Thursday, January 31, 2008

Detroit Mayor kilpatrick and his Affair EXPOSED!

Mayor Kilpatrick and his love interest Mrs. Beatty

Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick- Democrat-Clinton Copy Cat!

I wonder what Mayor Kilpatrick did to the Detroit Free Press. Normally this rag of a Newspaper protects Democrats and Liberals. What pissed them off? That "Pimp Mayor Kilpatrick" fought them for years to stop them from getting his text messages to his mistress?

Or was it that the Pimp Mayor fired 3 cops to cover up the affair and then committed Perjury in the trail against the city that cost the cash strapped City Of Detroit 9 million smackeroos?

Has the City of Detroit had enough? Or will they rally for the Mayor who is a Lawyer, and committed perjury? Sounds familiar, doesn't it? But this Mayor is no Bill Clinton! He's as slimy, as Clinton. But can he get out of this as easily as Clinton got off?

Somehow, it could happen. I find it unlikely though, because the poor people of Detroit had to pony up 9 million dollars to cover his rather large rear end.

Click on the link above to read all about it, and the comments are priceless!

Rumors of election fraud put this moron back in office, the people of Detroit just went on with their lives. But the lies and the threats from the Mayor kept coming about the Cops he fired to cover up his affair. The cops sued the city, would of settled for a couple of million, but the Mayor decided that he would fight it. The whole court affair was televised, and it was obvious to anyone with a brain that this man was hell bent to destroy the police officers. Even though the police officers were telling the truth all along, now that this has been exposed.

And how stupid can you be to use a city property phone to text message that kind of garbage.

So, Mayor "Pimp Daddy of Detroit" whose bowl of Wheaties did you pee on at the Detroit Free Press? Because it sure looks like you lost this one!
Here is the Hip Hop Mayor from the Detroit Auto here..

And here is where he had the City of Detroit pay over 24k for his wife to have a Lincoln Navigator..nothing but the best for Hizzoner!

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