Friday, February 1, 2008

Who Is Carmen Slowski, we ask again?

Googling a few things about the City of Detroit, I discovered that the Detroit Mayor is paid pretty well. According to a news story in 2004, the Mayor back then made $176,000.00 plus all the trips he can take. I also remember a story in the news that he took all of his "posse" out to dinner for lobster, often, until he got called on it, on the tab of taxpayers. Ill have to look that one up and comment on it later.

What I did find was a statement by the Mayor about the costs of government in the city of Detroit. This is very interesting.

From 2006 the Mayor states about his city workers:

"In the private sector, the normal rule of thumb is that fringe benefits
cost an employer about 30 percent of employee salary costs. The city of Detroit
has an average of 88 percent benefit cost for all salaried employees. In the Detroit Department of Transportation - DDOT - it's 92
That means for every dollar spent on a DDOT employee in salary,
the City spends an additional 92 cents in benefits. To put in plainly, if you are paying somebody $30,000 in salary, you end
up costing the city $57,000 because of your benefit package. "

Wow, great job of running the city there Mayor. But it gets even better!

"We also need to work together with our employee unions to turn around the growing problem of absenteeism in city government.
The workers creating this increased absenteeism are hurting our ability to
provide services while at the same time laying a heavy burden on their hard
working brothers and sisters who do show up for work every day in city
government. In the Police Department and in our
Department of Public Works there's an average of 30 percent absenteeism on any
given day. That's 30 percent of police officers who are not on the street.
That's 30 percent of people who should be collecting trash but who are not.

Now, when Detroit comes knocking at the suburbs door for more money, make sure you slam the wallet shut as fast as you can. And if you dont think you help to pay for this incompetence and injustice, take a look at what Lansing gives Detroit. Im sure you dont think that is just Detroit tax money. And then look at your property tax bill and note what you pay to the county of Wayne, along with paying for the Smart Bus Program, along with the Wayne County Community College, etc...

"I also want to acknowledge the job creation efforts of Gov. Granholm.
Last year the Governor worked with the Legislature to create a
$2 billion Jobs Fund to spur economic growth in
Michigan in the 21st Century.Governor, I want you to know we're coming after
some of that money."

"We're coming after 20 percent of those
jobs fund -- $400 million
, said the Mayor."

Where, dear Michigan residents, do you think this money comes from? Michigan Income Tax? How do you feel knowing that your money is being sucked into a city that uses it to pay for their government to take lavish trips including a spa and bubble bath? Who is Carmen Slowski, again, we ask?

How do you feel about sending all this money to a city where 30% of the work force doesnt even show up to work, yet gets paid?

How do you feel knowing all those trips with Ms Beatty were taxpayer funded, and the Mayor DEMANDS 400 million from the rest of the taxpayers of Michigan? How do you feel about the Mayor making 176k and still billing the city and demanding more money from Granholm, while taking all those trips to Resorts?

How do you feel about the fact that Detroit has the Manoogian Mansion that the Mayor gets to stay in for free? Free trips, free mansion, perks up the wazoo.

Doesnt that make you all warm and cozy when you write that check to Lansing to pay Michigan Income Tax? How about how warm and fuzzy you felt when the Governor just jacked all our taxes up? How does it make you feel to know that they took food off your kitchen table by taking your hard earned money and put it on theirs?

Doesnt it make you feel all warm and bubbly to see them drinking fine bottles of champagne while you pay the tab?

And to add some salt to that wound, the Governor of Michigan makes $172,000 per year, plus all her perks and free airplane, plus the governor's mansion in Lansing and on Mackinaw Island. But the most stunning fact about her salary is that the Mayor of Detroit makes more than the Governor.

And then they wonder why the moving vans are heading south, zooming away from the Michigan border as fast as they can!

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