Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hizzoner wants to protect Detroit Casino's?


Well, wouldnt you just know it. Mayor Kilpatrick runs to Washington to fight the opening of a casino in Romulus, which is where the Detroit Metro Airport is. It makes sense to me, although I hate the fact that Indian Casino's get so many special rights that regular Americans do not, they are a nation within a nation, all by themselves.

But I have long advocated for Romulus to step up to the plate and make it more tourist friendly, a casino and a huge Cobo Hall style Convention Center would be well worth the money, and Im sure they would welcome the Auto Show with open arms. It just makes more sense to be around the airport where there is plenty of hotels, rental car agencies, etc. And its safer.

Just ask a few people in the suburbs if they would go to a casino in Romulus over Detroit, and the answer is Hell-Yes! I know I would! So, what would the city of Detroit do, if they lost all that revenue to the suburbs? They might not have enough revenue to pay off Police Officers that they fired unjustly. They would lose millions and they know it.

Next would be a new Convention Center in Romulus, and as much as that makes sense, Hizzoner wants to expand Cobo Hall with the taxpayers picking up the tab. Where does all the money go from the Auto Show right now? Raise the price of admission for these big events a buck or two, and pay for it yourself. Cobo Hall cant cover its own expansion? Too bad. I dont want to go to downtown Detroit to see it. I would go to Romulus to see it.

If the city of Detroit owns Cobo Hall, maybe they should think of selling it. Maybe a private investor (if you can find one) could make it into a business that makes a profit. It should not be funded by taxpayers, and it should not be expanded. Why expand a losing venture? And if I have to pay extra taxes to expand it, I want on the deed to it.

For many years, citizens have had to pay for City owned deals like this one. The city decides to build a public swimming pool, they build it with OUR money, then turn around and charge us to use it. We already paid for it once. What kind of deal is that? Thats why I advocate that government owns NOTHING. They should not open swimming pools, golf courses, ice arenas, own any land, or anything else. Private ownership has to answer for losing money in a business, but government does not. They just increase taxes and rates to use what you have already paid for once.

They should not run any transportation programs either. How's Smart busing working out? The suburbs have to fund that worthless program in our property taxes. Greyhound should still be the main busing company but government put them out of business. Now we all have to pay for something that hardly anyone uses. They even tinted the windows, so no one can see how empty the damn things are.

So, I say, let Romulus have a casino. This should not be a Washington D.C. decision. It should be a state and local issue, and surely the city of Romulus should never have to answer to Detroit.

Build it and we will come!

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