Friday, February 8, 2008

Mayor Kilpatrick on the hot seat again..


I keep forgetting who the heck Carmen Slowski is..and now it comes out that Ms. Beatty, the Mayors lover, bought a house with funds meant for low income folks. Are you actually saying mortgage "fraud"?? Say it aint so!

And the Mayor knew those text messages were in the hands of the former policeman's lawyer's possession? Ewwww, weeeeeee! So, according to channel 7 News, they were placed in a safe deposit box at a bank and both Kwame and the policemans lawyer had a key to it. Both had to be present to open it. So not only did the policemen get fired for doing their job, they got fired for knowing more than they should.

And the only way to make sure that Mayor's rear end was protected, was a confidentiality agreement with the text messages to be turn over to the Mayor. So back in October or November, the mayor knew they were out there, yet that sure didnt slow him down from his North Carolina trip with Ms. Carmen Slowski. That takes a huge amount of arrogance.
Watch the video's from Channel 7 News here...
See the secret papers here...

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