Friday, August 29, 2008

The Dust Has Settled on the Democratic Convention..

And now the spotlight is Sarah Palin, John McCain's Vice Presidential pick, and we cant ask for a better candidate, man or woman. She shines, much more than Obama's fake halo around his big inflated head.

Its time Michigan, for you to vote for McCain, and his running mate..she's spectacular! A no nonsense woman that kept her baby even when she learned he had down syndrome, she doesnt think a baby is a punishment like Barack Obama does.

Lets bring this state back together and vote to change the mess we are in. The mess that Democrats have caused. They can blame President Bush until they are blue in the face and the lie detector blows up, but it is simply not true. A ONE state recession cannot be caused by the President. It can only be caused by our bad choices in who we voted for. Locally and state wide.

We did not protect our own home grown businesses, we taxed them to death. And we see what that has done to this state.

Join me in voting for the Republican ticket this November, and show the Democrats the way out. We have given them years to screw this state up. Its going to take years to correct it.

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