Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pay Your Taxes, 12 Million Illegals Depend on your Money

Mail that check!
Illegal Immigrants...check! (Seems that word ILLEGAL should apply to a free check!)
Welfare recipients....check! (Baby Momma's united for a free way of life!)
Food Stamp recipients...check! (Don't you just cringe when you see them buying lobster on a Bridge Card?)
WIC cards...check! (those usually go hand in hand with Bridge cards, for infant formula, cheese, and a jar of peanut butter. Wouldn't want to make them use their Bridge Card, that wouldn't leave enough money for steak and lobster)
Drugs and Medicaid for rich seniors and poor baby Momma's...check! (Viagra for all! A Boing on our buck! What a country we live in!)
Salary and Health Care for life for all of our Politicians...check! (Talk about the biggest and best Welfare System in the United States! Even after we dump the toads, we still get to pay them!)
So when you write that check, sign your name and hand over your hard earned money, the next time you see someone buying lobster with a bridge card, thank them! Right after you smack the sh*t out of them! Isn't it time to find a Constitutional Lawyer willing to try and stop this?

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