Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kwame's going to Denver, OOPS, No he's not!

You are the company you keep!

Kwame gets his little tether tracker taken off, OOPS no, its put back on. He was almost getting ready to go to the Democratic Convention, a meeting of thugs, liars, and snakes, but OOPS, No to that too!

And then what does the Obama campaign say? Maybe its best if Kwame stays home and doesn't attract negative attention to the Democrats...BAHAHAHAHA! Now that's FUNNY!

The Nation of Islam protects Kwame, and Obama, so why the change in heart now? Kwame is one of them! Why kick the man when he's down? Its not like he's any different to the rest of you fake and greedy two-faced people.

And where is John Edwards, the "almost, wanna-be VP that could of nailed the union vote for you" Obama? Bill Clinton is going to visit, why lock out Big John? (Why do you Union people vote for Politicians that will eventually destroy your job? Auto Workers, Hello!) He's the biggest two-faced Two America's windbag of them all! Should fit right in the Democratic Party Convention!

I guess the "I Wanna Cut Obama's Nuts Off" Jesse Jackson was uninvited too, but don't worry, Hillary and her "testicle Lockbox" will be close by.

Will the Black Panther Party show up? How about the Nation of Islam? How about the Communist Party? How about the Marxists? This should be a free for all for all the freaks ever born in America, and we are all going to watch the circus play out on a big screen TV!! YIPPEE!

Try to avoid the PissBombs from the Loony Left, and have a Merry Socialist Party!

Normal Denver People Beware..Get the hell out of there until its over.

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