Monday, August 11, 2008

.08 % Decided for the rest of us!

Not even a full 1% of the population of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties decided to raise our taxes for the Zoo. Our political hacks put these choices on Primary ballots are for that reason alone..not many show up to vote for primaries, and they set it up that way to get these programs passed, and their Pro-taxation people show up to make sure it passes.

They did the same thing with the "Smart Bus-Let The Suburbs Pay" for it. Then they tint the windows to try and make it hard to see in the bus and how empty it is.

Wayne County population-1,971,853
Amount of votes that put extra tax on homeowners-120,331

Oakland County population-1,214,255
Amount of votes that put extra tax on homeowners-140,786

Macomb County population-832,861
Amount of votes that put extra tax on homeowners-70,556

Added together-331,673 voters
Total population of all three counties-4,018,969

331,673 divided by 4,018,969=.08%

And thats why I support outlawing any major issues on any Primary Ballot. Let it be on the Presidential ballot, or the state ballot for Governor, but never on a primary. It's time to make that a law!

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