Thursday, January 31, 2008

Unconstitutional Restrictions on the Press

Bubble Bath?

So, the Mayor doesnt want to answer any questions? I cant imagine why that is, since news of his latest trip with Ms. Carmen Slowski and their bubble baths have surfaced. Now there are new rules in the City Hall and parking lot for Hizzoner! I wonder where in the city or state Charter does it say that you can keep the press off of public property? Are we dealing with thugs, or just people that think they are "special"?

The Channel 7 News reports this..chilling!

Wilson: Mr. Mayor, who is Carmen Slowski?

Carmen Slowski, as we first revealed, is the name used by the mystery woman
with whom the mayor shared a romantic bubble bath and deep tissue massage at a
North Carolina spa.

It’s an issue not just because his wife Carlita was back in Michigan
at the time…but because when the text messages showed he was not truthful under
oath about having an extramarital relationship with his then-chief of staff
Christine Beatty, the mayor’s response inferred that he ended such misconduct
long ago: “My wife and I worked our way through these intensely personal issues
years ago,” he said.

But the tryst here at the spa? It was only four days before he made
that claim. So…last night other media also caught how he wanted nothing to do
with me asking about that…or with any other reporter.

Here’s another angle shot by a photojournalist for The Detroit Free
Press…who also shoved by the Hizzoner…

Detroit Free Press Reporter: You shoved me!

And from Chopper 7, you can make out there, in the dark, how cops working
for the mayor pushed me aside and applied a knee to the groin as they held
me…Now…fast forward to just this morning when the mayor arrived at work for the
first time in a week. It’s a public building, a public sidewalk, and
reporters who are frequently at that door to catch a comment from official…but
not today.

Today, all were kept yards away…and now watch here what happens to that
blonde woman when another journalist has the audacity to try to get closer than
the mayor wanted.

And here are the posted new rules for the media inside the city-county seat
of government:
No more access to the parking lot or the entrance where officials come and
No more “random interviews” with officials in public and common areas of
the building, or even near the doors because suddenly “it creates obstructions
and life-safety concern”

Last night the mayor said, “I am the mayor. I made the mistake. I am
accountable.” Then he slipped out a back door and sped away into the
darkness. And today comes enforcement of rules officials say they adopted
in 2006, rules seldom if ever enforced and, says one local attorney, blatantly unconstitutional.

They effectively protect the mayor and others from accountability
apparently, unless we’re invited in for an interview they agree to
schedule. It seems to set-up a new challenge for all reporters—we’re
accountable if you can find us outside the office, or we agree to be questioned
at work.

Now who is kidding who, here? What are you hiding from, Mr Mayor? You cant hide forever, and someone is going to figure out who that woman was that you took a bubble bath with, while your wife was at home two weeks ago. You did the deeds, and this wont stop until you move out of the mansion, and leave the city to clean up your mess.

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