Monday, December 29, 2008

Can't We All Just Get Along Now?

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I already am on the Right Side! Now Liberals want us all to get along and Support their Prez...

Yes, to my amazement, that is what I am hearing regarding the Democrat President Elect Obama, the same one without a birth certificate Obama, (who just sent Emmanuel to Africa to destroy a Birth certificate in Kenya, while Obama is trying to create one in Hawaii) and all of his Democrat pals in government. Now all of sudden its all peace and love, and love thy brother. Support the new Prez Elect and be a real American! Ha!

I seem to recall 8 long years of utter disdain for Republicans, and anything they did, be it good or bad. I have read so many things on the Internet that were so disgusting (Ronald Reagan and Tony Snow's death, anyone?) and now I hear from my own Father-in-law that Obama will be destroyed by the Right Wingers because they wont even give him a chance! Those big bad Republicans are not going to play nice! They are such cold people, that they don't adore the Messiah! So, what do you think we will do? Get Along? Not in this life time!

Bring It On Right Wingers! If there is nothing else, we have 4 years to trash the Democrats and give back as good as they gave it! I cant wait! I get messages from left wingers that I better get over it and shut the hell up. Heh! There's a better chance of lightning striking them then that ever happening. And I personally don't like anyone that tells me to shut up.

I have been a pretty good sport these last 8 years, taking the abuse heaped on myself and my fellow Conservatives in massive doses. I haven't punched anyone, or swore at them excessively..I cant say I didn't use a few 4 letter words, but I didn't bitch slap them either. That would of been my preferred response, but like I said, Ive been a pretty good sport about it.

Now, the tables are about to turn. Obama will not be my President, I will not acknowledge him, nor will I ever call him President. I will treat him exactly the way the left wingers treated President George W. Bush, Sr and Jr, and President Reagan. And I will give Obama the same chance the left gave President Bush.

Can we all just get along? Not in a million years! Want to see a huge fight? Mess with the (un) Fairness Doctrine, Gun Control, higher taxes and giveaways, Freedom of Speech on the Internet, Community Civilian Troops that will monitor what we do and say, and you lefties will find out why the "real" Americans just went out and bought 60 Million more guns in the last few months.

Yes, we can all get along, if you mind your own business and leave mine alone. Mind your own money and leave mine alone. Mind your own property and leave mine alone. Knowing that Liberal Democrats can not do that...its War! And its going to be fun!

Treat yourself this Christmas to an extra special present Ladies, go to a gun show!

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