Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Dirty Little Secret! Vote NO on the ZOO!

From a pamphlet I received in the mail:

859,000 taxable parcels located in Wayne County.

201,000 Parcels are tax delinquent! 25% are tax delinquent and we want to raise this? Now thats heartless!

These people are in danger of losing their homes, not because of a mortgage default, but because they cant pay their taxes! Property taxes are already outrageous, and they keep hitting us for more money.

In 2008, 5400 homes were foreclosed on by the Wayne County Treasurer Ray Wojtowicz who just happens to be running for re-election. All of these homes were for non-payment of property taxes. Seniors were probably hit hardest, because their Social Security payments basically stay the same while property taxes seem to go up for anything and everything.

So, the dirty little secret, while you ponder to take more of our money for the Zoo is that people are hurting. It could be your Grandmother next, that loses her home because we are arrogant enough to think that homeowners should have to pay for a service that they cant afford to use. Instead of doing it the fair way, by charging more in admission to the people that actually visit the Zoo, people feel that cheap tickets at the expense of homeowners is more fair. Doesn't make any sense, does it?

Have any abandoned homes in your neighborhood? Seen any of those red stickers on them? Someone at one time loved that house. That someone could be you next. We need to lower taxes on our property or eliminate them completely, because you never own the property you broke your back working for. Taxation makes that impossible.

Vote NO on the Zoo! Vote NO on any more taxes that come down the pike! Tell our government in Michigan that we have had enough.

Maybe if we could cage some of our Michigan politicians in the Zoo, we could raise the price and have a Comedy Club at the same time. I'd pay to see that! Maybe even have some pea shooters available...

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