Sunday, February 10, 2008

Take your kids OUT of Government Schools!


Families are running for their lives
Posted: February 09, 2008

By Olivia St. John

In a Feb. 7 press release, a broad coalition of Christian grass-roots organizations boldly banded together urging parents to either homeschool their children or place them in Christian schools. Prominent pro-family crusaders like Phyllis Schlafly, once a proponent of public school reform, are saying it's time to exit public schools.

Indeed, the situation is so serious that in states around the country, sexual material is being taught to children as young as kindergarten age. Barb Anderson, research and policy analyst with the Minnesota Family Council, details lewd content being taught in public schools in a policy paper titled "The Birds & Bees Project: Gay Sex Ed for Kids." According to Anderson, a presenter at the annual Minnesota School Health Education Conference stated, "When speaking to teens you must tell them there is no right or wrong and no good or bad choices."

Anderson goes on to say that on page 152 (A Day at the Clinic) of a 187-page guide distributed by the Birds & Bees Project, health educators encourage pregnant teens "to practice making an appointment to have an abortion … [and] that they can seek a judicial bypass to circumvent the Parental Notification law."

Leading public school textbook publishers even sponsor this educator's conference featuring the Birds & Bees Project that claims "to educate more than 8,000 young people in the Twin Cities metro area each year."

Shocked? Don't you know that Feb. 14 is National Condom Day?
Parents have been battling this almost 500 billion dollar per year government monopoly called the public school system for years, and they're losing badly.

The real tragedy is that while these parents continue trying to reform a terminally corrupt system, many don't realize that they are aiding and abetting the ruin of their own families and nation by using the wrong tools. Their children are going to hell in a hand basket, courtesy of teachers unions and an entrenched educational bureaucracy, and the parents scratch their heads every Sunday in church wondering why.

Over the last hundred years, anti-Christian forces have slowly infested schools throughout the nation, aided and abetted by an activist judiciary bent on creating the law and not merely interpreting it. The most expensive educational system in the world turns out graduates who lag behind most other developed countries when it comes to literacy in science, math and reading, while their parents drive around town giving schools free advertising with "my child is an honor student" stickers. In the guise of "diversity," teachers force heinous sexual perversions into the minds of innocent children as young as 5, while parents timidly respond by asking to review curriculum. Physical violence such as rape, assault and even murder are all too common on school grounds, while parents hope and pray that their children are not on the receiving end of another Columbine.

Christian parents wonder why their kids are losing their faith by the time they hit college. They wonder why their kids are so academically ignorant. They wonder why their kids are sexually active at age 10, and why they are emotionally depressed and distraught.

Well, there is hope.

The good news is that many parents are now on the run, and it's finally in the right direction – away from the public schools through efforts like the campaign. They're seeing children spiritually shrivel into humanist drones and realizing that their child's school is not so wonderful after all. In fact, it's trashed.;pageId=55928

Lets shut them all down and start over. I once contacted Glenn Anderson when he sent out some flyer about vouchers, and he said he would not support them. When I emailed him to ask why he wouldnt do that, he said until the private schools answer to government (note: not answer to parents, but answer to him!) he would not support any vouchers that could be used in private schools. Amazing!

Save your children, and get them out of Government Schools. Plan to homeschool. Get your neighbors to help out. Build a block party of home school kids, where parents can take turns. Lessons and information are all over the web. Help us rid the United States of the filthy disease known as indoctrination of our children by people that think they know more than you do about how to raise your children. Start today!

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