Tuesday, August 5, 2008

VOTE NO TODAY! Redistribution is WRONG!

This is one of the "educated" responses I get to higher taxation, and paying for something that you dont use..I am not saying I would never go to the Zoo, but if I do go, I dont want to pay twice for the "honor" of going to the Detroit Zoo..heres a little snide message from our wonderfully educated Michigan residents..

Teri has left a new comment on your post "Vote NO to the Zoo on August 5...": Your city taxes help pay for the maintenance of your city roads, such as cleaning up debris, filling holes, and replacing CITY roads, not the gas tax. We should take out all state parks too, why have another place to spend an enjoyable day not far from home. While we are at it, we could sell the water from the Great Lakes to Las Vegas, they need the water, then taxes might be even cheaper. Certain people may not enjoy the zoo, but I'm sure there are other activities your nieghbors help "pay" for you to enjoy. You should have taken advantage of a college education, you might understand how society benefits from education and learning resources within one's community.I am single, I have no children, and I don't go to the zoo every year, but I don't mind contributing to my "neighbors" so their children can enjoy a lovely afternoon at the zoo.I would not want to pay $35 a person to go to a zoo, nor do I want to spend $60 in gas just to get to another zoo. VOTE YES

Let me think about this..education at its finest..you would rather pay $150 bucks for nothing, instead of paying $35 bucks for the pleasure of going to the Zoo..that's if you even own a home, which most likely you don't... So be generous with your own money, and write a check "for your neighbors"! Use that fine education you have, to be productive and be very generous with your own money.

Too cheap to pay $35 bucks to get into the Zoo, too cheap to spend $60 dollars on gas to get to a Zoo, but generous enough to make your neighbors pay for nothing..great deal there! Maybe you should hit the college trail, and seek a higher education.

Oh, and before I forget, there is a built in 18.4 cents a gallon federal tax in gasoline to pay for roads. There is also a 54.4 cent Michigan gas tax that is suppose to pay for the building and maintenance of Michigan roads..You might want to check that out .

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