Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sharia Law Billboard Not Appreciated..Really? I kind of like it!

The non-profit group United American Committee has erected a controversial 48 ft. long billboard on Interstate 75 south of Detroit, MI with a statement in opposition to Islamic Sharia Law, a legal system that many believe is a growing threat to the U.S. Constitution.

DETROIT, MI (November 25th, 2008) - The billboard, located just south of Luna Pier Rd. on the south bound side of the Detroit-Toledo Expressway, states “Sharia Law Threatens America”. Sharia Law is a legal system recognized in many Islamic countries such as the former Taliban regime of Afghanistan, and currently Saudi Arabia, and is a legal system which dictates beheadings, stonings, and other punishments for what are listed as crimes under Sharia such as homosexuality and adultery, and according to critics views women as inferior granting them little rights. Days after the billboard went up, emails from angry Muslim residents began coming in to the offices of the United American Committee, the organization behind the billboard. “Muslims are the biggest victims of Sharia Law in the world.” remarked Tom Trento, a spokesperson for the UAC. Trento continued “We hope this message inspires the Muslims of America who came to this country to escape Sharia, to stand up against it.

If one goes to the website listed on the board ( http://www. UnitedAmericanCommittee. org ) they will find a video of Wafa Sultan, a Syrian Muslim who escaped from the middle-east and has become an outspoken critic of Sharia Law. “At times, it feels to me, that Sharia is following me to the United States” Sultan says in the video, referring to Islamic charities and organizations in America who have pushed for support for Sharia Law in parts of America. Sultan also points out that in Great Britain and France, Sharia Law is being enforced in various ways in certain communities. Most recently Great Britain has officially sanctioned the establishment of Sharia courts for civil matters among Muslims. “Our constitution is not compatible with Sharia” Sultan states, a view shared by many in America.

The United American Committee is a leading non-profit educational group dedicated to awakening the nation to the threats of radical Islam and works to educate Americans on the nature of Islamic extremism. Its mission is to fight the ideological aspects of the War on Terror to counter elements of radical Islam in America.

Tom Trento 561-767-0982

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Classless Idiots..

Dressing up for Halloween isnt fun anymore. Its disgusting, and make sure you notice the people jumping out of the Twin Tower. I fail to see the humor.

I bet its not so fun being famous now..people demanded to know who these asshats are, and someone obliged..

boob Says: November 10th, 2008 at 5:46 pm
per the request of more than half the people who posted comments on this pic the names of the people in it are Nicole Cass*se and Yael Nadel-Cad*xa feel free to put them on blast
Im sure it wont be hard to fill in the blanks..and now they will live with this for a long time. The Internet has a way of making fools looks like fools forever..

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just Shut the Hell Up and Pay More Taxes!

Barack Hussein Obama's Auntie is living here on welfare and is an illegal alien, oredered deported 4 years ago. Yet, even after being ordered deported, Obama's Auntie has been collecting welfare illegally, for many years, as you and I go to work to pay it. That includes public housing, and medicare. What a wonderful scam if you can get in on it. And many illegal aliens are in on it!

So the Auntie that Obama writes about in his book is one of millions that shouldnt be here. Shouldnt be on welfare, and shouldnt be a burden on the taxpayers at all. Never worked here, never contributed, never had to pay a cent in taxation to get the benefits she enjoys. What a country!

Obama's brother lives in a hut in Kenya on 1 dollar a month, his Auntie lives off of us illegally, and then he has the gall to call us selfish for not wanting to hand over more of our hard earned money to the government. He hasnt taken care of his own family, yet you believe that he will take care of yours? Have you Obama supporters lost your ever loving minds?

I would like to know why Obama thinks people that earn their money are selfish, and people that take it without working for it, are not! I would like to know exactly when SLOTH, ENVY, COVETING, GLUTTONY, GREED and STEALING became the norm for people in America?

No one minds a hand up to someone that has fallen on bad times, but the fact that so many Americans think they can live like that, off the hard work of others infuriates the ones that work so hard, just trying to maintain their own life, their own home, their own groceries, and raising their own children. They WORK to do this, they work hard. What is selfish about that? That is what this country was built on, and to this day, is what you are suppose to do and be.

Just remember that you never got a job from a poor person, and you never will. Voting for Obama is like voting yourself out of a job. Good luck with that.