Thursday, August 28, 2008

Scandals and Michigan. Liberals and Michigan.

Kwame Kilpatrick and his babes and abuse of taxpayer money, Debbie Stabenow's true blue husband and the hooker, Jennifer Granholm and her high taxation, along with nothing achieved but higher taxation, plus being behind the change of the Michigan Constitution to make Michigan a Democratic stronghold forever, and Andy Dillon, soon to be recalled for his part in making Michigan the poorest state in the Union.

Then there's Carl Levin who has been in the senate for way too long, and has sat back and done nothing to save this state and its auto companies, along with liberal politics that have ruined this once great state. All you have to do is look at the states that have been blue states for decades to see how bad they are..New Jersey, New York, California to name a few. Add Michigan. Stir and serve the liberal cocktail and make sure you don't cry in it.

High taxation, lose of jobs to red states that don't regulate them into closing up, business is not moving overseas, they are moving to Tennessee and Indiana and business friendly environments. Red states let freedom ring. Not in Michigan! We have more laws and more taxation, and more rules here, and rules there. The once cherished private property rights have been so distorted that even children playing and screaming can lead to a call to police for excessive noise. Own a dog? Don't you dare let him bark. And then they tax the hell out of you in property taxes for the honor of having to stay inside and be quiet to avoid the noise police showing up.

People cant afford to pay their water bills so lawns are brown and dying. For a state that has an abundance of free water, they made sure its expensive to use. Drilling for oil or natural gas? No way, pay that huge bill and shut the hell up about it.

Add more taxes for a failing Zoo, ( I wonder if the resume padding Ron Kagan got a raise from this, he was making 16,600 dollars a month last year! And look what he produced! We now have to pay taxes on homes for his salary!) and whatever else they think of next, like Cobo Hall expansion, or bailing out the city of Detroit.

Have we, the people of Michigan, had enough of this failed liberal Democrat Experience? Or will we try a new way, and hope to change the direction of this failing state?

I think this man has the right ideas. Introducing Jack Hoogendyk for Senate. At least balance the Senators with one Republican and Liberal Democrat Stabenow. Its your call Michigan, more of the same? Or trying a new way to prosper? We cant take much more of Liberals ruining this state. We just cant.

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