Thursday, June 19, 2008

"In Five Years, You Will Be Blown Away!"

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Yes, we have been blown away, by Gov. Jennifer Granholm. Her incompetence was just shown on TV yesterday, in case you all missed it. Her only claim to fame as Attorney General for the State of Michigan was the same thing she can claim as Governor.

She was out with the Michigan thugs, errr employees, checking to make sure when you buy a gallon of gas, you get a gallon of gas! Well, I guess thats better than raising our taxes, and it kept her busy for a short while.

At the same time, the News announced that Michigan, in its one state recession, has an unemployment rate of 8.5%. High gas prices, high food prices, high taxation. Thats Michigan, folks!

So, what did I decide to do? I decided to totally obey the speed limits and stops signs etc..why? Because I refuse to give the State of Michigan an extra dime. I will not support or attend any activity that gets any taxpayer money from the state, like Henry Ford Museum, the Detroit Zoo, etc. I already pay for them so I refuse to pay twice. I cut back on water usage, I even drive less, so any extra taxation can be curbed. I might even give up the occasional drink since that is taxed big time.

Any business that the government endorses, or has funded to come here, I will not support. I see that most of these plans are working. The revenue that the Governor thought was coming to her Majesty, has failed miserably from news reports. The Queen of Michigan, once the Democrat's great white hope of a Constitutional Amendment to let her be President, has been a complete flop. Her crown is tarnished, her subjects disgusted.

Where's Ted Nugent when you need him? The Motor City Madman would of made road kill out of the last election, it would of been an amazingly easy win for him. Kill it and Grill It would be our state motto by now, and most of the useless state workers on the government teat would be on the same unemployment line as the wee little people are now. Now that would be worth its weight in gold to see that!

So yes, Governor Granholm, you blew us away! You made history in more ways than one. The first woman Governor, and the worst Michigan Governor. Its Jimmy Carter all over again, except the Michigan media havent given her a Misery Index yet. They should!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hey Garden City! Its time to share a story!

Back off
My daughter recently moved out of Garden City, Michigan. I might say, what a relief, but I was born and raised there, so with a heavy heart, I will write about a small town that has turned into a monster.

Whenever a family moves, there is always a lot of things that go out to the trash. Thats just normal, everyone does it, and of course, Garden City has thugs running around watching the nieghborhood. Yes, they watch for an empty house, and plaster a little red sticker on it! They let the world know that this house is empty, and you better go get a city inspection before you set a foot in there to move in.

They run around seeing if anyone is breaking any ordinances that could result in a ticket and a fine. Its like a little Communist community now. But they are not alone, some surrounding cities are catching up with the Big Brother Rules. But what happened to my daughter, shocked me.

She was moving and had put out the things that she wanted to throw away, when along came a city worker yelling at her that she couldnt do that! You might be wondering why, now wouldnt you? You see, this was a Monday, and this little chap knew (must have way too much time on his hands also!) that GARBAGE DAY was Friday. You cant put your garbage out until the night before, in this little city, its against the law.

So, assuming now that you have to move out near or on garbage day, how will the City handle this? My daughter was informed to move everything back into the back yard until Thursday night, at which time she can come back to an empty house and put the garbage back out. How wonderful!

My daughter did the smart thing, and called the City Of Garden City and asked why she had to do this..someone in the City Hall had a brain cell left and informed her that the city does not force you to move according to garbage day, and that she would not have to move it all back, just to come back and do it again 3 nights later.

But what amazes me is that they would even stop and do this in the first place. Who died and left them boss? Next up, they will make you rent a trash container in order to move. Surprised? They are trying to force landlords into doing this when they evict a tenant and the tenant doesnt move his things! The government will require this be paid for by the Landlord, also!

The landlord just got screwed out of quite a few months of rent before he/she could even evict the tenants, probably faced damage to his home for evicting them, and now he gets to pay for a few days of a Pod with the tenants things in it, even if the people dont pick them up.

