Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kwame Kilpatrick Resigns..Finally!

But he wants to be the new Marion Barry of Washington D.C. and be able to run again in a few years, and be taken back like the Crack-Head from Washington D.C. was re-elected after busted on camera sucking on a crack pipe.

Everyone on the news were commenting on how somber he looked in court today, pleading guilty, how humble he finally is. I guess 120 days in jail will humble him even more. And he got lucky on that sentence. The "normal Joe Six-pack" would get about 2 years for Perjury and Obstruction of Justice. Let alone assaulting a police officer serving a warrant. So he got off cheaply.

But in his wake, the City of Detroit, along with Wayne County, the tri-counties, and the State of Michigan will pay dearly for his actions. Not only in a soiled reputation, but in taxation to keep that City going, why is beyond me. But politics as usual will continue to make this state a complete joke, with people dealing with it with their feet.

The moving vans are about the only business making any money in this state, a state that is loaded with too many taxes, too many restrictions on our freedom, and too many nutcases in our government. Take a good look at who will now be the President of the Detroit City Council. Shrek has nothing good to say about this appointment. So its not over...

The Federal investigation into the contracts with some of Kwame's "buddies" have links to the City Council, where money was supposedly passed on to some of the Council Members. One that is suspected of that and more will now run it. I sure hope the Feds step that investigation up quickly.

Detroit needs to pick their leaders more carefully. Try to reject Pimp Daddies and Thugs..that's a good first step.

Now on to the drama of prosecuting of Ms. Beatty. She cant get a deal now for ratting out the Mayor.

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