Friday, October 17, 2008

Why its NOT Wall Street's Fault, Or The Republicans

When the government sticks its grubby little paws into any private business, like a bank, they may have good intentions, but it always turns out to be wrong for somebody else. Expecting banks to lend to people with low credit scores, and no money down, and with a history of not paying back any debt is a program heading towards disaster. That's exactly what Jimmy Carter demanded of the banks, and then President Clinton added his special touch to screw the nation for the poor. And Barack Hussein Obama sued the banks, along with ACORN, to make sure they gave these loans to risky borrowers. now we will pay for it. Reparations, coming up the back side.

Now the blame is on Wall Street. That is incredible in itself, because Wall Street and Main Street were doing what the government told them they MUST DO. Add a little word into the sentence like "Greedy" and Americans that don't pay attention go crazy! Of course they don't listen to the news, or look it up on the web, to see exactly what is happening in this Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac mess. That's too hard. Its the GOVERNMENT THAT IS GREEDY!

So what is the answer? Barack Hussein Obama? He plans to take more of your money! You haven't lost enough yet? 401k down, house values down, and Barack the Marxist tells Joe the Plumber, that he needs to spread Joe's wealth around. Let me phrase that better..Barack Hussein Obama needs to spread more of YOUR wealth around, to the back end, sort of like the housing bubble that just burst.

Are you all ready to give even more of your money to the government? And it wont be just a little bit. When you jump for joy and whoop and celebrate over Obama threatening to raise the tax on oil companies, be ready to pay that increase at the gas pumps. This time around it will be your patriotic duty to pay more, to Big Brother Obama, and he will decide what black neighborhood will get your money. Or what cronies of his will get it, hes truly very good at that. I have yet to hear of a white man or woman that got anything special from Barack Hussein Obama.

Debbie Schlussel posted this wonderful little article of Community Organizers and Islam with Barack Hussein Obama right there...Organizing and Islam
Isn't that lovely? And white Americans are voting for this man? The same man that wants to take Joe the Plumber's money and give it to groups of people that don't include "Whitey". And his campaign has the nerve to call White America racist. I guess the last 60 years of welfare has worked so well, we need to take even more and give it away.

This is whats wrong with Main Street. This is whats wrong with Wall Street. Its government and their "greedy" slimy hands taking money that should never be taken. Christopher D. Adamo writes..
In a blatant example of political grandstanding rooted in sheer audacity,
leaders of the Democrat Party are seeking to gain as much mileage as possible
from the nation’s economic woes. Worst of all is that they are doing so by
incessantly blaming the situation on such easily refutable bogeymen as “greed on
Wall Street” and “predatory lending.” Yet by their nearly hysterical repetitions
of these straw dogs, they inadvertently reveal their inherent vulnerabilities on
the issue. Sadly, Republicans are still not rising to the challenge of exposing
the whole debacle for what it is.

To begin with, the notion that “greed
on Wall Street” somehow formulated the current financial fiasco is wholly
without any factual basis, but rather is an indication of the contempt held
towards Middle America by those elitists who consider themselves to be the
“Ruling Class.” Wall Street has always been driven by the desire of its
participants to accrue and increase wealth.

If that is “greed,” then
every American employee who ever works overtime or seeks a pay raise is every
bit as guilty of “greed” as well, but just not as successful as the competent
investment broker. What causes similar motivations to undermine America’s
financial markets is not the mere desire for greater wealth, but the unchecked
presence of corruption. And that begs the question of just who undermined or
prevented oversight of the financial system necessary to maintain its integrity.

Read the whole article to see what exactly happened and how its being covered up.

So when Barack Hussein Obama says that he is going to tax the rich, businesses, and trickle it on down, I wonder if that is his job. Charity is not the government's job. Stem Cell research is not the government's job. Spreading the wealth when you haven't worked for it is NOT the government's job. People in Michigan should know this more than the rest of the states! The liberal experiment of this state is a lesson to the nation that it never works and hurts everyone even more. With no results. Just bad results, a once proud working state struggling to stay afloat.

So what does the government of Michigan do to try and keep it afloat? Raise taxes, and give tax breaks to Hollywood to make movies here. That's right, you pay Hollywood to come here and make a stupid movie. GM, Ford and Chrysler pay unbelievable amounts of taxes so Jennifer Granholm can lure VW here, and let our auto companies pay for it. Our Gov goes to Japan to lure business here, instead of cutting taxes to keep the business already struggling from moving out of state or just shutting down completely.

Listen to Joe the Plumber, Michigan residents. He's right. When ever you redistribute the wealth, like Obama promises to do, it wont help anyone. It hasn't for all these years, it just gave some a free ride, and made others have to work harder. What is fair about that?

Watch this video and be very frightened..then vote with your brothers and sisters to save this nation from a disaster we might never recover from.

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