Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Embryonic Stem Cell Research in Michigan? Give Me A BREAK!

On the ballot in November, will be a question of whether to raise taxes again! From the state of Michigan, these freaks in government want more money for embryonic stem cell research!

"Supporters of Proposal 2 say that human embryo
will bring money to Michigan. What they don't say is the
real money is coming from taxpayers. New York taxpayers are now in for $600
million to support human embryo research. New Jersey taxpayers were asked to
shell out $450 million. And California taxpayers? On the hook for $3 billion.
More taxes. Is that really the cure Michigan needs right now? Proposal 2 is too
costly to Michigan taxpayers. 2 goes 2 far. Vote no on Proposal 2."

Now they disguise it, they do a good job at it too. People of Michigan should know that we already have adult stem cell research and umbilical cord research, and it has found many cures and has the possibility of many more.

Some of the proposal's supporters back public funding of research,
although that's not part of the measure going before voters in November.
Proposal 2 supporters say approving the measure could clear the way for state
researchers to receive federal money for embryonic stem cell research if the
next president reverses limitations instituted by President Bush.

Now I would hope that Michiganders would read between the lines in that paragraph! State taxes, local taxes, or Federal taxes, all come from YOU! Note that they also say it "COULD" come from the federal government..if not, count on it coming from Michigan taxpayers. We just opened the door for a bunch of useless research that other states are already doing. Let the other states continue to waste their money, we don't need to!

What has been a complete waste of money, has lead to absolutely nothing of value, and is milking the states of Missouri, California (BILLIONS!) and New Jersey, is Embryonic Stem Cell Research. And now Michigan wants to join the states already being taxed for something that a lot of people feel is not moral. It takes a fertilized egg that if it were implanted, would become a human baby. It tears it apart, to try and find anything of value to save a life. This research is already being done, it is NOT ILLEGAL, IT JUST ISNT TAXPAYER FUNDED, and we don't need to jump in on the bandwagon!

Think of it this way, if there was money to be made, if there was actual proof that this was worthwhile, it would not have to be taxpayer funded. This is just another way to take more of Michigan's taxpayer money, and never have to produce a product. Say NO on November 4, to any more taxes! Say NO to Proposal 2 which we DO NOT NEED!

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