Friday, February 8, 2008

So, the Michigan Governor cuts Prison funds...


And wants to give more to government schools..hmmph. The schools already get plenty of money, dont let that fact get in the way. But of course, they wont tell you that, they want a raise. When the city of little old Garden City pays 88% of its revenue to teachers salaries, health care and retirees, what is left for the kids? Not much. And not much more will go towards the kids either. It will go to a raise in teachers salries, and the kids get the shaft again.

But the prisons? Cut money to the prisons? We all know what is next! Instead of taking computers and cable tv away from them, removing weight rooms and workout rooms that make them huge monsters against the Prison guards, they will let a huge number of prisoners out to make us all nice and safe and happy! Thats the punishment you taxpayers get for not paying more in taxes. Oh, wait! We did just have to pay more in taxes! What the hell, Jennifer?

Recently in the news, were email chats that were released from one prisoner, on trail for killing and chopping up his wife, and another prisoner that I believe killed her children. Now why is that? Why are prisoners in any jail or prison allowed to use a computer? What have prisons become? A networking chat room for murderers to access the general population? What kind of country club are we running here?

Yet, even though some of these prisoners have committed heinous crimes, we treat them like they are education-able, making taxpayers pay for an education in prison that they can never use! They will never get out of prison, but lets teach them what the government schools failed to do in the first place. Some of them get so involved in law, that they use that education to tie up the courts, which we also pay for by having to fund a court appointed lawyer.

They get three square meals a day and get to play the rest of the day. Basketball, cards, whatever. When they get tired they get to watch cable tv and in some cases, watch what the press is reporting on them and see their own picture on the news! Instead of being in lock up and safe guarding our prison workers, they get to run free and terrorize the guards. That should be the exact opposite.

We need to make them work for their food. Have them plant gardens to grow food. Teach them how to can food. I feel that they shouldnt have anything that is considered a luxury. No meat, no play time, nothing. We put prisoners in prison to redeem themselves to society, not to have a free for all party.

Want to save some money, Guv? Take the teachers that work out of prison, lay them off. Take the computers out of prison, sell them. Take the weight rooms and play things away and sell them. Lock them in their prison rooms and dont let them out. Stand up for the guards for once, and not the prisoners.

Maybe even look at our drug laws, and change them. A kid found with a little bit of weed should not be in jail for that. And end the law that puts some in jail for life over drugs. You dont even put murderers and rapists in jail that long. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment! Murderers should get that sentence, not someone with a couple pounds of marijuana, for crying out loud. And maybe the state of Michigan should look into capital punishment so we dont have to pay for these monsters for the rest of their sorry lives, and refuse to let them have cyber sex on our dime either! Restore some sanity to this state, and do it quickly or step out of the way!

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