Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Circus, The Freak Show, and the Zombie Nation...

The Trash the Left left behind!

UPDATE: WOW!! JUST WOW! Jackie posted this in the comments section, and its mind blowing. What this is going to lead to is people will not rent to minorities! Just because a new President is black does not mean a contract is no longer a contract. The Courts are going to be full of landlords evicting and this article from Jackie.. We Have A New President Now!

The mocking of President Bush, the Lincoln theme, the poetry that didn't make any sense, and all the trash left behind, made for one sickening Immacualation of the Presidency. It looked more like a circus and freak show with a bunch of Zombies walking around saying Obama over and over in some sick, monotonous way.

Since I agreed on election day to give the left the same respect they gave us the last 8 years, I will not be calling this man President. I will mock him like the liberals and Democrats have mocked President Bush, even as he was leaving to go home to Texas. I bet he woke up relieved to be there today and away from the monsters in Washington D.C.

And I was not impressed with the Lincoln theme, since Obama/Soetoro is no Lincoln, plus the fact that Lincoln was a Republican. There is no comparison to these two men, but I was surprised that I did not see a Top Hat. Bravo to Tammy Bruce yesterday, who on the radio played the Reagan Inauguration instead of Obama/Soetoro's. That made my heart have some true hope.

And the poetry, what the hell was that poetry trying to say? It was utter garbage, and boring..and racist..but once again, these people think they have mastered the language, artsy and tartsy, and all that wordsy rubbish, it just sounded incredibly stupid. But the little paragraph that was at the top of the list of causing a problem is this one, by Reverend Lowery...and this was in a Prayer!...

when black will not be asked to get in back
when brown can stick around
when yellow will be mellow
when the red man can get ahead, man
when white will embrace what is right

Now that sets back race relations back a few decades and make the different races love each other! And where do they get off thinking we all have to love each other? Don't fool yourself thinking that they love the white man, they are just using you for the money they will now be taking and giving away. You will no longer be worth anything to this administration. Your money will be, you will not.

You will be silenced to go along with the program or be accused of being racist. Thugs like the ones with billy clubs outside the Philadelphia voting poll will now become more common since now they have the candidate that will let them. His Civilian Service Army he plans to institute will have our own children ratting out their parents on what they say and do. You will see our children walking the streets armed like the United States Army to keep citizens in line. You will see grandsons giving up their grandparents. If we allow this, freedom as we know it is over.

And then Obama/Soetoro said this on the campaign trail..

"We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our
homes on 72 degrees at all times ... and then just expect that other countries
are going to say OK," Obama said.
"That's not leadership. That's not going
to happen," he added.

Thats right, the Messiah thinks he can actually tell us what to do! Will he ban this stuff outright? Put government controls on our furnace thermostat? Give us government issued cards that we have to use at the grocery store, that will reject some of the items we want, while he eats whatever he wants? Lobster for him, not for you! Triple taxation on all SUV's and trucks? Or will they just punish SUV owners? How about vans, limo's and ice cream trucks? How about private jets?

All you people that voted for him are going to be sadly disappointed when he applies the same rules to you as he tries to silence the Right. The government cannot pay your way unless it takes from others, and when the government steals from its citizens it does not look at voting records to see who they can tax. You will never get a free ride, it wont happen. When you dont get your house note paid and free gas credit cards, the letdown is going to be huge. You asked for it, and you got the biggest snow job that country ever created. Deal with it.

And now we are going to continue on the road to discovering exactly who Obama/Soetoro is. When we show the proof that we just installed an illegal alien into the White House, you will probably rejoice along with us since you have been lied to also. Maybe, maybe not. It wont matter to us on the Right and we wont take this nonsense lying down.

The left made some serious mistakes yesterday, and we wont ever forget what you did to President Bush. Now its your turn and we wont hold back the flowery artsy language and say it in ways that makes it all pretty..its going to get ugly. Its going to get ugly fast. And you threw the first punch.

Washington D.C. is now nothing but a Circus, with the Freak Show in full view. And the people that went there were the Zombie Nation. I will not join that show, I will never join you or accept the idea that now we must all get along to make Obama/Soetoro a success. You will now be treated as the lepers that you are, the mooches, the lazy, the ones that want what everyone else has but you don't want to work for it. You drew the line in the sand yesterday, and we will now step over it.

And we will finish it. Take one more dime of our money, restrict one more right, try to silence us, and Hell will look good to the masses of idiots that have one be legal thieves of everything good and pure.

Satan couldn't of done a better job yesterday. The Snake Oil salespeople have now taken over.

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