Want to see how fast its becoming a No-Rent city? How about a No-Rent state!? The home that my daughter rented is now for sale. No more renters for that Landlord!

So, Garden City can keep plastering the red stickers all over the city, it looks so pretty! They along with countless other cities can keep abusing their power and their citizens, and soon they wont have anyone to pick on anymore..remember the moving vans are moving OUT, and the cities keep wondering why...

Seems simple to me! Big Brother needs to BACK OFF!

Pay Attention, Michigan Residents!


Coming to a town near you! Or your home town! From Debbie Schlussel we get this news...

Muslims in Dearborn Heights want to take away the Ice Cream Truck Music! They don't care if they blast the Call To Prayer five times a day, but hear the tinkling song of the Ice Cream Man and Muslims cant stand it!!

So far, we have controls over music noise, Church Bells, dogs barking, etc, but next will be children playing (there has already been a lawsuit over little girls playing in a pool and the neighbor sued) power tools, motorcycles and cars, lawnmowers, blowers and edging tools, basketball in your own driveway, or any sports that might make noise, but the blasting of the Call to Prayer on LOUD SPEAKERS at 5 am in the morning IS just fine!

How long are we going to take this? Just one complaint and the government comes down on us like the outdoors should be noise free! Take a look at what they deem inappropriate! The ICE CREAM TRUCK! An American Tradition!

People of Michigan better wake up and stop this madness. If you think this is no big deal, wait until more laws stop you from even doing anything outside! A party for your graduating child? Forget about it! A pool party? Nope! Mowing your lawn at any decent time you feel like? Nope, sooner or later you will have a time frame to do that!

Even in this day and age of air conditioning,when you can go inside and shut the windows in cool temperature to shut out the noise, some people have the gall to try and limit our freedom. And don't think they wont do this everywhere! And then they wonder (and even advertise!!) why people wont buy a home in Dearborn. Who the hell wants to live there under Sharia Law? Who the hell wants to see Walmart cater to Muslims? Who the hell wants to be woke up at 5 am to loud speakers broadcasting the Call to Prayer for Muslims? These are illegal motives set up to take your freedom away while giving the Muslims the power to rule over traditional American ways. We had better stop this madness, and do it now!

We cant hear the Church Bells anymore, because that is not obeying liberals with the Separation of Church and State, yet the Call to Prayer is allowed!!?? What the hell is going on? And now, thanks to creeps that shouldnt even live in a free nation, we will silence the Ice Cream truck!

Now Dearborn Heights is next. They will also be begging people to move there in commercials while the rest of us say HELL NO! White flight, that has been happening for decades continues, except now were moving away from Islamic Law in the United States of AMERICA! WE WILL NOT SUBMIT!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Detroit Mayor Kwame should just hide out until he resigns!

Hockey Fans dont like Hizzoner butting in on their parade..Dont rain on our Parade Mayor!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

When A Jury Doesnt Have A Brain!

Of course, we all knew that mega Lawyer Geoffry Feiger was going to be found innocent. Its not hard to see that coming down the get a bunch of people to form a Jury and make sure they don't have a complete living brain cell left..and Waaaa Laaaa! You get a Not Guilty verdict.

Now we all have an excuse to get out of every thing we do in every day life. I think I may go rob a bank (just kidding Feds!) and then claim I didn't know it was Illegal! Feiger may be a Master of Law and Lawsuits, suing everybody that moves, but when it comes to campaign laws, he says he didn't know it was illegal?

And the chumps on that jury bought it, hook, line, and sinker! Now what does that tell us all about the Federal Courts? Take a good look at this case, because this is whats going to happen to Kwame "Hizzoner" Kilpatrick.

It doesn't matter if you are guilty as sin, play stupid and say you just didn't know it was illegal! One of the best legal minds, (even if his politics suck) just played you all for fools, and he knew he could.

So, how about using that in court for bank robbery? Murder? Rape? Detroit Federal Court is nothing but a sham. Good Job Geoffrey, you should of been a criminal Defense lawyer, instead of an ambulance chaser!