Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Michigan Residents, have YOU had enough yet?

Remember the Blanchard government? Any of you know that he is one of Granholm's BFF'S?

Lets go back a little bit and think about the history of this state..Don't worry, I wont go far enough back to make you relive the nightmare of Jimmy Carter, Democrat, in this state. But lets go back to Governor James Blanchard, Democrat.

I started selling real estate in 1991, right before Governor Engler won and a Republican finally had the Governor's mansion. In the first year of selling real estate, I had many clients that were workers for our Big 3 auto companies. Back then, because the jobs were so iffy, it was hard to secure a mortgage for our workers at Ford, GM, and Chrysler. The threat of lay-offs played heavy with mortgage brokers and bankers.

Then that started to change, they were almost the prime borrowers to get a mortgage, because they had Governor Engler in office to try his best to protect our home grown businesses, the auto companies, and the Mom and Pop stores too.

Then his term limit was up, and this wonderful state decided to elect a Canadian born California elitist that was supposedly the great hope of all. Since then we are back to the Governor Blanchard era, it has repeated itself. We went from bad, to outstanding, back to bad. Why is that? Can I give you a clue, boys and girls?

Now we raise taxes for everything while our government "pretends" to make cutbacks..uh huh, we get it. Then they play on your heartstrings for more taxes that come down the pike for children and animals..(I say YOU because I already discovered how they play, years ago when I changed my voter registration from Democrat to Republican. Don't worry, your family only freaks out for a while, then they get over it!)

I was only 28 years old when I realized that I was no longer a Democrat, and that's about when I started watching and figuring out how they do things, how they screw you out of your rights first, then your money next. Then they tell you that they need more money for the "little people". Uh..that's the little people that used to have money, used to be able to go to work at GM and take care of their families easily.

Now you look to the same people to save you. But they don't give a shit about you. All they want is power, and your money. Clever little Democrats, until you learn their buzz words, but as clever as they are, they still speak with the same old forked tongue.

Anyway, back to Governor Engler and the economic surge we had during his years. It seems since he's left office, we have lost more of our money to government, and more of our freedom has been taken away. From local cities to the counties, to the state level, they just keep passing more and more laws and restrictions on our liberty.

We need to come back and hit it hard, we need to save this state from disaster. Its already started, the foreclosures, the banks and businesses leaving, people so desperate that they do things they never would before.

Lets once again begin anew, and let the Republicans have a chance. They cant do any worse than whats been done the last 6 years, or so. Vote for Jack H to replace Levin, hes had way too many years and he hasn't done anything. Vote a straight Republican ticket for the good of our state. We cant afford any more of this complete nonsense going on right now. Vote for McCain, we cant afford Obama.

Oh, and when Obama's Minister at his "old (uh hum) church" says they want your money for reparations and that includes every white persons 401k, take them at their word. The warning is there..heed it.

And dont forget the latest scandals like John Edwards, Kwame Kilpatrick, Debbie Stabenow's husband (anyone figure out how he got away Scot free and the hooker didn't?) Governor Elliot Spitzer of New York, his replacement Governor Patterson, Governor McGreevy of New Jersey, and these are in the last year or so...think about this when you go to vote in November.

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