Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mayor Kilpatrick, WHO IS CARMEN SLOWSKI??

Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, Democrat, and Christine Beatty
Who is Carmen Slowski? Watch the video at that link!

Two weeks ago, before the Detroit Free Press released text messages between the Mayor and his love interest, Christine Beatty,(pictured above), the Mayor was spending some time in North Carolina at a resort with another woman. She checked in as Carmen Slowski, and Ms. Beatty has stated to the press that it was not her at this Resort.

Scattered with rose petals, strawberries dipped in chocolate, the Mayor and his little girlfriend enjoyed themselves while taking in a massage and other goodies, before the crap hit the fan about this "other" affair.

Now the press is demanding that the Mayor identify this other woman, and in return the Mayor shoved the reporter and went into his church to make his public apology for Ms. Beatty. That apology was the most disgusting thing Ive ever had to watch. Bill Clinton he is not! His wife was sitting next to him, almost cooing to him, holding his hand and asking for the press to leave them alone.


Most of us saw through that fake apology from them both. Its hard to give up a city paid mansion, city paid trips, city paid vehicles, and the power of being able to tell everyone to go get screwed as he rips them off. Also paid in full for the Mayor was the 9 million dollar judgement for firing 3 innocent police officers to cover his ass, along with his attorney fees.

Now, thats hard to give up! So, while the press searches for the mystery woman, and trust me, after shoving the press around like he did last night, they will now be even more earnest in finding the new love interest, the Mayor finally went back to work today. After a couple weeks off, some spent in North Carolina, some spent in Florida, he has had a nice long vacation before having to face the music.

So, Mr. Mayor, who is the new woman? Why did the taxpayers of Michigan and Detroit have to pay for that? Enquiring minds want to know, since its our money that use to screw around on, and have for years. Fess up, Kwame, or step down. Your dirty laundry cant be washed. Take your gold-digging wife, and your gold-digging, arrogant self, and resign.

Otherwise, the press wont let up until they publicly show the world who the new woman is.

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