Monday, December 1, 2008

First the Mayor of Detroit Falls, Now his Girlfriend..

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Christine Beatty has taken a plea agreement and admitted she lied and obstructed justice for the Text Message on January 5th she will be sentenced and put in the Wayne County Jail system along with Kwame. How ironic, that for a couple months they will both nest in the Wayne County Jail together, for one last time.

How the mighty and arrogant fall from grace and how their futures must now look bleak. Her law school days must now be over, with 2 felonies on her record. Her children and Kwame's will live with text messages for the rest of their lives, and now watch their Mother carted off to jail for 120 days. Supposedly the reason she put it off was so that she could spend Christmas with her children, isn't that special?

Guilty of lying under oath, and obstruction of justice, she will be able to celebrate the birth of our Lord after she broke his Commandments. After she hurt innocent police officers and took their jobs away without a care about the families she devastated with her actions, the courts will allow her to celebrate Christmas with her family. Doesn't seem like justice to me when the police officers must of faced a very lean and hopeless Christmas from the actions of both Kwame Kilpatrick and Christine Beatty.

As much as her tears flowed today, it has to be hard to realize that this woman was vindictive, evil, and arrogant with her power and the power of the Mayor's office. Her text messages, along with the Mayor's were almost pornography without the pictures. The final sentencing outcome of these two lying people is extremely little, in the face of what they did. No special treatment should of been granted.

Your tears must be over getting caught. Your tears must be over having to admit how vile you were to innocent people and the part you had in ruining their lives. Your tears must of been over the affair that lead to a complete breakdown of city government, never before seen in this depth with the City of Detroit. Not that we trusted Detroit government much before! Your tears must be over a ruined marriage, and the fact that Kwame's is still intact, at least for now. That should be a good enough reason to get on your knees and pray and thank the Lord on Christmas Day.

I am sure 120 days in the Wayne County Jail will bring on many more tears, since people have said its not a very nice environment, but at least you can celebrate the birth of our Lord with your children. Hopefully Our Lord will have more pity on you than we do.

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