Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We Fund The Losers! Michael J. Fox Sucks!

The Illegal Alien in Office now funds Embryonic Stem Cell Research when it has proven to be less than desirable. It has produced ZERO results, as opposed to Adult Stem Cell Research, has produced some 90+ cures and hopes to even cure what that asshole has. I hope that everyone knows that Embryonic Stem Cell research was never illegal, it was just never federally funded..it now is. A baby that is 14 days old will now be destroyed. Obama you suck! Now Michael J. Fox has his dream! You rich pig, you subject even poor people to fund research that has shown no promise.

The Democrats fund the losers, with your money! And now Michael J. Fox has the Usurper in Chief to do his dirty work. A lot of fake ass scientists will now have a permanent job for years.

Michael J.Fox never once considered doing what Jerry Lewis has done for MD, he decided that even though he had the ability to do so, he chose to tax Americans to find his cure. When gas prices get tough, property taxes get to tough for your pocket book, rest assured that a whole bunch of useless scientists have a job thanks to Obama and Michael J. Fox..Isn't it wonderful to fund a useless scientific program that has produced tumors in young people that actually believe in this? When Michael J. Fox doesn't worry about feeding his family, YOU WILL!

And in the meantime..adult stem cell research has found a possible cure for Parkinson's, which Michael J. Fox suffers from. I guess he owes us a refund..I guess maybe going back to Canada along with Jennifer Granholm is too much to ask for! Why cant we as Americans insist on Americans being our spokes mans and political leaders? Canada is not a shining example of freedom and liberty and low taxation people!

We fund welfare, for the losers in life. I am so sick and tired of the sob stories why anyone should get free money! It costs our businesses and private citizens trillions, yet the suckers that have to pay for this are shit on! I am so sick of this..Producers are evil, leeches are good! Obama is a leech, and you suckers are going to pay for this!

The State of Michigan has given these Democratic leeches free reign over our lives. They run our everyday lives. ARE YOU READY TO TAKE IT BACK? ARE YOU READY FOR A REVOLUTION?

Its time my friends, to strangle to government. Lets do it!
So I decided that I need to look at ways to strangle our government and cut off the boob that feeds them. Does it involve making changes and obeying...yea..but in order to make sure they get NO MORE MONEY we have to.

Obey the speed limits and every other law set to jack us up..the courts get millions and millions because they set the speed limit lower than we are willing to drive. They do that intentionally to fine and punish you. Wouldn't it be just magical to watch that money go down the pike? Its better in your pocket than theirs..In some way, its obeying to disobey!

Some are saying that they are claiming 9 or 10 dependents at work to pay nothing to the federal government in taxes. This is iffy at best, because unless we all do it, like the Tea Party, the IRS will get you..maybe setting the goal to make everyone do this would be the proper thing to do. They screw over our businesses like they are evil. Maybe if they get choked off at the trough it would teach them that we as Americans wont let them screw us anymore. Remember that the asshats in Washington work for us. WE DO NOT WORK FOR THEM..I KNOW IT SEEMS THAT WE DO, BUT WE DON'T!

Its time to fight the cities and the states over taxation of property, goods and services, and show them that its easier to take them over than to pay it. Is there any wonder why guns and ammo sales are up more than ever in the history of the United States? While our morons in government try to take away more rights and more of our money, don't we have a responsibility to make sure our kids have a better way of life? We should be taking these bastards down one by one to make sure that they don't screw us more than they have.

Instead we have the Pizza Lady who wants free health care..who the hell cares what she wants? She chose to open her own business! Why should we have to pay for her total lack of business sense and priorities? The Pizza Lady has punks steal McCain signs to make sure we all pay for her failure! Like I said..WE FUND THE LOSERS!

We Fund the Detroit Zoo, because they cant make it appeal to the masses to pay to see it. We fund Detroit and its morons, Monica Conyers make you sick enough yet? Her anti white rants should make you withhold as much money as can from Michigan to show Detroit we dont give a flying fart about it! Isn't it time for Novi to take over the Auto Show? That's if we even have an American company in the running! Who cares about Cobo Hall?

They act like we should fund it and screw who owns it! I am sorry Detroit, I don't care if it crumbles into the Detroit River. No one wants to go into Detroit to see it. Move it to Novi and watch how many people go to see the new cars! We value our life more than than Detroit politicians value our lives. They see dollar signs, we see danger! Hello! Its not like Detroit is safe! Besides, like Monica Conyers says...we don't look like them! Its time to let Detroit self destruct. Its over for Detroit. WE ARE DONE FUNDING THE LOSERS OF DETROIT.

We are done funding the losers period!

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