Friday, October 10, 2008

How's those Cheap Zoo Tickets Working Out for You?

Michigan Socialists that believe everyone else should pay their way, are showing us a good national dose of what their policies have done. Cheap tickets to a Zoo paid for by everyone else is exactly why the economy is tanking right now. Except in a smaller form.

Socialists believe that everyone has a right to a home. Yes, indeed, and the ones that cant pay for it are ruining everything we have worked so hard to get. Instead of just the families, or home flippers, or investors that have overspent and bought way too much house for their budgets, going into the tank, they are taking everyone else with them. Great job, Democrats!

When Jimmy Carter decided to push his agenda that home ownership was a right, it started the chain reaction we are seeing now. President Bill Clinton added his touch to the "rights of poor people" to have what others do, and even included welfare as an income to home ownership.

Democrats have their hands in this, big time, and the rats are scurrying and hiding, trying to bury the evidence of their carelessness, while the average, dumbed down American, blame Republicans and President Bush. Trust me on this one....if just ONE Republican had their hands in this mess, YOU WOULD KNOW IT, and HEAR IT SHOUTED FROM THE MEDIA OVER A LOUD SPEAKER AT FULL BLAST SHRILLNESS!!

These Liberal Socialists want everyone else's money, take a hard look at Obama! Google his ties to ACORN and how much money he has taken, and given away to his cronies. Take a look at his "Community Organizing" and see who he gave money to, how much is missing, how much was given for "certain" projects that magically never happened and the money is gone.

Where do you think that money came from? Taxpayers..and we are talking about 10's of millions. Chicago politics at its finest, and at its worst. And you are actually thinking about putting him into the White House?

You have a Chicago Politician that inserted earmarks into the Federal Budget that accounts for a million dollars a day to Chicago. $1,000,000.00 A DAY! Barack Hussein Obama. McCain, on the other hand, in his decades in the senate, has NEVER, EVER placed an earmark into any legislation in his whole career. I still cant even begin to fathom that a man with 3 Muslim names, after 911, could get close to the White House.

And we wont even go into his thug pals in Chicago, and the people linked to home grown terrorism, Nation of Islam, ACORN, and his Black Theology Church. If you happen to be online reading this blog, take the time to look these things up. Especially before you vote! Google Franklin Raines, who is now on Obama's campaign, and Fannie Mae connections, and 100 million he made cooking the books there..LOOK IT UP!

Obama Is A Muslim Pictures, Images and Photos

Cheap tickets, for the Zoo, are the least of our problems, but this is how they work. One thing at a time, slowly but surely, taking every dime they can, and making all of us suffer for things that shouldn't be taxpayer funded! We don't have a right to cheap tickets, homes, health care, or anything else. You earn it. You spend your money where you want to, and you accept the choices you make.

Now everyone will suffer for the selfishness of the Democrat Party, Socialists, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Jennifer Granholm, Barack Hussein Obama, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd, And ACORN, the community organizer club of ripping off the American People.

This is how it works, funding everything for people that don't deserve it, or cant pay it back. Making everyone pay for their own mortgage, plus everyone else that shouldn't have one..Making everyone pay for a Zoo that has probably outlived its usefulness, so some can go and not pay for its worth. The same with the Symphony, and the Art Museums in Detroit. We fund that too. And no one ever goes there.

Want even more of this? Can you afford more of this? Have you had enough yet? Michigan residents, we cant afford Obama. We cant take the chance!

God help us, we cant take that chance.

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