Tuesday, June 3, 2008

When A Jury Doesnt Have A Brain!

Of course, we all knew that mega Lawyer Geoffry Feiger was going to be found innocent. Its not hard to see that coming down the pike..you get a bunch of people to form a Jury and make sure they don't have a complete living brain cell left..and Waaaa Laaaa! You get a Not Guilty verdict.

Now we all have an excuse to get out of every thing we do in every day life. I think I may go rob a bank (just kidding Feds!) and then claim I didn't know it was Illegal! Feiger may be a Master of Law and Lawsuits, suing everybody that moves, but when it comes to campaign laws, he says he didn't know it was illegal?

And the chumps on that jury bought it, hook, line, and sinker! Now what does that tell us all about the Federal Courts? Take a good look at this case, because this is whats going to happen to Kwame "Hizzoner" Kilpatrick.

It doesn't matter if you are guilty as sin, play stupid and say you just didn't know it was illegal! One of the best legal minds, (even if his politics suck) just played you all for fools, and he knew he could.

So, how about using that in court for bank robbery? Murder? Rape? Detroit Federal Court is nothing but a sham. Good Job Geoffrey, you should of been a criminal Defense lawyer, instead of an ambulance chaser!

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