Monday, January 19, 2009

Interesting Facts Coming Fast and Furious..

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This post at Country First makes so much sense and gives me hope...

Below is a brief statement, that was developed from our research, and a
prediction of the days ahead.

Looking at things in a new way today...
Let us make the following assumptions:

1- Our government cannot possibly be as clueless, as to not have
investigated the eligibility of Obama for President

2- The Blago investigation went public because it was an issue that would
have been hard to contain if "Overlooked" for very long

3- The rise of Obama in Politics is nothing short of unbelievable,
considering all the politicians , who have spent their careers on both sides of
the isle, in an attempt to gain the highest office.

4- The total silence, of ALL elected representatives, en mass, have refused
raising the question before us.

5- The entire matter involves people that are both
elected officials, but involves even more people that at this moment, until the
swearing in Tuesday, are slated as appointees, therefore not subjected to the US
Code of Federal Employees, and no investigation of crimes have been disclosed
yet, since they are not "Employees"

Read the items executive order below, it is further elaborated on the US

It looks like President Bush is aware and ready to help the people stop the Usurper and his band of the above link carefully.

Country First continues...
I am willing to speculate, at this point in time, that due to the scope of
all those involved, the seriousness of all the Breaches by Obama of the US CODE,
and other laws, both by him, and his associates, the net has been cast, and as
soon as Obama takes the Oath, Which moves many individuals to "Employee status"
the net will be hauled in, and as Colin Powell mentioned in an interview some
time ago, there will be upheaval on or about January 21 of this year.

I will further add that the Supreme Court has acted in a way that would
assist the investigation and uncovering of all the facts, and has shielded the
federal investigation from being uncovered, and/or actions being triggered
before the federal authorities, and the legal aspects of the case were

This issue goes far beyond just the Eligibility Issue. It's tentacles have
spread through certain organizations to effect finance, political power, and
terrorist ties, both in the Middle east, as well as South America. The Plan
shall we say, was in development for over 40 years, and has propagated through
the American public under the guise of Special interests, that have gained the
attention of the Media, and therefore, the population.

Pray for this nation, and keep your kids home from school tomorrow so they wont be force fed this crap sandwich! And send some money to your State Militia as soon as you can! Lock and Load!

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