Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Expanding Cobo Hall..

The City or County asks the Big Three Auto Companies to help out with the funding for the Cobo Arena expansion. Anyone in government understand what they are asking the car companies to do? All three say NO, and so they ask them again...GM, Ford and Chrysler tell them no..Duh!

Why should the car companies pay anything for Cobo Hall's expansion? These people have a whole lot of nerve, since all car companies use it for the Auto know, like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Kia etc...they want our home grown car companies to pay for something they dont own,(and actually sounded offended that they were denied the money!) but the foreign car companies get a free ride? What company, in their right mind, would give away their money for something they dont hold the deed to? Im sure their stockholders would love that!

This is so typical of Detroit and the Democrats in this area. If the city of Detroit owns Cobo Hall, (and they do, which explains why it is a losing venture), shouldnt they pay for its expansion if its such a good deal and a money maker? The City of Romulus should build a huge Convention Center, as fast as they can, right next to the Casino they want. In fact, at that link above, the Auto Show should move to Novi, since it seems to be expanding without taxpayers paying a dime for it, since its privately owned.

And for the first time that I can recall, the government has created a car pool lane on Michigan Avenue going into Detroit. This is such a horrible idea, and its been a horrible idea every where its been tried, but yet, we get to pay that bill, and probably not even use it. Since it was paid with our tax dollars, you must have at least two people in the car to drive on it! Who thinks these things up? And they will issue you a ticket if you happen to drive on it alone in your car? Mind boggling! Its 5 miles long, and I can just guess how much this cost the state taxpayers, and only "certain" people will be able to drive on pathetic. And then the brainiacs wonder why the good people of Michigan are getting the hell out of here!

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