Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Here's to the First 100 Days....

And to ALL the people that gave us this MONSTER!!

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And here's praying that once again we can find a Conservative to come in and undo the massive failure and raping of this country's wealth and freedom!

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God Save Us!
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Oh, and make sure you check out this link...Photoshopped Documents including the fake birth certificate all done by the same person "Ducky"!

Monday, April 20, 2009

We Will Resist Socialism!

And Katrina Pierson tells it like it is. What a wonderful young woman, her voice is my voice. Her voice is your voice. Her voice is the American voice. Heed these words Washington!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party Values Brewing! Stop Taxing and Spending!

Lansing Michigan Protest

I was watching Bill O'Reilly and Laura Ingraham talking about the Tea Parties in which they were discussing both sides of this issue and the reason that Barry Soetoro/Obama won the election because of the people that want Big Government and more Nanny State programs. It was said that Soetoro won because of this and of course I would have to agree.

But what wasnt said was the crying shame moment of the day my opinion, the people that are having their pockets raped, their wallets emptied, and their hard earned money taken by force should have a greater say than the ones raping and emptying those wallets. Accountability on one side should be even more accountabulity on the other. The ones taking on the left, or stealing I should say, seem to think that the ones having to give up their money should be silent and just take it.

Anderson Cooper: It's hard to talk when you're teabagging
In horror, I watched the video of Anderson Cooper make fun of this protest, by saying that you cant talk much while being teabagged! He should know, since I'm sure hes had more testicles in his mouth than I have. And I am appalled that CNN even keeps this man on their payroll after that. Of course we expected the main stream liberal media to cut us down, and make their snide remarks, and be the elitists we know them to be, but this has gone too far. Millions of teenagers are probably googling the term as I write this.

And they wonder why no one watches them anymore, or actually pay for their newspapers, or even watch the local news anymore. And then they have the gall to bash Fox News for kicking their rear ends for years, along with their missing testicles and testosterone. The Girly Men on CNN (that includes the overabundance of testosteronetheir women on CNN too!) have that tingly feeling running down their legs more ways than we can count! (Teabagging aside since they don't have any balls to do that anyway!

So the real men and women of this country stood up to say NO! No more taxation, taken from our wallets to give to useless, lazy and entitlement minded people! Let them earn their own way. Cut the government down to a much smaller size and quit taking our life, liberty and happiness away to give to ACORN!

And before I go too far on the nutless left with no courage, let me say that today was a peaceful protest, but I cant say how long that will go on. And before I go hide my money in the mattress on this infamous Tax Day, maybe its time to Amend the Constitution to make voters have to be taxpayers in order to vote. Its much to easy to influence someone into voting for you if you promise to give them free money stolen from others. Yea, thats the teabag ticket!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why is Michigan a Blue State?

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After all the prosperity of the Engler Administration, we have jumped head first down the blue hole every year since. It doesn't make any sense, and the state has gone straight to Hell ever election we have. Trying to figure out why, other than all the blood suckers on welfare and other programs voting for more free money, I couldn't figure out why no matter how many jobs we lose, no matter how many businesses we lose, no matter how bad it gets, Michigan still votes these corrupt Liberals back in office!

Take a look at Carl Levin, Debbie Stabenow, Jennifer Granholm and the Messiah. It still bothers me that we have to "hire" a Canadian when we have millions of regular Americans that could do a much better job. And having two far left Senators to represent us in Washington D.C. only compounds the problem. We get smacked down by our Governor and her greedy fingers who uses us as her personal piggy bank, and then our Senators use us the same way in Washington. And then we top off that screwing with the election of Barry Soetoro. We have no one that can give us a damn break!

Like other blue states, like California and New York, people are leaving and speaking with their feet. Because unlike Liberal feel good programs, we who have to work for our money, don't appreciate our politicians legally stealing it and giving it to their pet projects. And to add more misery, the amount of fraud within these programs is so high that even able bodied people have learned how to steal from its neighbors piggy bank in huge amounts. Some say that the number is $100 million dollars a year just in fraud!

Now why would the average Michigan citizen continue to vote for this? We have been spoon fed lie after lie after lie, and we continue to swallow it? Maybe not..

From RedState:
Detroit has 200k more voters than people over 18

Democrats want every vote, however it got voted to count. Republicans want every voter to count.

There are over 200,000 more registered voters in Detroit than the census estimates that there are people over 18.

“Detroit election officials confirmed Monday what an analysis of census and population records shows: The city has more registered voters than it has residents over the voting age of 18.”
Ultimately, election officials point to federal laws that don’t allow election officials to purge rolls. So what is the Democrats’ — and California Democrat Zoe Lofgren in particular — response? Introduce a bill to forbid purging those rolls.


Now Detroit cannot be alone in this kind of voter fraud, with all the absentee ballots of dead bodies voting. And what kind of job is the Secretary of State doing? If you look at the numbers from the 2008 election results, how much fraud occurred? Look closely at Wayne County, for Detroit, Genessee County for Flint, Saginaw County for Saginaw, Ingham County for Lansing, and see how easy it would be for these counties, through voter fraud, to throw every election we have. And from the looks of it, it is being done with the blessings of everyone involved.

And where is Terri Lynn Land, and what is she doing about it, other than running for Governor next year? Lets hope she doesn't get the nod for Governor.

Then take a look at the results from the 2006 Governor's election and concentrate on the same numbers of the major counties that I named above. With the number of fraudulent voters, its easy to see how these elections can be stolen, especially when 1/4 of voters are dead or illegal.
If 200 thousand votes just in Detroit are illegal or dead, and they magically always vote for a Democrat, we have more fraud in Michigan than anyone ever suspected.

How corrupt is this state? Is it too late to save it? From the looks of all the moving vans driving out of Michigan, it may be too late, since no one seems to care, or to be able to do a damn thing about it. What a crying shame!

It is time to change this state around, or no one will be left here, but the suckers and the thieves. Maybe we should sue ACORN until we sue them out of existence, they just got a few billion from the Usurper in Chief..that would be a start. And then sue the cities that allow this lawlessness to happen. A huge number of lawsuits, (sort of like liberals do, sue, sue, sue!) would put an end to this. Its time has come! Maybe we can hire Liberal Geoffry Fieger to do something good for once. Heh, maybe not!