downtown Detroit to see it. I would go to Romulus to see it.

If the city of Detroit owns Cobo Hall, maybe they should think of selling it. Maybe a private investor (if you can find one) could make it into a business that makes a profit. It should not be funded by taxpayers, and it should not be expanded. Why expand a losing venture? And if I have to pay extra taxes to expand it, I want on the deed to it.

For many years, citizens have had to pay for City owned deals like this one. The city decides to build a public swimming pool, they build it with OUR money, then turn around and charge us to use it. We already paid for it once. What kind of deal is that? Thats why I advocate that government owns NOTHING. They should not open swimming pools, golf courses, ice arenas, own any land, or anything else. Private ownership has to answer for losing money in a business, but government does not. They just increase taxes and rates to use what you have already paid for once.

They should not run any transportation programs either. How's Smart busing working out? The suburbs have to fund that worthless program in our property taxes. Greyhound should still be the main busing company but government put them out of business. Now we all have to pay for something that hardly anyone uses. They even tinted the windows, so no one can see how empty the damn things are.

So, I say, let Romulus have a casino. This should not be a Washington D.C. decision. It should be a state and local issue, and surely the city of Romulus should never have to answer to Detroit.

Build it and we will come!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What is in those Confidentiality Statements, Mr Mayor?

And why did you have to do that in the first place? What did the police officers have on you that made you settle and then force the issue to be kept quiet? I guess screwing the police over by firing them unjustly wasnt enough, you had to make sure you silenced them for life.

Looks like a court disagrees with that, now that the Detroit Free Press wants access to those documents too. What a shame, it has come to this, Mr Mayor. The first rule in business is to cover your ass. Do the right thing, and you never have to lie. Once you lie, you have to tell more to cover the first one.

Channel 7 reports on it once again..
Mayor Will 'Likely' Fight Secret Docs Ruling
City Must Release Settlement Documents

Friday, February 1, 2008

Who Is Carmen Slowski, we ask again?

Googling a few things about the City of Detroit, I discovered that the Detroit Mayor is paid pretty well. According to a news story in 2004, the Mayor back then made $176,000.00 plus all the trips he can take. I also remember a story in the news that he took all of his "posse" out to dinner for lobster, often, until he got called on it, on the tab of taxpayers. Ill have to look that one up and comment on it later.

What I did find was a statement by the Mayor about the costs of government in the city of Detroit. This is very interesting.

From 2006 the Mayor states about his city workers:

"In the private sector, the normal rule of thumb is that fringe benefits
cost an employer about 30 percent of employee salary costs. The city of Detroit
has an average of 88 percent benefit cost for all salaried employees. In the Detroit Department of Transportation - DDOT - it's 92
That means for every dollar spent on a DDOT employee in salary,
the City spends an additional 92 cents in benefits. To put in plainly, if you are paying somebody $30,000 in salary, you end
up costing the city $57,000 because of your benefit package. "

Wow, great job of running the city there Mayor. But it gets even better!

"We also need to work together with our employee unions to turn around the growing problem of absenteeism in city government.
The workers creating this increased absenteeism are hurting our ability to
provide services while at the same time laying a heavy burden on their hard
working brothers and sisters who do show up for work every day in city
government. In the Police Department and in our
Department of Public Works there's an average of 30 percent absenteeism on any
given day. That's 30 percent of police officers who are not on the street.
That's 30 percent of people who should be collecting trash but who are not.

Now, when Detroit comes knocking at the suburbs door for more money, make sure you slam the wallet shut as fast as you can. And if you dont think you help to pay for this incompetence and injustice, take a look at what Lansing gives Detroit. Im sure you dont think that is just Detroit tax money. And then look at your property tax bill and note what you pay to the county of Wayne, along with paying for the Smart Bus Program, along with the Wayne County Community College, etc...

"I also want to acknowledge the job creation efforts of Gov. Granholm.
Last year the Governor worked with the Legislature to create a
$2 billion Jobs Fund to spur economic growth in
Michigan in the 21st Century.Governor, I want you to know we're coming after
some of that money."

"We're coming after 20 percent of those
jobs fund -- $400 million
, said the Mayor."

Where, dear Michigan residents, do you think this money comes from? Michigan Income Tax? How do you feel knowing that your money is being sucked into a city that uses it to pay for their government to take lavish trips including a spa and bubble bath? Who is Carmen Slowski, again, we ask?

How do you feel about sending all this money to a city where 30% of the work force doesnt even show up to work, yet gets paid?

How do you feel knowing all those trips with Ms Beatty were taxpayer funded, and the Mayor DEMANDS 400 million from the rest of the taxpayers of Michigan? How do you feel about the Mayor making 176k and still billing the city and demanding more money from Granholm, while taking all those trips to Resorts?

How do you feel about the fact that Detroit has the Manoogian Mansion that the Mayor gets to stay in for free? Free trips, free mansion, perks up the wazoo.

Doesnt that make you all warm and cozy when you write that check to Lansing to pay Michigan Income Tax? How about how warm and fuzzy you felt when the Governor just jacked all our taxes up? How does it make you feel to know that they took food off your kitchen table by taking your hard earned money and put it on theirs?

Doesnt it make you feel all warm and bubbly to see them drinking fine bottles of champagne while you pay the tab?

And to add some salt to that wound, the Governor of Michigan makes $172,000 per year, plus all her perks and free airplane, plus the governor's mansion in Lansing and on Mackinaw Island. But the most stunning fact about her salary is that the Mayor of Detroit makes more than the Governor.

And then they wonder why the moving vans are heading south, zooming away from the Michigan border as fast as they can!